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Ald automotive 1


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ALD Automotive is the one of the largest vehicle leasing and vehicle fleet management business line of Society General Group. Our company deals with various car renting services for commercial purpose in India.

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Ald automotive 1

  1. 1. ALD Automotive India
  2. 2. About us ALD Automotive is the vehicle leasing and vehicle fleet management business line of Société Générale Group. Its reputation and expertise rank it amongst the top vehicle leasing operators in Europe and around the world. Striving for highest customer satisfaction, ALD Automotive team works at streamlining your vehicle budgets in full respect of the environment.
  3. 3. Our Mission & Ambition We provide our customers applying everyday the group’s core values like: Professionalism  –  Team spirit  –  Innovation ALD Automotive supports each customer enterprise, its fleet manager and its employees, in every country, by supplying the specific products and services. Our ambition is to be your mobility partner providing:  Adapted solutions to local and individual cultures.  Comprehensive services, taking into account human, professional, financial, technical and environmental parameters in all countries.
  4. 4. ALD Automotive a fully owned subsidiary of Société Générale Group We serve three key businesses : Retail  Banking  &  Financial  Services: Société Générale serves more than 30 million individual customers worldwide. Global Investment Management & Services: It is one of the largest banks in the euro-zone in terms of assets. Corporate & Investment Banking: We rank among the leading banks worldwide in euro capital markets, derivatives and structured finance.
  5. 5. Medium-Sized-Companies Principle of Fully Operational Leasing : You outsource the management of your vehicle fleet to a specialized service provider.  Your leasing partner handles the financing and offers you a full range of flexible services. Contracts are drawn up according to your specific requirements. Wide Range of Products, to satisfy Customers Needs
  6. 6. Advantages Full Operational Leasing Your vehicle budget is carefully managed and optimized. No impact on cash flow. The day-to-day management of your vehicles is simplified. You concentrate on your business, we concentrate on your and your colleagues mobility and comfort.
  7. 7. Consulting & Reporting We provide you with all the tools to monitor your fleet, from direct support in the daily management of your vehicles, analyzing, optimizing your choice and cost. Experts will help you selecting the right vehicles for your specific usage. We will adapt contract terms (mileage and duration) to optimize your monthly rental. Value added services that will make you save time and money.
  8. 8. Comparison Comparison of Different Options for Vehicle Acquisition We have complete solution for proper vehicle leasing you can refer our lease chart from our website. It provides entire new idea about benefits and information's related to our services.
  9. 9. Large Companies Sustain your Business growth  Our full service leasing and fleet management contracts offer a comprehensive suite of tailored services to match with your actual wants. Discover how ALD Automotive can optimize the management of your vehicle fleet and support your business development.
  10. 10. Fleet management Fleet management offers you the complete range of services you can find in full service leasing, the difference being that you finance your vehicle or already own it. Your contract includes: A number of services from ALD Automotive. Support in the daily management of your fleet. You choose between a monthly fixed cost or an actual cost billing.
  11. 11. Advantages of Fleet Management You benefit from our negotiated rates with car dealers and services providers. Get a close follow up on your fleet thanks to reports you get from ALD Automotive, such as fleet costs, mileage, fuel costs. With ALD Automotive consulting approach your optimize your fleet cost and get solution for environmental impact of your fleet. You can use ALD Automotive resale services to sell your cars.
  12. 12. Sale & Leaseback  Simple solution to outsource the management of your fleet ALD Automotive can buy part or all your fleet and lease it to you for a fixed period and mileage. After this period your vehicles will be renewed with new leased vehicles. Your contract includes for a fixed monthly cost. The vehicles after property transfer, are fully managed by ALD Automotive until renewal and resale.
  13. 13. Advantages of Sale & Leaseback  You can easily move from owning and maintaining your cars to full service leasing, with no vehicles immobilization. It decrease control, get liquidity back and secure your fleet cost. You can concentrate on your core activity.
  14. 14. Operational services  MAINTENANCE: Benefit from the maintenance services in the ALD Automotive partner network.  ASSISTANCE: Get your vehicles recovered in case of breakdown or accident and benefit from a replacement vehicle to keep your mobility.  TYRE MANAGEMENT: Tyre management enables your fleet to always use safest tires.  AVAILABILITY OF A VEHICLE: We can provide a replacement vehicle no matter of the situation.  FUEL CARD: Fuel card is supporting you in following-up of your fuel consumption.
  15. 15. Contact us ! 1800 209 52 53 JUST A CALL AWAY
  16. 16. THANK YOU !!!