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Pen test is most important part of the company because its defense against cyber attacks. Check KiwiQA professional penetration testing services. Why KiwiQA only because largest testing experts for software testing and pen testing. You can hire a KiwiQA software tester for your PENETRATION TESTING.

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Penetration Testing Services From KiwiQA

  1. 1. What is Penetration Testing? Penetration testing (called pen testing) Penetration testing conducted at the right stage on complex computer network systems ensures stable performance of the system eliminating all potential sources of vulnerability.
  2. 2. Introduction of Penetration Complex computer networks are vulnerable to external and internal threats of failure. This can be safeguarded by conducting certain tests during the installation stage. Penetration testing is a method of evaluating the security of complex computer networks. This is carried out by simulating an attack on the network. Penetration testing is an important stage in ensuring the stability of vital computer networks.
  3. 3. Penetration Testing Process Penetration test involves a thorough and active analysis of the complex computer network for any potential vulnerability that may lead to disastrous failure. These may arise from faulty system configuration, and detected & undetected hardware or software flaws The failure may also occur die to some operational weaknesses in the processing of data, or technical countermeasures. A detailed report carrying accurate assessment is submitted to the network owner at the end of the penetration test. This report also includes remedial countermeasures required. The testing is conducted on the frameworks by Metasploit & w3af. Automatic testing tools are employed.
  4. 4. Importance of Penetration Test Web application security testing is valuable for various reasons: Determining the feasibility of a specific set of attack vectors Identifying high-risk vulnerabilities  a combination of lower risk vulnerabilities that are exploited in a particular sequence Identifying high-risk vulnerabilities  Undetectable in software or hardware while scanning by automated testing Evaluating the magnitude level of the impact of the attacks on the business Assessing & testing the ability of the system network defenders to successfully detect and respond to the attacks Providing proper evidence to support the additional investment incurred on security technology & personnel
  5. 5. Who Does It? Qualified experts are given the task of conducting security test of web application. They are known as Certified Penetration Testers (CPT). This certificate is issued by the Information Assurance Review Board.
  6. 6. Penetration Testing Service Providers – Credentials & Their Web Presence There are service providers across the globe to conduct penetration tests. Equipped with the right infrastructure of qualified and experienced penetration testing experts, they plug the vital gap of ensuring and preventing any potential breakdowns. All the service providers have hosted websites for 24 x 7 access while giving the complete details of their organization, qualification, license, registration, the personnel and the list of clients served.
  7. 7. KiwiQA Services for Penetration Testing KiwiQA services for penetration testing offers comprehensively active analysis which detects all vulnerability. Their dynamic expert teams carry out thorough analysis and take all possible measures to strengthen the security systems. They have extensive experience in this field to carry out customized simulated testing securing system stability and security.
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