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Arabic alphabet


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Arabic alphabet with examples and pronunciation

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Arabic alphabet

  1. 1. ARABIC FOR NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS Tamr (dates) namlah (ant) yad (hand)
  2. 2. ARABIC FOR NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS zahra (flower) wardah (rose)
  3. 3. jamal (camel) No equivalent in English; imagine the sound you make when you want to blow on your reading glasses to clean them; that soft, raspy noise that comes out is the letter Haa’. habl (rope) 'ch' as in German 'Bach‘ kharoof (sheep) maktab (desk) ‫ﻫـ‬ Created by exhaling heavily; very different from the Haa’ earlier in the list. (Think of yourself as a marathon runner who’s jut finished a long race and is breathing heavily through the lungs to replenish your oxygen) hadha (this)
  4. 4. ARABIC FOR NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS dharaba (hit)
  5. 5. ARABIC FOR NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS farasha (buterfly) kalb (dog) laymoon (lemon)
  6. 6. ARABIC FOR NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS ayen (eye) ghada’a (lunch)