Presentation adug afghan drug user group washington first part


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Presentation adug afghan drug user group washington first part

  1. 1. ADUGAfghan Drug User Group Supported By Médecins du Monde, MENHARA, and ITPC
  2. 2. Summary• Afghan context – Production of Opium – Domestic drug use – Impacts (HIV/HCV) – Abuses, harassement and stigmatization – Limited access to treatment• Comunity development as an effective Harm Reduction strategy – ADUG statement – ADUG activities
  3. 3. In 2009, 90% of the world’s opium productionIn 2011 the opium production increased 61% comparedto 2010 (UNODC, 2011 afghan opium survey)
  4. 4. Domestic drug use– Estimated 1 million drug users– Exponential heroin use– Exponential Injectors
  5. 5. Afghanistan has a concentrated HIV/AIDS and HCV epidemic among people who inject heroin
  6. 6. Abuses and Harassement 1st of April 2012. Some neighbors attack a group of PuD in Kabul. Outreach workers are witnessing the scene. 9th of November 2011. A police officer shot one PuD in the leg.Here is the link of reportage made by CBS during 2011, giving a good overviewof the situation of PuD in Kabul:
  7. 7. Police and afghan society harass and beat everyday people who use drugs
  8. 8. Stigmatization and Discrimination of people who use drugs• People who use drugs have no access to health care. They are rejected from hospitals because: – Hospital staff-members are afraid of HIV, HVC or HVB – PuD have no family or no relatives to accompany them – Hospitals do not know how to deal with craving of active drug users
  9. 9. The authorities and communities stigmatize people who use drugs« where drug users live, there is misery»
  10. 10. • OSTThe Methadone program of Médecins du Monde, due to political blockage is limited to 70 patients Current OST coverage rate in Afghanistan: 0.058%
  11. 11. ADUG Activities• Advocacy at International Level through IAC and Harm reduction Conferences to raise the issue of inhuman situation for Afghan drug users and promote effective treatment – Vienna, July 2010- International AIDS conference – Beirut, April 2011- Harm Reduction conference – The Maldives, September 2011- regional workshop on Opioid Substitution Therapy – Geneva, December 2011- UNAIDS PCB (virtual participation) – Washington, July 2012-International AIDS conference
  12. 12. Vienna InternationalHIV/AIDS Conference in 2010
  13. 13. UNAIDS PCB Geneva, December 2011Virtual participation through Video and Skype conference
  14. 14. ADUGCommunity Development as an effective Harm Reduction strategy
  15. 15. ADUG objectives• The Afghan Drug User Group (ADUG) started its journey in August 2010“ We are a movement of Afghan people who use drugs (current and former) that joined forces to represent user’s interests, improve our condition and promote participation of people who use drugs in decision making, policy and planning.”• The ADUG demand that the human rights of people who use drugs are respected and promoted“ We urge the Afghan Government to scale up of the harm reduction response in order to protect our individual and the general public health. ADUG is a recognized member of the International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD).”
  16. 16. ADUG Activities• Advocacy at national level- ADUG has organized for the World Aids Day in december 2010 a public demonstration to raise the human right abuses among people who use drugs- ADUG has participated to the official celebration of the World Aids Day in December 2011 to promote effective treatment to all the ones who are in needs- ADUG publishes human rights violation reports
  17. 17. ADUG organizing the firstAfghan demonstration on World AIDS Day 2010
  18. 18. Participation to the World Aids Day in December 2011HE the Minister of Health received from thehands of the Afghan Drug User Group a list ofseveral hundreds of names and thumbprints ofpeople who use drugs requesting methadoneinclusion