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Agenda eng 17juin def

  1. 1. Going Viral against HIV Workshop Agenda Marrakech, June 18th-20th 2012DAY 1Opening Session8:30-9:00 Registration9:00-9:20 Welcome Speech: ALCS, ESAV University & AIDS Project Overview: A. Abadie, ALCS, Morocco9:20-9:50 Introductions and expectations of participants9:50-10:00 Review of the Workshop Agenda A. Abadie, ALCS, Morocco10:00-10:15 COFFEE BREAKOverview of the new environment in the MENA region10:15-10:30 Overview of the HIV Epidemic in the MENA Region: Challenges and Opportunities Dr. H. El Rhilani, UNAIDS, Morocco10:30-10:45 Social and Political Environment & HIV: Obstacles and Dynamics R. Bouchaddakh, Association de défense des libertés individuelles, Tunisia10:45-11:00 Panorama of social networks J.Toutain,, Morocco11:00-11:15 Making Social Media Work for You C. Zablocki, Mason & Dixon, France11:15-11:45 DiscussionMapping social media in the Arab world
  2. 2. 11:45-12:00 Arab Women and Social Media R. Mourtada, Dubai school of government, United Arab Emirates12:00-12:15 Social Networks Users Profile in Morocco H. Sqalli, CESEM (HEM), Morocco12:15-12:45 Discussion12:45-14:15 LUNCHFeminism 2.0: Lessons learned14:15-14:30 Integrating Online and Offline Tools to Change Social Acceptability of Sexual Harassment in Egypt R. Chiao, Harass Map, Egypt14:30-14:45 From the Virtual to the Ground: Women Rights in Morocco R. El Forkani, Women Shoufouch, Morocco14:45-15:00 La Barbe : A Feminist Activism Targeting Men C.Zankpe-Yovo, La Barbe, France15:00-15:30 Discussion15:30-16:00 COFFEE BREAK16:00-17:30 Use of Social Media During the Civil Movements: Lessons Learned from the Arab Spring Moderator: M. Daïf Speakers: R. Bouchaddakh, Association de défense des libertés individuelles, Tunisia; M. Mostafa, activiste des droits de l’homme, Egypt17:30-18:30 ESAV Students’ Short-Movie Stories18:30-19:30 Posters Exhibition “Le peuple veut ! »: Arab Spring in Graphism
  3. 3. DAY 29:00-9:15 Day 1 SummaryUsing Social Media in the Response to HIV9:15-09:30 AIDS Organizations and Use of Social Media in MENA A. Abadie, ALCS, Morocco9:30-9:45 UNAIDS Strategy to Mobilize Social Networks for HIV and Young People Dr. H. El Rhilani, UNAIDS, Morocco9:45-10:00 CrowdOutAIDS : A New Definition of Youth Leadership T. Maarouf, FMS, Egypt10:00-10:15 #SidaBloggingDay: Community-based Mobilization 2.0 I.Bouhafs, Aniss, Algeria10:15-10:30 Social Media and Civil Society: Opportunities and’s Experience N. Achemlal,, Morocco10:30-11:00 Discussion11:00-11:15 COFFEE BREAKDocumentaries on a Mission: Making Movies for Public Engagement (CaseStudies)11:15-12:15 KONY 2012: Analysis of a Successful Viral campaign M. Daïf, O. Mellouk ITPC-NA , C. Zablocki, V. Melilli ESAV12:15-12:30 Missing the Target North Africa: Example of Web-based Advocacy by ITPC C. Zablocki, France12:30-13:00 Discussion13:00-14:30 LUNCHGROUP WORK14:30-14:45 Introduction to Break-out Discussions
  4. 4. A. Abadie, ALCS, Morocco14:45-17:30 Group work:(coffee break 1. Building strategic media partnerships for social change betweenincluded) funders, media makers & NGOs 2. Capacity building needs for non-profit organizations 3. Integrating social media in AIDS-related activities: Ex. National Strategic Plans 4. Building alliances between feminist and HIV/AIDS movements 5. Security, risk management and social media
  5. 5. DAY 39:00-9:15 Day 2 Summary9:15-10:15 Plenary Breakout Discussion’s Restitution10:15-10:45 Discussion10:45-11:00 COFFEE BREAKClosing session11:00-11:15 Summary of Recommendations A. Abadie, ALCS, Morocco11:15-11:45 Discussion11:45-12:00 Evaluation of the Workshop12:00-12:15 Closing Remarks ALCS12:15-14:00 LUNCH