The Lbn Advanced Training Flyer June 11


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The Lbn Advanced Training Flyer June 11

  1. 1. The LBN Advanced Training Series Take your networking to the next level and beyond! Double, triple & quadruple the referrals you receive! Fix the things you’re doing wrong! Fine tune the things you’re doing right!Tired of hearing about LBN members who have doubled, tripled and quadrupled theirbusiness, while you’re just barely getting by? Well now, LBN is offering an advanced trainingseries that will put you on the fast track to growth and keep you there! Invest in your personaldevelopment and reap the rewards for the rest of your life!The LBN Advanced Training is a 3 Part Series – Each is a 3 Hour interactive Workshop2pm to 5pm on the 2nd Thurs. of June, July & August at the Marriott Courtyard - Utica We’ll teach it. You’ll do it in class. We’ll tell you how to implement it in real life.Session I – The Basics - Learn how to effectively educate your fellow members. Theywant to help you, but you have to tell them how! You’ll learn and practice: • The informational building blocks for your LBN presentations and promotions! • How to prepare a dynamite 60 second commercial! • How to create new, powerful, and effective, sixty second trainings for every meeting! • How to put together a “Referral Partner Profile Sheet” that will properly educate your referral partners! • How to “Wow” your audience with your ten minute presentation! • What to put in your One-page Business Description that will knock their socks off!Session II – Referral Partners - Learn how to build and maintain a team of powerful,proactive referral partners that will create a steady stream of referrals for you forever!Learn: • Referral partners – the most important concept in networking! • How to identify your ideal referral partners and build your Target Market Team! • How to approach and recruit a potential referral partner! • Structuring a One-on-One Meeting that produces immediate results! • Making it easy for your referral partners to generate referrals for you! • The best way to get a referral is to give one – how to become a prolific referral generator! • Powerful Target Market Team meetings that inspire, motivate, and guarantee results! • How to track your referral partner relationships and maintain balance!Session III – Putting It All to Work - Learn how to develop a “strategic networking plan”and the tactical plans that will help you achieve your goals. • Identifying your target market (s) – customers and referral partners! • Defining your strategic and tactical goals! • How to work a chamber mixer! How to work an LBN Mixer! • How to be an effective speed networker! • Monetizing your social media efforts! • The Networking Squared opportunity! • Measuring performance and adjusting your plan!LBN Mbrs: $49/session, $99 all 3. Non-Mbrs: $79/session, $159 all 3. Sign Up Today at (Click on “Events/Payments”) Repeat the course as often as you want at no extra charge!