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Social Media applied to Staffing Process


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Quick overview from Social Media used as tools to recruit and select new personal

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Social Media applied to Staffing Process

  1. 1.  Introduction Social Media def. Human Resources: Staffing Proccess › How did Staffing Process use to work before Social Media? Going through new technologies Social Media and Networks used as tools in enterprises’ recruitment and selection process The pros and cons Conclusion
  2. 2. TIME
  3. 3. “Social Media essentially is a category of online mediawhere people are talking, participating, sharing,networking and bookmarking”. Ron Jone
  4. 4. The process of hiring of Staffing Process employees to meet the labor needs of the company. Recruiting: Selection:Is the process of generating a Is the process by which theset of qualified candidates for applicant decides to hire. Thea particular job. It requires job ultimate goal is to hire individuals specification for effective who have a good performanceperformance of the same and according the criteria applied togets the best match between evaluate the companys the employee and the employees. Selection techniques position have to be valid and reliable to help reduce error rate and increase the proportion of correct hiring decisions
  5. 5. Recruiting Sources SelectionFormer Employees Job applicationsPrinted Ads InterviewsAds on the Internet TestsRecruitment Agencies Medical ExaminationsTemporary Help Agencies Backgroud InvestigationsRecruitment Centers of H.E. etc…Customers
  6. 6. CyberRecruiting:Using socialmedia toolsforattractingand findingthe rightperson tofill a job
  7. 7.  LinkedIn Post a job costs 195$ for 30 days Exclusive Tool for Recruiters: Talent Advantage Free way: Network Activity Work Small Business owners use LinkedIn to find talent
  8. 8.  Facebook Post a job for free: Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Pages Facebook Ad (not free)
  9. 9.  Twitter Expand Network and build relationships with clients: Hash Tags: #job, #jobpost, #employment, #recruiting, #hiring, #career, #staffing, #salesjob, #NAJ (that is Twitter lingo for Need A Job?) AdLogic
  10. 10. Pros ConsInexpensive of Free ExclusionEasy to use Misleading ResearchBranding Too Many ResponsesInteract & Engage Recruits Too Much of a ReachResearch No need of RecruitersReach Lack of Privacy
  11. 11. Whether a company decides to use socialnetworking sites for staffing and recruiting ornot, it shouldn’t be the only form of job postingthey use. These sites offer a great opportunity toreach potential candidates and view theircredentials; however they should try tobalance their approach by using job sites andother forms of recruitment. Either way, companies must make sure theirrecruiting program doesn’t exclude anypotential recruits that can be a great asset totheir company.