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The file contains comprehensive review of the SEO Experts Academ course for intenert marketers, released on October 25, 2011 by 2 respected SEO experts Matt Carter and Terry Kyle.

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SEO Experts Academy

  1. 1. October 23rd, 2011 Published by: grandspbSEO Experts Academy Video This eBook was created using the Zinepal Online SEO Experts Academy Basic Section eBook Creator. Use Zinepal to create your own Even if you’re not a beginner and have some SEO eBooks in PDF, ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket experience under your belt, please watch these formats. concepts, as Matt and Terry explain the basics from Upgrade to a Zinepal Pro Account to unlock more the new post-Panda perspective. features and hide this message. If you’re thinking that this is another dull guide into what is anchor text, how to setup a wordpress site etc.. – You’re DEAD wrong! The ebook is exposing the details about In this module alone, you will know a lot of completely SEO Experts Academy course released by Matt NEW angles on the obvious things, and discover: Carter and Terry Kyle on October 25, 2011. You can also find a valuable SEO Experts Academy • Keyword Research – how to perform it the RIGHT bonus offer that helps to get the most out of the way, which tools are the best now course in the fastest way possible. • Keyword Competition – which sites are EASY to outrank • Blog Networks – which are the MOST effective?SEO Experts Academy Review Which are not worth the membership price JSource: • Backlink Profile – which backlinks are the BEST for massive rankings and google loveSEO Experts Academy course is the latest and the mostcomprehensive SEO training today. It’s created by 2 of • Site Planning and Structure – TONS of tactics ofthe most respected experts in the SEO who are driving how to plan out the minisite and authority site.lots of traffic from top google rankings and convert it LIVE presentation of planning a new site structureinto adsense clicks, affiliate sales and high paying CPA in the acne niche, weight loss nicheleads. • Over 20 more videos on on-page SEO, directoryCan you imagine how much valuable strategies you’re links, press releases, nofollow links etc…going to discover in the SEO Experts Academy? • SEO Tools – which tools are ENOUGH for real SEO success? You don’t need tons of these…What’s Inside The SEO ExpertsAcademy Course? Now you see that even the Basic module alone has a lot of new information, based on the actual tests byEven before you buy the course, you can asses it’s Matt and Terryquality by looking directly into the membership area.The membership is divided into 3 large modules: Intermediate Section Yes that was only the Basics – and this section contains • Basic of over 20 videos of the real hardcore SEO stuff. • Intermediate • Site Structure – over 50 minutes of Terry • Advanced designing and explaining the WINNING site strictures and showing LIVE examples of top… plus intro module and sections with all the necessary ranking authority sitesresources and pdf plans. • Aged Domains – how to properly use these forThe awesome information starts with 3 SEO tricks that high rankings in the competitive nichesyou can get for FREE even before buying the course,such as quick trick to get a backlink from the PR7 • 1 Page Ranking For Multiple Keywords – how topage. I think you’d better to get these videos right now achieve it and MULTIPLY your traffic x1.5-x3 times(opens in the new window) and judge the power for – per whole site…yourself. • EDU and GOV links – how to find these in bulk?Here’s the Intro video where Matt Carter guides you Matt will show you how…through the whole course within 10 minutes and • Reverse Engineering – how to get the bestexplains everything in great detail. backlinks from your competitionCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 1
  2. 2. October 23rd, 2011 Published by: grandspb • Outsourcing – Over 5 videos of LIVE showcase of face any question on the way – it’s all structured so getting backlinks done by Odesk army well by Matt and Terry. • And more tactics – all live on videos SEO Experts Extras SectionThis information is enough to start creating HIGH The extras could be a separate course as here you willQUALITY sites that google will love (and these sites discover 2 very valuable and HOT areas:don’t get lost after another google algorithm update EDU Link Pro – you will discover how to findbut stay in TOP and get & convert traffic) HUNDREDS of .EDU and .GOV domains where youBut here’s more… can post your own content, even if this is affiliate content. This section alone is worth in gold as I’veSEO EA Advanced Section been massively using this stuff recently and got topOver 20 videos with secrets that will let you stay 5 rankings for product keywords in 3-10 days afterahead of your competition for even very competitive several submissionskeywords. Lead Gen Profits Masterclass – Matt Carter is on the edge of making big $$$ and he is going to reveal his • Hijacking – instant authority gains, traffic gains latest strategy of using SEO for ranking sites that are and PR hijacking for boosting your website trust, created for getting lots of CPA leads. PR and traffic This is not outdated strategy of buying bulks of • Advanced Search Operators – massive list of domains targeting names of acai rebills – This stuff is operators for finding some great backlinks long gone and was very limited in earnings. • Getting high PR links from other people – not Matt shows how to create a long-term business that reciprocal but MUCH easier to do than you think will bring in leads even if the CPA offers change all • Own high PR domains network – BEST practices the time – I highly recommend to watch this as CPA to get the most out of your small networks of aged leads are MUCH easier to convert, and I make a lot domains of money with CPA leads (you can forget these 0.50% conversion rates of Clickbank ebooks now). • Several more advanced techniques and A LOT of resources SEO Experts Final Touch – Is The Course Worth Investment?SEO Experts Academy – Just A Library Of SEOTechniques? OK, now you see how powerful this course is? It’s the SEO foundation taught by people who KNOW howYou might think that the SEO EA is just a set of the to make SEO work, and who make over $60000 alatest techniques, tricks that are working now, but month from pure organic traffic (not their own productthat’s not true… sales!).PDF plans contain exact strategies of promotion, like: You won’t need any new SEO course again, because • New Mini Site Promotion strategy – step-by-step the foundation of the SEO DONE RIGHT is laid out for since day 1 to the TOP rankings you in the videos and pdfs here, and even more – you get exact blueprints for starting your sites – no • New Authority Site promotion strategy – the same guesses, no donzens of plugins meant to get your from page 50 to page 49 of google!PDF SEO Plans contain over 60 pages of EXACT stepsyou need to take for successfully ranking your brand Forget all this stuff, all these daily Warrior Forum offersnew site. It contains: where unknown dude ranks his 3 page sites and shares all the secret sauce, leave this to your competition • LIVE examples of keywords and site structures You don’t need this crap – SEO Experts Academy is • Links to the videos for more detailed explanations the Final point of your learning – in 10-12 hours of learning this course you can start APPLYING this power • Examples of competition analysis and RANK, CONVERT and PROFIT. • Details on setting up your wordpress platform and best plugins to use • Detailed WEEKLY schedules of where and what to submit for growing your rankings • Strategies on ONGOING site growth for more trafficYou will also get the same SEO Plan for the authoritysite, and both plans are so detailed that you will hardlyCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 2
  3. 3. October 23rd, 2011 Published by: grandspb I personally own this course by Matt and it’s all youMatt Carter – The Facts About need to have in order to create a successful affiliateHim & His Courses site that will bring you consistent earnings – everySource: possible detail from site creation to SEO strategies arefacts-about-him-his-courses/ covered in the course. Matt even shared one of his live money-making sites and uses it as example of how to create a site, how to pick products, how to write content that presells visitors, how to place affiliate links for maximum clickthroughs, and eventually how to achieve these top 10-top3 rankings in google that will bring you targeted buying visitors. Luckily, this is not where Matt Carter stops. On 25th October 2011. we’ll be able to experience completely new course called SEO Experts Academy, which isMatt Carter divided, into three parts, for different marketing levelsMatt Carter is Internet Marketing expert from – Advanced SEO, Intermediate SEO, and BeginnerAustralia, where he lives with his wife and son, and he SEO. This course is different from any other on thehas been in business for several years. The interesting market; it is easy to follow, and it uses methods thatfact is that he had worked as cold-calling salesman are genuine and tested.before he started his own business. However, hedecided to start earning money online, but it washarder than he thought. There were times when he Terry Kyle – Quick Backgroundwas about to quit because the entire situation had and IM Careerdeep effect on his private life, but he was determined Source: succeed. He became highly specialized in SEO and background-and-im-career/affiliate marketing, which was the great opportunityfor newbies in this business.His greatest success is creating the Rapid Rewriter andBacklink Blueprint. The first one is actually the articlespinner, and it’s so good that you’ll get completelyunique content out of it with several clicks of a button.The second one is a video coaching program thatincludes twelve parts, and it’s very helpful in backlinksgenerating fro high rankings in google, yahoo and bing.That is very important since high rankings is whatreally counts if you want to draw more attention to Terry Kyleyour website. Many customers say that Rapid Rewriter Terry Kyle is known as a highly skilled andand Backlink Blueprint should be used together since distinguished internet marketing expert. His area ofthey are highly compatible with each other. expertise is search engine optimization and he is a very valued authority on backlinking. He is also the authorRapid Profit Formula – All-in-One Course of the notable course called the Backlinks Hydra.On Creating & Ranking Money-Making Before becoming involved in internet marketing, TerryAffiliate Sites Kyle worked in Australia for several years as anRapid Profit Formula may be Carter’s greatest advertising creative director and a copywriter forachievements so far. He knows all online tricks and can clients such as McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, and IBM.tell you what really works in affiliate marketing that Terry Kyle became a well-known internet marketeris done by ranking sites in search engines. Through after creating his famous 60-day backlink experimentthis course, he teaches about affiliate marketing in on the Warrior Forum. The experiment publiclyall its senses. Thanks to it, you can promote physical detailed everything he did as he utilized variousproducts with SEO and WordPress, and even use the different backlinking methods on his website. He thentechniques to promote Clickbank products. compiled all of the information that was contained onThis course comes in 24 video with PDF training the Warrior Forum’s thread along with other valuablecourse, and it’s perfect for those who know nothing information and resources and created the very helpfulabout this field. The best thing about this course is that Backlinks Hydra don’t need anything else to become an expert of The detailed course consists of a 220 page e-book,affiliate marketing. 32 videos, and access to the online training area. The course is specifically intended for internet marketersCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 3
  4. 4. October 23rd, 2011 Published by: grandspbthat are wanting to get excellent rankings with Google There are over 100 videos on SEO and two verysearch results. The e-book discusses the biggest errors detailed action plan PDF that teach students how tothat many link builders are making and how these apply the SEO they learn in a logical and tested mannererrors can be corrected in order to achieve optimal that works.results and be successful at internet marketing. Terry and Matt are BIG believers in TESTING, and theyOn October 25, 2011, Terry Kyle and search engine have over 750+ sites that they regularly run SEO testsoptimization expert Matt Carter will offer a brand new on, so they know what works first hand and whatcourse called SEO Experts Academy. This course is doesn’t. Far too often people that do SEO don’t testdesigned to teach search engine optimization through and rely on rumors, but Terry and Matt take theirthree very detailed main sections. The sections will SEO seriously and that is why they are successful,be divided up for the beginner, intermediate, and and provide professional grade SEO training to theiradvanced level internet marketer. customers.The course will be taught in great detail through a Both Terry and Matt’s sites now generate over 200,000combination of both e-books and videos. SEO Experts visitors every month from pure organic rankings.Academy is designed to teach the newbie with a brandnew website how to get several hundred visits per dayand make hundreds of sales. Welcome To SEO ExpertsThe course will teach the intermediate internet Academy Blogmarketer had to really jump start their search Source: optimization and attract substantial traffic. The experts-academy-blog/advanced level is designed to teach the knowledgeable Hello!internet marketer how to generate big figures andbecome a search engine optimization expert. My name is Anthony and I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for 4 years now. In this blog I’m going to share my expert review of the SEO Experts AcademyQuick Glance At SEO Experts Course by Matt Carter and Terry Kyle.Academy Course The reason why I’ve decided to spend my time offeringSource: a review and extra value bonus is becase I’ve knownseo-experts-academy-course/ both Terry and Matt as very respected marketers and SEO experts because both of them only share highSEO Experts Academy is not another standard SEO quality search engine optimization strategies that arecourse, as Matt and Terry both have teaching proven to work.experience and years and years of hands on SEOexperience ranking for competitive keywords. Great Each one of them released several high quality courseslive example is a keyword “affiliate marketing” where before, and they always are absolutely transparentMatt Carter’s blog is ranking 4th in Google USA. about their materials as they always show you the real websites that they rank high – all down to the trafic numbers and earnings. Believe me, I’ve bought probably over 100 of different internet marketing courses, from cheap 9.95 WSOs (warrior forum special offers) to the $1499 courses, and I know every sneaky tactics that gurus use to get people on their lists and push overpriced crap that is not tested on real websites. Believe me, SEO Experts Academy is a child of theirMatt Carters site is ranking #4 for super-competitive collective efforts, concentrating on SEO that is red hotkeyword - affiliate marketing and working right now, in the post-Panda google era.The course contains not only SEO techniques but also I have no tiny doubt recommending this course to you,strategy so that you know how to apply the SEO along with my own addon bonus where I share my ownknowledge and get results. tested SEO tactics for ranking high in google.The course is broken up into three sections, basic,intermediate and advanced SEO.SEO Experts Academy also provides PDF strategyplans, so people can apply each specific techniqueto their sites in a logical step-by-step manner. ThisSEO can be applied to the mini site approach or largeauthority sites too, both of which are taught in thecourse.Created using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 4