Income Instruments Review & Bonus


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Income Instruments Review & Bonus

  1. 1. June 18th, 2011 Published by: grandspbIncome Instruments Course This ebook gives an overview of Income Instruments course, created by internet marketer Ritoban Chakrabarti. This course shows how you can start building your own email lists and make money by promoting products and offers to your lists. It also offers Special Software to create squeeze pages and rank them high in the search engines to get a lot of traffic for free.Income Instruments Course OverviewBy admin on June 18th, 2011Income Instruments is an email marketing course which shows you how to create perfect email marketingcampaign, how to generate leads and make money with them.The core strategy behind this course teaches how to create a perfect optin page using the Stealth IncomeSoftware (included in the front end product) which gets great rankings in the search engines automatically andgets you free traffic which convert to leads and you keep making money from those leads for several months.Income Instruments covers several advanced key elements like: • Professional Opt in Pages • Lead Targeted Email Services • List Segregation and Contact Management • Auto-responders • Newsletters and • Affiliate Marketing.The course video series shows you how to make about $0.50 to $1.15 per email contact/month. It coversseveral factors like: • how much your list trust you, • how many times you mail in a month • what kind of offers do you promote and • how fresh your list is.To be simple, Income Instruments course lets you know how to get good rankings in search engines withoutyou having to spend any time on SEO.The implementation of Income Instrument gets more easy with Stealth Income Software (SIS). SIS will helpyou create Income Instrument in minutes without having to code any HTML.You will get to learn how to get free traffic, free leads and make money from your list over and over every month.Click Here To Get Instant Access To Income Instruments And Start Making Incomes 1
  2. 2. June 18th, 2011 Published by: grandspbRitoban Chakrabarti And His Courses: Little BackgroundBy admin on June 18th, 2011Ritoban Chakrabarti is the internet marketer who never tried to make any “guru” nimbs around himself, he’san ordinary guy of 23 y.o. and he lives in Punjab province, India.After graduating UIET colledge with a Computer Science Engg degree, he started to create and code websites asa freelancer, and after 6 months of successful freelancing and raving reviews from his customers, he launchedhis 1st course – ReadyMadeJoomla, that is now available on Clickbank.After the success of his product launch, in November 2008 Ritoban decided to fully devote himself toInternet Marketing, and started to experiment with different tricks and teqniques to driving traffic and makingcommissions.In May 2010, he launched his first smashing hit – Profit Instruments, the product where Ritoban simply sharedeverything he managed to discover about successfully creating and ranking sites in the top of Google, andmaking lots of money with them.This is the first course I bought from Ritoban Chakrabarti, and until now – Profit Instruments is one of the mostuseful courses I ever grabbed. It covers literally everything you need to know about finding buyer keywords(product name keywords – PNK) with high search volumes, creating sites that perfectly presell the visitors tothe products they look for, and ranking these sites in the top 1-3 of Google, to get the most traffic and sales.Ritoban was the 1st marketer that openly shared his REAL money-making sites (not one, but actually 3 or 4sites), and showed everything he did to rank these sites, to write conent for them, and even how much moneyexactly each of these sites produced! I saw for the first time that a small site makes over $10000 per month,and that was not the only site he had…Believe me, if the marketer shows his REAL sites and how much they earn – he’s the real deal. I’ve seen productsthat cost $1500-2900 and they never even show real examples of how their “super-expensive” strategieswork. Typically, all they sell for this crazy price is rehashed information that is grabbed from different internetmarketing forums.Another hit that Ritoban released in 2010 is CPA Instruments – the course covered everything about makingmoney with a CPA (cost per action) offers. These offers are very lucrative and convert very well because youget paid for visitor’s action, such as email or zip submit, or free trial signup etc…In CPA Instruments, Ritoban showed all his strategies of driving a lot of visitors to the sites, that included freetraffic and paid traffic methods. Basically, this is a course that showed all the known strategies of making alot of money with CPA marketing. All you needed to do after learning Ritoban’s CPA Instruments was – justapply his methods and make money!Click Here To Check Out CPA Instruments – Relaistic $250-700 a Day IncomesRight now, as Ritoban Chakrabarti says, Income Instruments will be his biggest course ever, covering evenmore ways to make a solid income online. He calls it – the “Ultimate Income blueprint”. After I managed to turnhis methods into my own success, I highly recommend to pay serious attention to Income Instruments.Welcome To The Income Instruments Info BlogBy admin on June 18th, 2011Hi!In this blog I’ll share my own experience with Ritoban Chakrabarti course and give you the sneak peak intothe Income Instruments course.I’ve been a customer of 2 products by Ritoban – Profit Instruments and CPA Instruments. So I know thismarketer and what to expect from his courses. Stay tuned! 2