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  1. 1. Inglês 7º ano Worksheet 3 “Shopping” 1. Listen to the song and fill in the spaces with the words in the box. The Shopping Song Take a look all around Here are some shops that I’ve found There are different shops in every town And you can buy everything there shops buy supermarkets There are little shops and bigger shops baker’s shop shoe shop And supermarkets selling all you need Food to eat and clothes to wear Or books and papers, magazines to read clothes sweets different Say what you need to buy It may be on a shelf up high Grown-ups meet and chat and babies cry And you can buy everything there There’s a baker’s shop with bread and cakes A shoe shop with some fashion for your feet The shop with all games and toys And next door there’s a shop that’s full of sweets Take a look all around Here are some shops that I’ve found There are different shops in every town And you can buy everything there. adapted from: Núcleo de Estágio Inglês/Alemão Cláudia Ferreira [1]
  2. 2. Inglês 7º ano Worksheet 3 “Shopping” Choose the best options- a) or b) and find out if you’re fashion victim. 1. How often do you go to a clothes shop? □ a) I don’t buy clothes very often, really. My mother gets me everything I need. □ b) I buy clothes at least once a week. I like looking good and trying new things on. 2. How much money do you spend on clothes? □ a) I spend less than a third of my money on clothes. I guess I’m sensible in what comes to shopping. □ b) Sometimes I just can’t control my spending. My bets fiend says I might be a shopaholic. 3. How important is fashion for you? □ a) It’s not that important, really. For me being fashion means looking cool and having my own sense of style. It’s all about attitude. □ b) Fashion is everything to me. I often buy fashion magazines and I like listening to fashion tips on TV. 4. Your hobby is always going shopping even if alone or do you prefer doing some kind of sports in your free time? □ a) I’d rather play basketball with my friends, or do some jogging than lock myself in a shopping centre all afternoon. □ b) I’m not very sporty. I would never give up shopping opportunity for a football game with friends. 5. What do your friends think about your sense of style? □ a) I don’t think my friends spend much time thinking about that honestly. □ b) They love it! Some of them even envy it! Find out if you are a fashion victim: a) If you have chosen mostly answer a, it means you don’t overdo it in what comes to fashion because you know there’s more to life than clothes. You value your time and your money and you’re well balanced when it comes to spending. You sure have attitude! b) If you’re more of a b person, you might be living to shop instead of shopping to live. Stop for a minute, put your money away and realize that the most important things in life are free and do not come in magazines! Adapted from: Escola Virtual Núcleo de Estágio Inglês/Alemão Cláudia Ferreira [2]
  3. 3. Inglês 7º ano Worksheet 3 “Shopping” 2. Write the comparative and the superlative of the following adjectives. Positive Comparative Superlative big bigger (than) (1x) (the) biggest (0x) beautiful more beautiful (than) (1x) (the) most beautiful (2x) cheap cheaper (than) (2x) (the) cheapest (1x) good better (than) (1x) (the) best (1x) large larger (than) (2x) (the) largest (1x) 3. Now complete the dialogue with the adjectives from the table. Decide whether to use comparative or the superlative. Shop Assistant: “Can I help you?” Marge: “Yes, please. I would like a red top.” SA: “Do you like this one?” M: No, I don’t. It’s too small. I want a larger one.” SA: ” What about this one? It’s bigger than the other one.” M: “It’s OK. I’ll take the largest one. I’m also looking for a pair of jeans.” SA: “ What kind of jeans?” M: “I want the most beautiful jeans in the shop.” SA: “What size do you want?” M: “Size 8.” SA: “Here are some pairs in that size. I’ve got these brown jeans and these black jeans. The brown jeans are better/cheaper than the black ones, but the black ones are cheaper/ better.” M: “ I don’t want the cheapest/best jeans, but the best/cheapest ones. Where can I try them on? SA: “The fitting rooms are over there.” Some minutes later M: “These are a little tight. Do you have any larger ones? SA: “ I’ll check…. Yes, we still have a pair in size 9. M: “These are fine. I’ll take them. I also would like a pair of shoes.” SA: “These shoes are very good but these others are more beautiful.” M: “I want the most beautiful pair of shoes in the shop.” SA: “Here they are.” M: “I’ll take them. Do you take credit cards?” SA: “ Yes, certainly. “ M: “How much is it?” SA: “That’s 143 £.” Adapted from ESL pintables and Spotlight 1 Núcleo de Estágio Inglês/Alemão Cláudia Ferreira [3]
  4. 4. Inglês 7º ano Worksheet 3 “Shopping” 4. Complete the sentences according to the dialogue: 1. Marge is in a clothes shop. 4. The jeans are very tight. 2. She wants to buy a red top, a pair of jeans and shoes. 5. She uses size 9. 3. She goes to the fitting room to try a pair of jeans on. 6. The price of the new clothes is 143 £. 5. Complete the balloons with the missing expressions according to the dialogue: Offering help What can I do for you? Can I help you? Asking for things in a I would like a red top. shop I want the …. Can I try the jeans on? Do you have this in a (larger/smaller size)/(different colour), please? Paying Can I pay by check? Do you take credit cards? No, sorry. Asking and saying the How much does it cost? price How much is it? That’s …. £. Núcleo de Estágio Inglês/Alemão Cláudia Ferreira [4]