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Portrait of an Internet Manager


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A common misconception about automotive internet departments is that it’s easy to set up; just throw somebody in there with some computer knowledge and it’s all good, right? WRONG!

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Portrait of an Internet Manager

  1. 1. Portrait of a Successful Internet Manager By Rexanne Smith, Queen of Cars Many dealers/general managers have made the mistake of hiring people with good computer skills, only to find out later that was really the only skill they had. This is still a people business, and the name of the game is to make money. In order to have asuccessful internet department it is vital to have a thorough understanding of what qualities the ideal internet manager should possess.A successful internet manager is a people person. They are like a chameleon in that they can adapt and change their mentality to compliment the personality of their customer. They understand the expectations of an internet shopper and are willing to follow the customer’s lead. They are understanding of the customer’s point of view and why theychose going online instead of visiting the store. They are good at building relationships andmaking customers feel at ease. They have excellent computer skills, organizational skills and phone skills. The ideal internet manager is process oriented, follows procedures and timelines and is able to work without direct supervision. They are comfortable makingdecisions and have confidence in their own efforts. They have a background in sales and they excelled at it. They earn the respect of other managers as well as the sales team. They are over-achievers, reliable and goal oriented. They are persistent go-getters thatdon’t stop pursuing a prospect until they buy,die or permission to contact them is revoked. Image credit: