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About Me - A Visual Presentation


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About Me - A Visual Presentation

  1. 1. “Gross is a byproduct of the relationship between your dealership and the customer. The numbers are the easiest part.” REXANNE SMITH
  2. 2. My very first job in the auto industry involved working with special ABOUT ME finance customers. During my time in this position, I realized I was blessed with a unique ability to connect with all types of customers….rich, poor, good credit, bad credit, men, women, all generations. “Sales isn’t really about numbers; it’s about relationships. Win the relationship; win your customer. Win your customer; win referrals.”Score the deal. Win the sale. We are all in this to makemoney. The easiest way to accomplish this task is tomake a friend out of every customer. Customers arewilling to pay more for an excellent customer experience.
  3. 3. After getting my feet wet in the world of special finance, I moved into aposition as salesperson. I quickly realized that a large percentage of carshoppers preferred a female salesperson – and I was just the person forthat job.Within a short amount of time, my talent and commitment to excellencebecame evident and I was promoted to Internet Sales Manager. In thisnew position, I realized I could make a bigger difference by formulatinga plan to assist and guide the female car buyer. As a result, the Queen ofCars, was born. s a fem
  4. 4. As the Queen of Cars, I developed a website,,where women can gain valuable information to help them withautomotive researching, shopping and the buying process. I alsobegan to utilize various modes of media to get my message out andconnect with women everywhere: website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+and YouTube. “Customers love to buy from someone they can connect with. They are looking for an advocate; someone they can trust.”After working with various dealerships in North/Central Alabama withrespect to Internet Sales, Social Media and Reputation Management, Idecided to expand my reach once again. I accepted a position asRegional Manager at, a company dedicated to training,advertising and marketing for automotive dealerships and tire, lube andservice centers. By joining the AskPatty team I was able to continue myefforts in assisting and educating dealerships about the female carbuyer, but on a much larger scale.
  5. 5. “Rexanne Smith was a fantastic person to RECOMMENDATIONS work with. Rexanne Smith is a well- educated, careful and insightful person with a good sense of humor. Shows all the time an in-depth understanding of the importance of women car buyers and how to meet their needs.” - Jody DeVere, CEO,“In my time working with Rexanne, she has exhibited a keen knowledge of theautomotive business and specifically how to market to, sell to and retain the femalebuyer. Rexanne has been able to communicate her experience to all levels, from theOEM, to Owners, managers and to the front line staff, in a way that each level canrelate to. Rexannes knowledge and passion has helped her succeed at everyendeavor that has crossed her path.” - Mike Sadlock, Nissan Digital MarketingConsultant, The Cobalt Group“I have never met anyone in the car business with so much passion for success.Rexanne goes the extra mile to bring customer satisfaction to the next level. Herhunger for promoting awareness and her thirst for encouraging change is almostunheard of in this industry. Rexanne has an energizing personality that is contagiousand inspiring.” – Kevin Dempsey, Nissan BEST Facilitator, Precision DynamicsInternational
  7. 7. I love to keep up-to-date on current trends andVIDEO LIBRARY come up with innovative ways to reach out to customers. Click the images below to view some of my videos then check out my YouTube Channel at
  8. 8. CONTACT ME I am excited about helping your dealership attract and retain more customers. Dealerships that make an effort to step outside the box will see a customer centered awakening that will in turn increase customer loyalty and profits. Rexanne Smith Cell: (205) 613-6547 Home: (205) 490-1318