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Reporte de Medios Nielsen: Deportes en el año 2010


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En esta compilación detallada, encontrará información significativa sobre tendencias de publicidad y consumo, y medios de comunicación destacados en lo que se refiere al deporte en los EE.UU durante el 2010. Un informe útil a la hora de tomar desiciones efectivas.

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Reporte de Medios Nielsen: Deportes en el año 2010

  1. 1. State of the Media: Year in Sports 2010
  2. 2. WELCOMEWelcome to Nielsen’s State of the Media: Year in Sports 2010, a compilation of media highlights, advertiser trends andconsumer insights from across The Nielsen Company. Inside these pages you’ll find a wealth of information to provide youwith an almanac of US sports fan consumption across leading sports properties in 2010. Nielsen is committed to providing ourindustry with the necessary tools and insights to stay on top of the constantly evolving sports media landscape, empoweringthe Sports Marketing community to leverage information that drives more effective decision-making.The last twelve months added up to one of the most exciting years in the sports media world; and as Americans flocked to TV,computer and mobile screens, Nielsen was there every step of the way: • Drew Brees leading the Saints to an inspiring Super Bowl XLIV victory that captured the hearts of New Orleans’ “Who Dat?” nation and American football fans overall. • A 2010 Winter Olympics that transformed relative unknowns like Lindsey Vonn, Ryan Miller and Evan Lysacek into household names. • The 2010 World Cup, which featured some dramatic heart-stopping moments by Team USA and introduced Americans to a new generation of worldwide soccer stars. • An NCAA Final Four championship that saw underdog Butler fall just an inch short of beating the heavily favored Duke. • Some new faces in the championship circle (Chicago Blackhawks, San Francisco Giants) and some more familiar ones as well (Jimmie Johnson, LA Lakers).Some of the biggest sports stories in 2010, though, were not about the success of teams and players on the field but ratherabout some players’ behavior off the field. “The Decision” by LeBron James to take his “talents to South Beach,” for example,drew a swirling controversy that kept social media users and TV pundits buzzing for months. Stars like Tiger Woods, BenRoethlisberger, and Brett Favre also faced high-profile off-the-field challenges.But even as athletes like these fall, there are other sports figures that rise to the spotlight for all the right reasons. That’swhy Nielsen is excited to feature its new Nielsen / E-Poll N-Score, which measures the brand impact of professional athletesand sports personalities. N-Scores allow advertisers to make smart marketing decisions on commercial endorsements andspokespersons. Now marketers can quantify Lindsey Vonn’s emergence as an Olympic superstar, or how Michael Vick’scomeback on the gridiron may help him rise from his previous off-field issues.We hope you enjoy these highlights from Nielsen’s vault of consumer and media insights. 2010 continued to prove that sportscontent, across all media platforms, is among the most popular and engaging genres and is well positioned to thrive in arapidly evolving multi-screen world.Sincerely,Stephen MasterVice President, SportsThe Nielsen Company ii
  3. 3. COntEnts Year in Sports: Summary 1-2 MLB 3 NBA 4 NFL 5 NHL 6 NCAA Basketball 7 NCAA Football 8 PGA 9 NASCAR 10 Soccer 11 Winter Olympics 12iii
  4. 4. FAST FACTS: Visits to sports sites by mobile internet usersSummary are up 38% in the last year1 84% of iPhone app downloaders have downloaded at least one free sports app2 There were over 40,500 hours of live sporting events on broadcast and cable television in 20103Top recalled ads in 2010 Sports4 Why are sports so appealing to TV advertisers?5 1 Subway Michael Phelps swims through pavement, fueled by Ratings over-indexed for many of the major sporting events in 2010 among households earning over $100,000 annually the featured sandwich (:15) Top 2010 Sporting Events 190 2 Taco Bell Man only wants to place his order with Denise (:15) based on income +$100,000 168 163 153 3 Subway Michael Phelps swims through pavement, fueled by 136 146 the featured sandwich (:30) 128 124 126 113 4 Jack Links Beef Jerky Campers play a practical joke on Sasquatch by pulling a chair from beneath him (:30) 5 Long John Silver’s Up-close shots of featured items in the Sampler Combo are displayed (:15) BCS National Kentucky US Open Stanley World Championship Derby Men’s Final Cup Series Super Bowl NCAA The NBA World Cup 2010 Sporting Events – Top Buzzed Events6 XLIV Basketball Masters Finals Final Championship Number of Messages 800000 NFL 700000 2010 season begins Playoffs; Saints win Super Bowl June draft; Lebron James joins Miami Heat in July 600000 NBA 2010 season begins 500000 Player drafts Giants win 400000 World Series 300000 Chicago Blackhawks Opening day win Stanley Cup NHL 200000 MLB 100000 January April July October 1
  5. 5. N-Score is a new measurement system from Nielsen that range for N-Score rates the brand impact of professional athletes and sports Category range % in range personalities, enabling advertisers to make smart marketing Hall of Fame (Score of 200+) 4% decisions on commercial endorsements. Based on Nielsen’s Superstar (100 to 199) 4% strategic collaboration with E-Poll Market Research, N-Score provides the most comprehensive, in-depth look at a sports MVP (50 to 99) 7% figure’s overall endorsement potential. A potential endorser’s All Star (30 to 49) 14% N-Score is the result of a model that factors in awareness, Starter (Less than 30) 71% appeal (how strongly one likes or dislikes an individual) and 46 specific personal attributes. The N-Score is available for over 1,000 athletes, coaches, broadcasters and other sports personalities, on both a national basis and in 30 local markets. Advertisers can use the N-Score to evaluate how effective a sports figure will be when endorsing their products. N-Score can also measure the positive and negative impact of off-field events on an athlete’s effectiveness, including the impact across different demographic groups.most Effective Endorsers† Active Female Athletes Active Male Athletes Commentators N-Score Rating N-Score Rating N-Score Rating Venus Williams 169 Shaun White 536 Terry Bradshaw 378 Lindsey Vonn 147 Shaquille O’Neal 334 Mike Ditka 344 Serena Williams 131 Apolo Anton Ohno 273 Dan Marino 260 Danica Patrick 72 Peyton Manning 262 Chris Berman 192 Maria Sharapova 43 Michael Phelps 212 Bob Costas 182Top Selling Sports Biographies7 Jane Leavy The Last Boy: Mickey Mantleand the End of America’s Childhood HARDCOVER Andre Agassi Dirk Hayhurst Open: Andre Agassi The Bullpen Gospels: Apolo Anton Ohno An Autobiography Open: Major League Zero Regrets: TRADE PAPERBACK An Autobiography Dreams of a Minor Be Greater HARDCOVER League Veteran Than Yesterday TRADE PAPERBACK HARDCOVER 173,000 books sold 99,000 78,000 67,000 57,000 53,000 29,000 28,000 25,000 33,000 James S. Hirsch Bill Madden Joe Torre Steinbrenner: Bobby Bowden The Yankee Years Drew Brees Willie Mays: The Last Lion Called to Coach: TRADE PAPERBACK Coming Back Stronger: The Life, The Legend of Baseball Reflections on Life, Unleashing the Hidden HARDCOVER HARDCOVER Faith, and Football Power of Adversity HARDCOVER2 HARDCOVER
  6. 6. mLB FAST FACTS: 55% of respondents polled by Nielsen agree that the use of instant replay should be expanded in Major League Baseball8 Viewer engagement levels are 76% higher for Major League Baseball sports programming than the average levels during all other sports programming9 Cy young Conversation – Top Buzzed Pitchers10 Numberof Messages 1200 1000 Felix Hernandez AL Winner 800 Roy Halladay NL Winner 600 400 200 0 April 4 May 2 June 6 July 4 Aug. 1 Sept. 5 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 major League Baseball average TV Viewership11 REGULAR SEASON Aug. 8, 2010 April 4, 2010 Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees Opening Game: Boston Red Sox May 22, 2010 3,486,000 viewers vs. New York Yankees FOX Saturday Baseball 3,234,000 viewers 4,309,000 viewers April May June July August September October November 2010 MLB Season Oct. 15-22, 2010 July 13, 2010 ALCS: Texas Rangers vs. New York Yankees All-Star Game: 8,222,000 viewers; 6 telecasts POST SEASON American League vs. National League 12,115,000 viewers; 1 telecast Oct. 16-23, 2010 Oct. 27 - Nov. 1, 2010 NLCS: Philadelphia Phillies World Series: Texas Rangers vs. San Francisco Giants vs. San Francisco Giants 9,053,000 viewers; 6 telecasts 14,268,000 viewers; 5 telecasts P2+, Live + same-Day Viewing 3
  7. 7. NBaLeBron James Buzz12 Numberof Messages 100000 July 8, 2010 On national TV, 80000 LeBron chooses Miami Heat 60000 Top 5 Effective Endorsers Dec. 2, 2010 active NBa Players† N-Score Rating Miami Heat vs.Cleveland 40000 Cavaliers May 13, 2010 Boston Celtics beat Shaquille O’Neal 334 Cleveland Cavaliers Oct. 26, 2010 in playoffs. Where LeBron makes his 20000 will LeBron play next? debut with the Kobe Bryant 173 Miami Heat LeBron James 109 0 Jan. 3 April 4 July 4 Oct. 3 2010 2010 2010 2010 Yao Ming 86 Steve Nash 68National Basketball association average TV Viewership13 Oct. 26, 2010 Dec. 25, 2010 July 8, 2010 Season Opening Game: Christmas Day Showcase: REGULAR SEASON LeBron James’ “The Decision” Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics Miami Heat at L.A. Lakers 9,948,000 viewers 7,348,000 viewers 13,113,000 viewers February March April May June July August September October November December 2010 NBA Season Feb. 14, 2010 May 16-28, 2010 June 3-17, 2010 All-Star Game: East vs. West Eastern Conference Finals: NBA Finals: 6,846,000 viewers; 1 telecast Boston Celtics vs. Orlando Magic L.A. Lakers vs. Boston Celtics 7,116,000 viewers; 6 telecasts 18,144,000 viewers; 7 telecasts POST SEASON May 17-29, 2010 Western Conference Finals: L.A. Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns 7,854,000 viewers; 6 telecasts P2+, Live + same-Day Viewing FAST FACTS: The 2010 NBA Finals Game 7 broadcast drew 28,203,000 million viewers – the highest rated NBA game since 1998 (Game 6, michael Jordan’s last NBa Finals game)14 4
  8. 8. NFL FAST FACTS: With an average viewership of 106.5 million viewers, SB XLIV eclipsed the series finale of M*A*S*H as the most watched telecast of all time15 Contributing significantly was the big jump in ethnic viewers. 8.3 million of the 2010 viewers were from Hispanic households, up 9% year-over-year and 11.2 million tuned in from African American households, up 4% from 200916 Brett Favre Buzz17 Top 10 Teams – Based on Local market ratings18 Numberof Messages Household Rating 30000 Oct. 3-17, 2010 New Orleans Saints 43.9 “Sexting” photos of Jan. 24, 2010 Favre are released Pittsburgh Steelers Favre interception 41.9 25000 leads to Saints’ win for Dec. 8, 2010 NFC Championship Charles Barkley calls Green Bay Packers 41.3 Favre spotlight “a Aug. 1, 2010 witch hunt” 20000 Kansas City Chiefs 36.9 Ankle injured, Favre says he might not return to the Vikings Indianapolis Colts 34.9 15000 Minnesota Vikings 34.5 10000 Baltimore Ravens 30.9 New England Patriots 30.9 5000 Buffalo Bills 30.9 Cleveland Browns 29.1 0 Jan. 3 April 4 July 4 Oct. 3 2010 2010 2010 2010 National Football League average TV Viewership19 Sept. 9, 2010 Nov. 25, 2010 REGULAR SEASON April 22, 2010 Minnesota Vikings New Orleans Saints First Round Draft at New Orleans Saints vs. Dallas Cowboys 8,321,000 viewers 27,485,000 viewers 31,874,000 viewers January February March April September October November December 2010 NFL Season P2+, Live + same-Day Viewing Jan. 24, 2010 Feb. 7, 2010 AFC Championship Game: Super Bowl: New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts 46,917,000 viewers 106,476,000 viewers Top 5 active Players† Jan. 24, 2010 N-Score Rating NFC Championship Game: Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints 57,933,000 viewers POST SEASON Peyton Manning 262 Brett Favre 196 NBC Sunday Night Football finished as the # 1 rated primetime Drew Brees 166 show on TV during the 2010 Fall Broadcast Season20 Donovan McNabb 153 Tim Tebow 141 5
  9. 9. Top 10 Teams – Based on Local market ratings21 Pittsburgh Penguins Household Ratings 8.0 NHL Buffalo Sabres 6.3 Detroit Red Wings 3.9 Chicago Blackhawks 2.6 Top 5 Effective athletes – Detroit market† N-Score Rating Boston Bruins 2.3 St. Louis Blues 2.3 Steve Yzerman 579 Philadelphia Flyers 2.2 Gordie Howe 490 Minnesota Wild 1.7 Joe Dumars 328 Washington Capitals 1.6 Nicklas Lidstrom 304 Colorado Avalanche 1.4 Jim Leyland 288National ratings – NHL average TV Viewership22REGULAR SEASON Jan. 1, 2010 Jan. 1, 2011 Winter Classic: Winter Classic: Philadelphia Flyers at Boston Bruins Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Washington Capitals 3,684,000 viewers 4,525,000 viewersJanuary ‘10 February March April May June January ‘112010-11 NHL Season April 14 - May 24, 2010 May 29 - June 9, 2010POST SEASON Playoffs (NBC) Stanley Cup: Philadelphia Flyers 1,893,000 viewers; 9 telecasts vs. Chicago Blackhawks 5,167,000 viewers; 6 telecasts April 14 - May 24, 2010 Playoffs (Versus) 847,000 viewers; 60 telecasts P2+, Live + same-Day Viewing FAST FACTS: The 2010 Stanley Cup Finals saw the highest average ratings since 200223 The Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks doubled its average local rating year over year and climbed from #10 to #4 overall among all U.S. NHL markets24 6
  10. 10. FAST FACTS: Overall ad revenue for the 2010 NCAA Tournament rose 5% over the previous year25 Among all measured college coaches, Duke’s mike Krzyzewski had the highest N-Score in 201026NCaa Basketball Tournament average TV Viewership27 March 25-26, 2010 Sweet 16 April 5, 2010 10,294,000 viewers NCAA Championship Game: Butler vs. Duke March 20-21, 2010 23,948,000 viewers Second Round 8,650,000 viewers April 3, 2010 Final Four: March 18-19, 2010 March 27-28, 2010 Butler vs. Michigan State;TOURNAMENTS First Round Elite Eight West Virginia vs. Duke 6,371,000 viewers 10,914,000 viewers 15,096,000 viewersMarch April2010 NCAA Basketball Season P2+, Live + same-Day ViewingTop 10 Local markets – NCaa Tournament28 Size of circle indicates household rating Dayton 13.0 Columbus 16.0 Indianapolis 16.7 Cincinnati 13.8 Kansas City 15.8 Louisville 20.0 Raleigh-Durham 12.1 Nashville 12.3 Greensboro 10.7 Knoxville 12.4 Top 5 active Coaches† N-Score Rating Mike Krzyzewski 71 Pat Summitt 38 Roy Williams 29NCaa Jim Calhoun 22BASKETBALL Bill Self 15 7
  11. 11. Heisman Trophy Conversation – Contender Buzz29 NCaa Number of Messages 12000 10000 Cam Newton Andrew Luck Buzz about Cam Newton peaks with 10,768 mentions FOOTBALL LaMichael James 8000 Denard Robinson Ryan Mallett 6000 After a nationally televised performance in which he ran and 4000 passed for a combined 500 yards and 3 TDs against Notre Dame, Michigan’s Denard robinson jumped out to lead 2000 the early-season Heisman buzz online. But after Cam Newton exploded for almost 400 rushing yards and 7 TDs 0 Sept. 5 Oct. 3 Nov. 7 Dec. 5 in back-to-back conference games in 2010 2010 2010 2010 October, the Auburn QB seized the buzz and never looked back.NCaa Football average TV Viewership30REGULAR SEASONSept. 6, 2010 Nov. 26, 2010Boise State Sept. 11, 2010 Iron Bowl: Dec. 4, 2010vs. Virginia Tech Michigan vs. Notre Dame Auburn vs. Alabama Auburn vs. South Carolina9,888,000 viewers 6,973,000 viewers 12,520,000 viewers 10,093,000 viewersSeptember October November December January ‘112010-11 NCAA Football Season Jan. 1, 2011 Jan. 10, 2011 Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs. TCU BCS Championship: Auburn vs. OregonPOST SEASON 20,558,000 viewers 27,316,000 viewers Jan. 3, 2011 Jan. 4, 2011 Orange Bowl: Sugar Bowl: Stanford vs. Virginia Tech Arkansas vs. Ohio State 10,682,000 viewers 13,635,000 viewers P2+, Live + same-Day Viewing FAST FACTS: 59% of respondents polled by Nielsen said that college football needs a tournament or playoff system similar to college basketball318
  12. 12. FAST FACTS: In 2010, at the age of 81, Arnold Palmer had the highest N-Score (386) of any golfer active or retired. However, Tiger Woods’ N-Score dropped from 815 in 2009 to 93 in 201032Professional Golfers’ association average TV Viewership33 July 18, 2010 British Open (Final Round) Winner: Louis Oosthuizen 2,457,000 viewers April 11, 2010 June 20, 2010 Aug. 15, 2010 Oct. 3, 2010 The Masters (Final Round) U.S. Open (Final Round) PGA Championship (Final Round) Ryder Cup Winner: Phil Mickelson Winner: Graeme McDowell Winner: Martin Kaymer Winner: Europe 16,676,000 viewers 9,266,000 viewers 6,511,000 viewers 2,924,000 viewersApril June July August October2010 PGA Tour P2+, Live + same-Day Viewing Tiger Woods Buzz34 Feb. 13, 2010 Number Woods apologizes at of Messages Golf Writers Assn. 60000 press conference April 10, 2010 50000 Woods competes in the Masters tournament 40000 Jan. 9, 2010 Woods returns to 30000 PGA to defend title Aug. 23, 2010 PGa Woods’ divorce 20000 is finalized 10000 0 Jan. 3 April 4 July 4 Oct. 3 2010 2010 2010 2010 9
  13. 13. most Effective Endorsers – active Drivers† N-Score Rating Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 136 NaSCar Jeff Gordon 121 Danica Patrick 72 Tony Stewart 58 Mark Martin 47NaSCar average TV Viewership35 Date Event Location Winner Viewers Feb. 14 Daytona 500 Daytona, FL Jamie McMurray 13,294,000 Feb. 21 Auto Club 500 Fontanta, CA Jimmie Johnson 9,151,000 March 7 Kobalt Tools 500 Atlanta, GA Kurt Busch 8,510,000 April 25 Live from Talladega Talladega, AL Kevin Harvick 8,452,000 March 21 Food City 500 Bristol, TN Jimmie Johnson 7,357,000 P2+, Live + same-Day Viewing FAST FACTS: The average cost of a 30-second spot during the 2010 Daytona 500 climbed more than 5% year over year and 29% in the last five years36 NASCAR fans spent as much as 30% more on beer in 2010 than fans of other sports properties and 25% more on non-alcoholic carbonated beverages, on average3710
  14. 14. SOCCEr FAST FACTS: 24.3 million tuned in to watch the World Cup Final between Spain and the Netherlands, making it the most watched soccer game in u.S. history38 3.7% of Hispanics, or 1.4 million, said they watched the World Cup on their mobile devices.39 An estimated 111.6 million u.S. viewers watched at least six minutes of the 2010 World Cup on English or Spanish language networks The viewership represents a 22% increase in reach compared to 2006, which reached an estimated 91.4 million u.S. viewers 40 Top 10 Local markets (World Cup) – Spanish Top 10 Local markets (World Cup) – English Language Networks (univision + Telefutura)41 Language Networks (ESPN/ESPN2/aBC)42 Household Rating Household Rating Globally, 21% of respondents Miami-Ft. Lauderdale 6.1 Miami-Ft. Lauderdale 4.0 said they would get at least some of their World Cup Los Angeles 4.6 New York 3.7mes information from the Internet Houston 3.9 Washington, DC (Hagrstwn) 3.6p via mobile devices. 43 Las Vegas 3.0 San Diego 3.6 Dallas-Ft. Worth 2.6 San Francisco-Oak-San Jose 3.6 San Antonio 2.3 Norfolk-Portsmth-Newpt Nws 3.1 50% MLS ratings were Globally, York of respondents New 21% 2.2 Las Vegas 3.0 said they would get at least some of their World Cup San Francisco-Oak-San Jose 2.1 West Palm Beach-Ft. Pierce 2.9 higher, on average, for games information from the Internet played after the World Cup Austin via mobile devices. 2.0 Boston (Manchester) 43 2.9 compared to those played before the World Cup.44 Phoenix (Prescott) 2.0 Austin 2.8 World Cup average TV Viewership45 June 26, 2010 U.S.A. vs. Ghana 19,400,000 viewers June 18, 2010 U.S.A. vs. Slovenia 7,500,000 viewers July 11, 2010 June 12, 2010 June 23, 2010 Championship Game: U.S.A. vs. England U.S.A. vs. Alegria Spain vs. Netherlands 17,100,000 viewers 8,600,000 viewers 24,354,000 viewers June July 2010 World Cup P2+, Live + same-Day Viewing 11
  15. 15. Olympic Games TV advertisement Brand recall by Number of Exposures to Online ads46 33% 41% 42% 43% Brand Recall TV only (No online exposure) TV + 1 online exposure TV + 2-5 online exposures TV + 6-20 online exposures TV + 21+ online exposures 57%Top 5 Endorsers – Winter Olympic athletes† Winter Olympic Games average Primetime TV Viewership47 N-Score Rating Feb. 17, 2010 Feb. 28, 2010 Most Viewed Telecast: U.S.A. vs. Canada Featuring Shaun White and Gold Medal Game Shaun White 536 Lindsey Vonn winning the Gold Medal 27,500,000 viewers Feb. 12, 2010 29,423,000 viewers Feb. 28, 2010 Opening Ceremony Closing Ceremony Apolo Anton Ohno 273 32,663,000 viewers 21,410,000 viewers February Lindsey Vonn 147 2010 Olympics Bode Miller 49 Feb. 12-28, 2010 All telecasts 15,233,000 viewers Evan Lysacek 40 P2+, Live + same-Day Viewing FAST FACTS: U.S. vs Canada Gold Medal Game was the most viewed hockey game in the U.S.A. since 198048 WINTEr OLYMPICS 12
  16. 16. sources: #16 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+, #36 the nielsen Company.#1 the nielsen Company. nielsen Mobile Media View, live + same day viewing.november 2009 – november 2010. #37 nielsen Homescan FAnLinks, 2009. #17 nM Incite. January – December 2010.#2 the nielsen Company. Data from nielsen’s Q3 #38 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+,Connected Devices Playbook. Results collected from survey #18 the nielsen Company. Local Household rating, live + same day of over 5,000 connected device owners. live + same day viewing. #39 the nielsen Company. 2010 World Cup Hispanic#3 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+, #19 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+, Homescan + same day viewing. live + same day viewing. #40 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+#4 the nielsen Company. Only new ad executions #20 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+, live + same day viewing.considered, airing in sports programming from January 1, live + 7 day viewing.2010 to november 6, 2010, excluding ads new in the 2010 #41 the nielsen Company. Local Household rating, live +super Bowl. the Recall score is the percentage of tV viewers #21 the nielsen Company. Local Household rating, live + same day viewing.who can recall within 24 hours the brand of an ad they were same day to during the normal course of viewing tV. these #42 the nielsen Company. Local Household rating, live +scores are then indexed against the mean score for all new #22 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+, same day during the period (Recall Index). 100 equals average. live + same day viewing #43 the nielsen Company. Data from nielsen’s Consumer#5 the nielsen Company. Household rating, live + #23 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, live + Confidence survey in Q1 2010. Results collected from oversame day viewing. same day viewing 14,000 consumers globally.#6 nM Incite. January – December 2010. #24 the nielsen Company. Local Household rating, live + #44 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, March – same day viewing. november 2010.#7 nielsen Bookscan. Data does not include sales fromWal-Mart/sam’s Club - note: sales data 1/4/2010 - 1/2/2011. #25 the nielsen Company. #45 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+, live + same day viewing.#8 nielsen sportsQuest -11/19/2010-12/16/2010. #26 nielsen / E-Poll – 1/1/10 – 12/31/10. #46 the nielsen Company. Data based on survey responses#9 the nielsen Company. Program Engagement measures #27 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+, from February 12, 2010 - February 28, 2010. “tV + Online”viewer attention to tV episode content. Includes regularly- live + same day viewing. is based on responses to a tV ad from a given brand afterairing series with at least three telecasts. Data based on time exposure to both the brand’s tV ad and Online ad in theperiod september 1, 2008 –April 21, 2010 among persons 13+. #28 the nielsen Company. Local Household rating, live + previous 7 days on “ tV Only” is based same day viewing. on responses to tV ads with no exposure to the same brand’s#10 nM Incite. April – October 2010. internet advertising on in the previous #29 nM Incite. september – December 2010. seven days.#11 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+,live + same day viewing. #30 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+, #47 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+, live + same day viewing. live + same day viewing.#12 nM Incite. January – December 2010. #31 nielsen sportsQuest: 11/19/2010-12/16/2010. #48 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+,#13 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+, live + same day + same day viewing. #32 nielsen / E-Poll - 1/1/10 – 12/31/10. † nielsen / E-Poll – 1/1/10 – 12/31/10.#14 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+, #33 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+,live + same day viewing. live + same day viewing. More about Buzz: NM Incite tracks and analyzes the number #34 nM Incite. January – December 2010. of mentions or public messages about a topic or personality in#15 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+, public Internet conversations, including boards, blogs, forums,live + same day viewing. #35 the nielsen Company. national People Meter, P2+, groups, blog comments, traditional media, Facebook, Twitter/ live + same day viewing. microblogs and other social media venues. Get closer to the fans. Please visit, For more information please contact: Stephen master Vice President, Sports (646) 654-4577 Copyright © 2011 the nielsen Company. All rights reserved. Printed in the UsA. nielsen and the nielsen logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of CZt/ACn trademarks, L.L.C. Other product and service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. 10/2572