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Advertisers Media Kit - International


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Digital Marketing for Latin America and the Hispanic market in the U.S.

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Advertisers Media Kit - International

  1. 1. Digital Marketing for the U.S. Hispanic & Latin American markets
  2. 2. Connecting brands with the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets through our Display, Mobile and Video networks. The most trusted U.S. and International Digital Media Publisher Network +720
  3. 3. Publisher Examples
  4. 4. Why Alcance Media Group? Display, Mobile and Video networks featuring 720+ of the most trusted U.S. and International digital media publishers Hispanic Focus Our focus is the Latino and Hispanic audiences in the U.S. and in Latin America. Cost Effective Highly competitive to reach the widest audience of Hispanics and Latinos cost. Brand Safe Online publishers with high quality content. We offer peace of mind with Verified content.
  5. 5. Display Utilizing trusted international business publications to reach a key finance/business audience. Experience with Scotialbank y Citi Bank - Banamex
  6. 6. Display Experience with Aeromexico and Skype
  7. 7. Mobile campaigns are key to reaching the Hispanic consumer. Mobile
  8. 8. Video Video is the most engaging, fastest growing type of content being consumed by Hispanics. Experience with Disney and McDonalds.
  9. 9. Advertiser Experience
  10. 10. Display· Mobile· Tablet· Video USA / International +1 415.625.5130