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Special census Preview Suplement, by Portada


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The following are five likely Census 2010 headlines based on demographic trends as explained by Mebrulin Francisco.

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Special census Preview Suplement, by Portada

  2. 2. Portada SPECIAL CENSUS PREVIEW SUPPLEMENT R SPECIAL D Five key data points to ISSUE look forward to in the 2010 Census that validate HIGHLIGHTS Hispanic marketing E The question of Language: English, Spanish or both? I The main Issue: How much will the Census Impact Hispanic Marketing Budgets? Will Corporate Americas CMOs listen? K Portadas Emerging Hispanic Markets Forum, NYC, September 21, 2011CENSUS RESULTS RELEASE TIMELINEBy 12-31-2010 By 3-31-2011 By 5-31-2011 By 9-30-2011Apportionment counts will US census has to provide Raw data will not be Publication of 2010 Americanbe delivered to the President complete delivery of data released publicly on Community Survey (Data thatwithin nine months of to the States no later the census site until expands on the enumeration study,Census Day (on or before than March June 2011 including data such as language andDecember 31, 2010) Household Income) PORTADAS SPECIAL CENSUS RESULTS ISSUE (C)
  3. 3. Preview: Key Data Points The following are five likely Census 2010 headlines based on demographic trends as explained by Mebrulin Francisco, Senior Research Analyst of Mediaedge at Portadas Fourth Annual Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference. The presentation is based on data by the U.S. Census and the American Community Survey. 1 Hispanics will continue to 3 Age Distribution will show that grow and become the largest Marketers targeting Gen Y need “minority” outpacing the to think Hispanic growth of the general market WHY? WHY? 22% of the U.S. population under the age of 18 is The 2000 U.S. Census projected that by 2010 Hispanic and 18% of the U.S. population between the ages Hispanics would make up 16% of the total U.S. population of 18 and 44. and 24% by 2050. Some estimates predict that Hispanics will amount to 30% of the U.S. population by 2050. U.S. born Hispanics will drive the majority of growth. 4 Spanish will continue to be the dominant language spoken 2 Hispanics will be represented among Hispanics in more geographical areas of WHY? the U.S. In 2009, a significant percent of the market commu- WHY? nicated only or mostly in Spanish (37%), a 68% change from the 2000 Census. (More detailed information on page E). The Hispanic population in states which traditio- nally had a relatively small number of Hispanics will grow exponentially. 5 Hispanics wallets will continue to get fatter Below is a list of the 30 States whose WHY? Hispanic population has grown the most Hispanic spending power increased by 6.4% between North Dakota 151% Maryland 53% 2005 and 2008 versus 2.9% for the general U.S.population. Arkansas 107% New Hampshire 53% West Virginia 98% Pennsylvania 52% Small Business Owners are growing faster among Montana 94% Kansas 51% Hispanics than in the General Market. Between 2002 and South Dakota 84% Virginia 51% 2007 the number of Hispanic Business Owners increased by Vermont 75% Missouri 50% 43% vs. 14.5% for non Hispanics. South Carolina 74% Georgia 48% Maine 73% Oklahoma 46% Kentucky 71% Iowa 46% Mississippi 65% Louisiana 45% Hispanic consumer spending led overall U.S. Alabama 65% Indiana 45% market growth in the following categories Tennessee 63% Wisconsin 44% Minnesota 57% Nebraska 41% > Food business - Growth in Hispanic spending North Carolina 56% Delaware 40% Alask 54% Oregon 36% explains 30% of the growth of the overall market. > Education - U.S. Hispanics spent 58% more on education compared to 9% for non-Hispanics. NOTE: Note: % Increase of the ratio Hispanic population/Total state > Entertainment - U.S. Hispanics increased their enter population between 2000 and 2008 tainment spend on fees and admissions by 14% as SOURCE: U.S. Census compared to a 7% decline for non-Hispanics.(D) Q1 2011 |
  4. 4. Language Spanish, English or Both? The crucial Question for Marketers and Media ne of the main data points to tracks trends among Hispanics and Spanish. Currently with the immigra-O look at once the 2010 census results are out is the new distri- found that 68% of Hispanics 18+ agree that Spanish language is more tion debate the pendulum is now swinging back to the past which Ibution of Spanish-only, Bilingual and important to them today than it was think is very sad for our children”,English only speakers in the Hispanic five years ago. This was true even Torres adds.population. among segments that had mostly According to the 2009 edition of Natives and were raised in an Anglo- > Less urgency to be fluentthe American Community Survey, in environment; bi-cultural (88%) and in English2009 a significant percent (37%) of assimilated (54%). “The truth is that the micro com-Hispanics communicated only or mostly munities or barrios emerging in urbanin Spanish, a 68% increase from 2000, > Major Shift in Sentiment areas create a safety zone for a Spanishwhen they amounted to only 22%. Francisco explains that only or mostly environment. You can Another expected 2010 census MECBravo’s has a proprietary segmen- be in this country and not need to beresult is that U.S. born Hispanics will tation tool called “The Nuevo fluent in the native language to getdrive the majority of growth. With the Americans.” This model takes a differ- ahead.”, Mediaedge’s Francisco notes.growth coming from the non-immi- ent approach to the Hispanic marketgrant population, which traditionally focusing on consumer motivations and > Implications for Media...are more familiar with English, what is attitudes rather than demographics or Language preference of Hispanics isthe reason for such a big increase in the acculturation. “When we first conduct- determinant for the media vehiclesmostly Spanish only proportion? ed the segmentation in 2006 we found catering to them. Spanish-language “Language assimilation is rapid and that there was a segment of the media has a very significant impact onmostly complete by the third genera- Hispanic market that was completely the US advertising and media marketstion. There will be a decrease of immi- removed from Latin culture. overall. In the third quarter of 2010grants, who are primarily Spanish- Ultimately the only thing that made Univision had the second highestspeakers. However, native born them Hispanic/Latino was their last age18-34 ratings of all broadcast net-Hispanics are increasingly learning name. However when the segmenta- works. In fact, during the first week ofSpanish for cultural and economic rea- tion was updated in 2009, we found a September 2010, Univision beat outsons”, says Edward T. Rincon, presi- major shift in sentiment among this the Big Four networks among all 18-49dent at Dallas based research firm group and there was a higher affinity and 18-34 in primetime.Rincon & Associates. towards Hispanic culture, media and Broadcasters like Univision, Mebrulin Francisco, Senior involvement”, Francisco explains. Telemundo and V-Me are set to be theResearch Analyst at Mediaedge in New Albert Torres, Chairman and CEO of main beneficiaries of the expectedYork City says that several theories Tu Decides Media, a bilingual newspa- expansion of Spanish-dominant Hispa-have emerged to explain the increase in per publisher in the Pacific Northwest nics. So are many Hispanic newspapersthe Spanish-dominant population: notes that the Hispanic community has (although there are exceptions like San gone through many different phases Antonio Express News’ Conexion (English) > Hispanic Pride regarding the usage of Spanish and and Chicago’s Extra newspaper (bilin- According to Francisco, “Reaccul- English. “There was a time not long gual). Weekly Hispanic newspapers areturation is more than a buzz word. As ago when it was shameful to speak often the first type of publications toan industry we speak a lot about the Spanish and parents were discouraged emerge and historically have been morereemergence of Hispanic pride, now from teaching their children Spanish. likely to serve immigrant populations.research tells us that this is indeed a The pendulum swung the other way To a large extent they can be seen asmacro trend among Latinos in the US. for a while and it became in vogue toThe Futures Company, for example, be able to speak a foreign language like Q1 2011 | (E)
  5. 5. Language grassroots media and engage the com- The Heterogeneous Hispanic Media Market munity they target with local content. Jacqueline Hernández, Chief MEDIA TYPE Spanish Bilingual English Total Operating Officer of the Telemundo Communications Group, Inc, tells Magazines 158 (55.6%) 43 (15.1%) 83 (29.2%) 284 Portada that “we are constantly reflec- Newspapers 199 (73.7%) 48 (17.8%) 23 (8.5%) 270 ting the U.S. Hispanic market in our content and to do this we turn to data. Newsletters 29 (13.2%) 64 (29.2%) 126 (57.5%) 219 We are very excited about the Census data as it will provide us with tremen- Websites 15 (66.6%) 6 (24%) 4 (16%) 25 dously valuable insights.” Hernández Radio Stations 487 (83, 3%) 29 (4.9%) 68 (11.8%) 584 notes that preliminary data shows growth of Hispanic populations across Television Stations 123 (83.6%) 7 (4.7%) 17 (11.6%) 147 all states. One market in particular is Chicago. ‘We used this insight with NOTE: Number of media properties published/broadcast per language. Percentage of overall number our recent launch of Alguien Te Mira, in brackets. which takes place in Chicago. We also SOURCE: Portada Database expect to see growth in biculturals and U.S. born Hispanics. This is great news for us as we continue to grow mun2- guage choice in targeting Hispanics”, Houston. the number one cable network speak- says Rosa Serrano, a former Director of According to Serrano, “Spanish lan- ing to YLA’s-Young Latino Americans, Planning and Buying at Lopez Negrete guage tends to be the constant for all in a uniquely American voice. It is also Communications, who recently created clients as this will accomplish two very the core target. We are looking forward ReSults Media and Marketing Partners, key goals. First, reach Hispanics who to when the data is released next year her own advertising agency in are missed in English language com- so we can continue to use the findings and grow our audiences.” Other pay TV providers like MTV’s Tr3s and LATV that are geared A COMPRAR! Consumer categories for which Spanish-dominant Hispanics overindex to bilingual Hispanic youth would also profit from a growing acculturated Hispanic population. > Automotive: Live in a household where at least one of the vehicles is Regarding websites, usage has his- a hybrid (Index 273) torically skewed more to English-dom- > Baby/Children: Live in a household that uses baby food, cereal, juice inant Hispanics as it has taken a longer (Index 280) time for Spanish-dominant Hispanics > Baby/Children: Live in a household that uses baby/childrens shampoo to go online. In fact, English-domi- (Index 196) nant Hispanics do not necessarily visit > Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Live in a household that uses instant coffee websites exclusively geared to (Index 225) Hispanics. The 2010 edition of AOL’s > Non-Alcoholic Beverages: Drink energy drinks (Index 177) annual Hispanic CyberStudy shows > Telecom: Made long distance calls outside of the U.S. in the last that 23% of the US online audience is 3 months (Index 261) Spanish-dominant which means they > Telecom: Have telephone credit card/pre-paid calling card (Index 220) consume most of their media in > Travel: Use travel agent services (Index 123) Spanish; 31% are bicultural consum- > Health and Beauty: Use home pregnancy tests (Index 153) ing most media in English and 46% > Medicine: Use cough syrup (Index 133) US dominant consuming most of their > Food: Live in a household that uses meat alternatives (Index 169) media also in English. > Food: Live in a household that uses flavored gelatin desserts Above is a table that breaks down (Index 130) different media properties by the lan- > Food: Live in a household that uses canned milk (Index 126) guage they use: > Food: Chew gum (Index 125) ...and Marketers “There is truly not one answer to NOTE: Some consumer categories for which Spanish-dominant Hispanics over-index relative to the the question of what determines lan- entire U.S. adult population. SOURCE: Spring 2009 full-year Experian Simmons National Consumer Study.(F) Q1 2011 |
  6. 6. Languagemunications because of their preferencefor Spanish language media. There will A COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS RATIONALE TOalso be a number of Hispanics who willbe exposed to English language messag- PUBLISH A BILINGUAL NEWSPAPERing but the impact of advertising maynot be as effective because the language Albert Torres, Chairman and CEO of Tu Decides Media, aor cultural cues do not resonate with company that publishes a free weekly newspaper inthem as creative developed with print and digital format in Washington State andHispanic insights.” Northeastern Oregon has interesting views about the Second, Serrano notes, “the effi- role language plays to reach Hispanic audiences. Belowciencies of reaching Hispanics using are excerpts of a recent interview we published on language channels are stillmuch greater than reaching them withEnglish language media. Your dollar Portada: What is the reason you and what is happening in Arizona. Ifspent in Spanish language to reach publish a bilingual newspaper? the newspaper was only written inHispanics will allow the client to reach Spanish we would miss the oppor-more consumers than the dollar spent Albert Torres: “Even though I tunity to share our thoughts within English. This is significant when was born in Mexico, I arrived at a others that cant read Spanish. Inyou consider how many major US very early age to the United States order to create change you need tomarkets have Hispanic populations and share more characteristics reach people that are different thanthat are 30% or higher compared to with the second generation yourself.”the overall population.” Hispanics. I am bilingual but prefer to read in English. I can read Portada: Why do you also pu- Dual Language Communications Spanish but I am slower and wont blish in Spanish? However, Serrano adds “Hispanics do it if it wasnt absolutely neces-are consuming media in multiple lan- sary. I felt there was a large enough Albert Torres: “The newspaperguages and any effective plan should gap between the English media and is also in Spanish because we wantinclude dual language communications. the Spanish media. The stories in to retain the ability to read inClients who are commited and savvy English didnt quite capture our Spanish. Having the ability to speakabout the Hispanic consumer will not essence and lack the necessary English and at least one other lan-stop with Spanish language media background to make sense. I didnt guage can have meaningfulinvestment and call it a day but rather see an accurate picture of the rewards. Being able to read an orig-also consider how they are reaching Hispanic community but rather inal story without translation andthis key consumer via their English lan- what others thought we were like. without someone elses opinion andguage communications.” Serrano cites The Spanish stories tend to focus allowing the reader to make up yourMcDonalds, Bank of America, more on Latin America which holds own opinion is extremely valuable.Walmart, and State Farm among the a special place in my heart but I am This is why we called our newspa-clients who are doing this. more concerned about what is hap- per Tú Decides or You Decide.” Sales executives at media properties pening in my community here in theoften face an uphill battle when trying United States. Portada: What is the circulationto convince clients and agencies about I also found out that beyond fill- of your publication?using Hispanic media (Bilingual or ing the gap as a bilingual newspa-English) to target English-dominant per in the Pacific Northwest we Albert Torres: “ We are current-Hispanics. “It is extremely difficult to were able to become a multicultur- ly printing 20,000 copies weekly andconvince advertisers of the opportunity al bridge where we could share sto- send out an additional 10,000 e-mailsto target English-dominant ries about each other while remov- attaching the digital version of ourHispanics”, says Albert Torres, ing language as a barrier to under- newspaper. We also are experienc-Chairman and CEO of Tu Decides standing each other. Some of our ing approximately 3,000 downloadsMedia, a bilingual newspaper publisher stories are written in English and from our website (www.TuDecidesin the Pacific Northwest. are translated to Spanish and some of the digital newspa- Torres adds that “probably the sin- are written in Spanish and are per. The English copies are down-gle biggest misconception about translated to English. Take for loaded more by a factor of 4 to 1 orHispanics is that people think we only instance the immigration debate 80% English and 20% Spanish.”read, speak and write in Spanish. I love Q1 2011 | (G)
  7. 7. Language to listen to Spanish music and movies but I prefer to have the ads in English to understand the new technology terms being offered by cell phone companies, types of policies being offered by insurance companies and the type of financial instruments available at the local banks. Beyond entertain- ment I prefer to see the special offers in English.” Another factor, Torres emphasizes is the amount of influence that English dominant Hispanics have on the Spanish dominant Hispanics. As an example Torres says that since he was eight years old he has been involved in every purchase his parents did. “Especially large or complicated purchases. In other words you can try to convince my father to buy something only to find that I have a huge amount of influence over his buying decision. I have chosen his doctors, homes, cars, banks, and even employment. I have filled out every employment application for every job he has ever had and I have filled out every form when he owned his own business.” Juan Guillen, CEO of Defining Trends Media Group a New York City based company that connects with the bilin- gual & bicultural Hispanic market through digital media, events and LatinTrends Magazine, asserts that “the market for English-language advertising targeting Hispanics should be “huge, but the ratio of allocated ad dollars is not.” “We are dealing with major numbers here, when 92% of Latinos 18 and under are U.S. born, this is a strong indicator of where the future is heading with regards to U.S. born and raised Latinos. To me, that means opportunity, because it will only increase with time, especially when there are more media properties catering to this market. think about it, not too long ago there were practically none.”(H) Q1 2011 |
  8. 8. Hispanic Marketing BudgetsWill Corporate Americas CMOs listen?It is the crucial question. How will the publication and by reaching, connecting and converting multiculturalinterpretation of the 2010 Census results impact consumers into their customers”, says JacquelineHispanic advertising and marketing budgets. “I believe Hernández, Chief Operating Officer of the Telemundothe data will speak for itself and “sell” itself. We are in Communications Group, times and this is a “New America”. When you But how do multicultural marketing directors seesee the numbers, the changes in demographics, the this? How are they going to “sell” the census results toshifts and, most importantly, where the growth will their CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers)? Portada askedcontinue to come from; there is no question that every the following questions to four major clients:CMO who wants to grow their business needs to do so1. What are the main factors behind the size of your companys multicultural marketing budget?2. What do you think is in the way of increasing multicultural marketing budgets in Corporate America?3. How do you try to convince your companys leadership to increase multicultural marketing budgets?4. How is Hispanic marketing/advertising embedded into your companys sales and marketing organization?5. What light do you expect the 2010 Census to shed on the particular audience segment your company targets?THIS IS WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY: Hector Vallejo versations that go behind closed doors when Senior Multicultural Marketing Manager Executives are deciding where the resources will go to. Thats STANLEY BLACK AND DECKER where you have to fight the battle and as more Latinos get into those leadership positions I believe you will see budgets becoming more realistic.”1. The % of Hispanic Contractors in the industry is a major fac- 3. “First, the size and growth of the market in our industrytor - by 2012, 40% of contractors in the US will be Hispanic so makes it an undeniable proposition. Second, having a compre-we need to make sure we are allocating the right resources to hensive strategy outside of just promotions and marketingmore effectively penetrate this market. The second factor is the campaigns gives them more confidence in investing thelack of culturally relevant communication resources we cur- resource: you got to have a long term strategy that impacts allrently have. We need to bring our communication elements up aspects of your business, not just one area. The dollars have toto par with the general market therefore you will see an invest- get stretched as much as you can, especially in this space. Putment in developing all the “fundamentals” first before we together a 3-5 year strategy that shows how you plan to growincrease our advertising spend. and take share for your company and get a buy in on a longOver the last 6 months, we have translated our entire tools lines term plan and not a one year plan. Your strategy needs to showinto Spanish in our system, launched a full size Spanish Catalog year after year growth when you present it. I think a lot ofand developed an entire line of culturally relevant POP (ban- Senior Leaders get shocked when you try to swing for theners, posters, headers, premiums, etc.).The last factor is the fence asking for budgets. Lastly, you have to show results.need for bilingual employees that understand the cultural Sometimes its better to do something small really well to showaspects of our target consumers, particularly in the field jobs the impact those dollars can have if you amplify them to morewhere they interact with our consumers on a daily basis (retail markets, to more people, to more promotions, to bigger spon-sales, field and event marketing, service locations, consumer sorships.”services, etc.). 4. “We have a Hispanic Marketing Advertising Budget that sup-2. “The globalization of the economy plays a major factor for ports all key activities: promotions, new product launches, keycompanies like ours who might see better opportunities out- retail events. This is the first year that we have this and it isside of the US to invest in, especially with a down economy in now a “fundamental” part of our business as we launch differ-the US. There are other markets that are doing better and the ent marketing campaigns and new products.”market share potential is higher than the US in many cases.Another factor is most companies struggle understanding what 5. “That they are a much bigger part of our business than weis the true profit potential of the Hispanic Market. What can this thought and that they are a much bigger influencer in decidingmarket deliver to their business? Companies that understand what products to buy. I think the buying power within our indus-this, have increased the investment in this segment and are try will be much stronger coming out of this economy thandoing better than some of their competitors and will come out going into it.better after the economy recovers. I also think there is a lack ofHispanics in leadership positions that can be a part of the con- Q1 2011 | (I)
  9. 9. Hispanic Marketing Budgets Felix Tejeda ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) to Brand Marketing bring the power of technology and professional basketball to Sprint Prepaid Group middle school students by providing teachers with interactive and engaging technology opportunities. In addition, we select key industry influencers and partnerships that align with our business strategies to generate awareness, preference and 1. Simply said, our organization understands the market place consideration for our products, services and solutions.” and thus balances opportunities and risks to allocate invest- ments depending on the objective at hand.” 4. “At HP, we fully embrace the concept of diversity, based on the importance of focusing on the possibilities and not the lim- 2. “At the end of the day it is about maximizing marketing itations. We think that true capabilities and leadership cannot investments to target the right consumer for the brand and cat- be defined or limited by gender, race or religion. For all of us to egory, so it is about identifying where the growth is.” win in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, we will need to embrace our differences and mirror the diversity of our cus- 3. “Multicultural leaders must leverage consumer data to tomers and the world around us.” engage their leadership to build the rationale that a dollar invested in targeting a multicultural consumer delivers x times 5. “The Census 2010 will show new data showing coast-to- the investment in revenue. The hope is that the multicultural coast growth in the Latino population which will further cement consumer over delivers when compared to its general market the need of companies to aggressively continue approaching counterpart.” this segment of the U.S. population.” 4. “The Hispanic segment is a top priority that is reflected in our exemplary worth ethic of our sales and marketing organization; from advertising to customer life cycle” 5. “Our organization is well versed in the national population Juan Job figures, but well be sure to review the data to identify any new VP Head of Hispanic Markets at trends.” New York Life 1. “An important variable affecting our Hispanic marketing Lesley Mc Norton efforts is whether a market is defined as Hispanic or not. We Multicultural Marketing & Americas define a market as Hispanic if 50% or more of its customers Brand Manager are Hispanic. We have associates exclusively devoted to the Corporate Marketing, HP Hispanic market in the following units: New York (two), Fresno, CA, El Paso, TX, Mc Allen, TX, Edison, NJ, Miami, FL and San Antonio, TX. New York Lifes Hispanic marketing team 1. “HP will continue to invest in the multicultural market. We increased from 5 to 27 Hispanic marketing associates over the see that it presents tremendous growth opportunities for HP’s last 15 months. In 2011 we are expecting an additional 11 as consumer and small and medium businesses. Continuing to we open additional units specifically devoted to the U.S. understand and invest in this market is core to HP’s vision.” Hispanic market in San Diego and Tampa. Our companys multicultural markets unit, which includes the 2. “Demonstrating the business opportunity these audiences Hispanic marketing unit, generates more than a third of the represent and executing to achieve a strong ROI. HP is the #1 companys retail revenue and is outpacing the growth of the IT company and has the 10th strongest brand in the world, with rest of the company. Most of our ad buys are done on a local over 300K employees who are listening to customers, watching level. We partner with our agents to undertake co-op trends and partnering to make a difference. HP believes Advertising, mostly sharing the costs by approximately 50%.” strongly that the trends are being led in large part by Hispanics and African Americans.” 4. “New York Life has two main units: The Retail Marketing Unit and the Multicultural Markets Unit, which includes the 3. “Market data and demonstrating results. HP has been suc- Hispanic marketing unit. The Multicultural Marketing cessful with marketing campaigns that include The HP Insider, Unit has 6 divisions: Hispanic, African-American, Chinese, a first-of-its-kind relationship with the NBA to name one local Asian Indian, Vietnamese and Korean. We have 120 offices fan an “HP Insider” and award him or her a week of behind- around the country; these offices support our more than 10,000 the-scenes access to a basketball team. The program was agents. We consider our agents our brand ambassadors. implemented with the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks; Currently 10% of our agents are Hispanic, while the Hispanic and HP Digital Assist, a partnership among HP, NBA Cares and market segment sales amount to 12%-13% of total revenues.”(J) Q1 2011 |
  10. 10. PortadasEmerging HispanicMarkets ForumNEW YORK CITY, SEPT. 21, 2011THE OBJECTIVEThe main objective of the Portada Emerging Hispanic Markets Forum is to makea case for marketing to Hispanics in regions that are not part of the top 5Hispanic markets. Particularly in the light of the upcoming 2010 Census results,which are expected to show very high growth rates in population and purcha-sing power of Hispanics living in these often overlooked markets. These mar-kets include:Arizona | Colorado | Georgia | Maryland/Virginia/Washington DC | New JerseyMassachusetts | Oregon | Pennsylvania | South - North Carolina | UtahTHE PARTICIPANTSThe Forum will bring together major NYC and North East based clients andagencies with media executives and agencies that have a strong presence inemerging Hispanic markets. Stay tuned as we announce major speaker andpanelists!THE DATEThe Emerging Hispanic Markets Forum will take place one day before PortadasFifth Annual Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference, Sept. 22, 2011, NYC.Sponsors of the Emerging Hispanic Market Forum get tickets to attend bothevents.THEMES THAT WILL BE EXPLORED BY MAJOR PLAYERS INCLUDE> The Opportunity: The Hispanic population in states which traditionally had arelatively small number of Hispanics is growing exponentially. An in-depthanalysis by a major demographic expert.> ROI Case Studies of marketers that obtained a high ROI in marketing toLatinos in emerging Hispanic markets.> Are there media properties that efficiently reach local audiences in emergingHispanic markets? If so, which ones are they and how do they work?> Agencies: How do regional agencies work? And what can they offer to natio-nal clients and major agencies? FOR MORE INFORMATION AND SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES PLEASE CALL Marcos Baer, publisher Portada, (212) 685-44 41, Bob Oliva, Business Development Director, (305) 546-1515,
  11. 11. T H E L E A D I N G S O U R C E O N L A T I N M A R K E T I N G A N D M E D I A Try Portada FREE and Become a Latin Market Insider! 1] What is your line of work? (Please check the following boxes > Yes, I want to get the print issue of Portada if appropriate) 4 times a year Publisher (Newspaper, Magazine, Website) > I would like to subscribe to the following Advertising Agency Corporation targeted Portada E-letters Direct Marketer Editor Researcher HTML Text Content Provider Public Relations Professional Service Provider BreakingNewsBulletin (as news happen, Other less than 25 a year) 2] What are the annual sales of your company? U.S. Hispanics Advertising and Media $0-0.5 million News (weekly) 0.5-1 million 1-5 million 5-10 million Best Practices: Marketing to US Hispanics 10+ million (twice a month) 4] Which of the following Products/Services do you take part in making the decision to buy? Latin American Advertising and Media News (weekly) Advertising/Media buying/planning (U.S. Hispanic) Advertising/Media buying/planning (Latin America) Content/Newswire Other Editorial Content In English En Español PR Services Research Trade show attendance Best Practices: Marketing to Latin No, I dont take part in decision making to buy products/services Americans (twice a month) Please send me information about advertising opportunities in Portada 5] Advertising in Portada In English En Español Please send me information about advertising opportunities I am not interested in advertising in Portada Content Targeting Spanish-speaking Audiences (monthly) In English En Español Please fill out the following information and answer the questions on the right to qualify for the Portada subscription(s) you requested above. 4 EASY WAYS TO BECOME A PORTADA First Name SUBSCRIBER TODAY! Last Name 1. Make a copy of this filled out page and fax it to: 212 685 44 50 Company / Organization 2. Fill out his form and mail it to: Address Portada 315 Fifth Avenue, Ste. 702 City Zip code NY, NY 10016 State Country 3. Call us at 1-800-397-5322 and a sales representative will register your selections for you. Phone number 4. Online at e-mail