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Comeniusfinalstory spa


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Four finals for the same story

Published in: Education, Technology
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Comeniusfinalstory spa

  1. 1. WELCOME STORY FEBRUARY, 2014 Welcome
  2. 2. “Welcome story” is a Comenius product as a result of cooperation of four countries taking part in a common project, titled “Quality of life”. All schools received a scenario that was written by a Spanish partner. Pupils in teams completed and gave an ending to the story. They also created the drawings for the fairy tale. Everything was scanned in order to create a digital fairy tale. The Comenius project “Quality of life” is funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union
  3. 3. General introduction Once upon a time there was a girl who came for first time to a school, to a classroom, in any town. There she found a lot of other children. She had brown skin and curly hair and barely knew that language that all were speaking so fast, this caused her a little fear. Although she was intelligent she never dared to raise a hand or to participate. She thought that all the others were going to outwit her and would laugh at her. At those occasions she felt as small as flowers like the ones that grow up at the top of the mountains. She lived in a house, in the neighborhood of a place called suburbs. She lived there with her dad, her mum and her little brother of early age. All of them spoke in a musical language
  4. 4. that during listening tickled the ears. This language was very different from the one of the country they had just arrived: they didn't know what people were saying on TV, or what was in newspapers, even they could not read the notes sent from the school or the posters found in the street. At the playtime the girl was always alone while several groups of other children were playing around her. She often reminded her native country and the friends she had left there. Then her eyes filled with the image of rivers and lakes that run through her native lands and she wanted to start to run and jump very high and fly in order to return there again …. to be continued THE ENDING WRITTEN BY SPANISH STUDENTS
  5. 5. In her closed hand she always carried a charm that her grandfather had given her some time ago. He told her when she was a little younger: ‘While carrying this charm with you nothing bad never will happen to you’ The charm also had ....might The charm had a special magic gift: “if she shared it with true love, she would be able to travel to her beautiful village, and see the rivers, the lakes, see her grandfather, her friends, and introduce them to the new schoolmates. One day, while she was in the school playground, a very curious and kind girl realized Lulac was there and asked her: - What are you doing? - Nothing - Do you want to play clapping?
  6. 6. - Sorry? I can´t understand you. Can you speak more slowly please? - Would- you- like- to- play- with- us? - Yyyyyy….. - We- will- teach- you - Yes - Ok, come on, move, make place for Lulac, she is playing too, but remember we have to speak slowly, otherwise she will not understand. - Ok, come on, let´s go! They kept playing during several days during the school recess. Some days later Lulac even participated in class, raising her hand when the teacher asked the students.
  7. 7. When she told her parents and her little brother how happy she was at her new school, this made them very happy. One day, she invited her school friends home to meet her family and have a tea party. Lulac was so happy that she decided to show her friends her magic charm. They made a circle round her to see it and Lulac shared it with them. They held their hands and magically flew together to a sunny country, to a village at the foot of the mountain with an enormous river. His grandfather was sitting on a bench near the river, working with his hammer and her first friends were sitting on the floor playing claps and laughing.
  8. 8. It seemed the granddad had felt they were there and said out loud: - Be happy kids! And Lulac and her first and new friends all together said out loud: - Yes, granddad! They held their hands together again and suddenly appeared in the school playground. ………………. put the different parts of the charm together, she put it away in her pocket and they all ran to class, the music was already playing. The end
  9. 9. THE ENDING WRITTEN BY POLISH STUDENTS …. In her closed hand she always carried a charm that her grandfather had given her some time ago. He told her when she was a little younger: ‘While carrying this charm with you nothing bad never will happen to you’ The charm also had ....might One day, as the girl was at school, as always sitting alone during the long break, she heard something rather unexpected.
  10. 10. She heard someone speaking her native language. At first, she couldn’t believe it, but as she started to look around, she noticed one of her classmates talking with her parents. It was a pretty blonde-haired girl named Clarissa. The girl made several steps towards them and realized she was right. Clarissa really spoke her language. The girl was amazed. She couldn’t wait to tell her mum about it. After coming back home, the girl immediately told her mum about what had happened at school. Mum seemed a bit concerned, but in the end smiled brightly. She encouraged the girl to try to talk to Clarissa next day at school. Mum’s encouragement made the girl really eager to go to school. She went to bed full of hope and joy. She finally could make a friend in this strange new place. The next day at school, however, turned out a lot more difficult than she had expected. As soon as she spotted Clarissa,
  11. 11. the girl noticed how popular the blondie was among other kids. Clarissa was hanging out with a huge group of children, noisy and very energetic. The girl was too shy for such a big group. She didn’t dare to approach them, not to mention to ask Clarissa about the language. She felt a little heart-broken and, after lessons, made her usual lone walk back home. Out of a sudden, she heard some girl screaming on the other side of the street she was walking along. She turned around to see Clarissa and to older boys struggling with Clarissa’s school bag. It seemed the boys wanted to take the bag from Clarissa. They were laughing and poor blonde girl was almost crying. At that time, the girl’s charm, which she always had” in her pocket, started getting warmer. She took it out of the pocket only
  12. 12. to see it glowing with amazing bright light. The girl heard something amazing – it was her grandfather’s voice. She was sure it was him. The voice told her: „Darling you have to help that girl. Don’t be afraid. You’ll be fine. And later, you’ll also be very happy. Go!”. With a sudden shot of confidence and a glowing charm in her hand, the girl rushed towards Clarissa and the boys. She yelled at the boys and spoke to them in their language with a grown man’s voice: „You bullies! Leave her alone! Go away!” Both boys were terrified and immediately ran away. Clarissa stood in disbelief, staring at the girl and her charm. After several seconds, she smiled at the girl and thanked her help. The girl seemed confused, as she didn’t understand Clarissa. Clarissa noticed that and, after taking a look at her skin and hair, switched into the girl’s native language. The girls finally introduced themselves to each other. „Dana”, said the brown-skinned girl. „Clarissa”, replied the blondie. The girls shared their way back home. After the incident with bullies, Dana and Clarissa became best
  13. 13. of friends. They studied and played together. Clarissa was teaching Dana new language and practiced Dana’s native language, which, as it turned out, she knows from her dad’s previous job abroad. They became inseparable. One evening, as Dana was falling asleep in her bed, her beautiful charm started to glow again. Once again she heard her grandfather’s voice „I’ve told you my dear, you’ll be very, very happy.” Dana smiled and slowly closed her eyes. The end THE ENDING WRITTEN BY GREEK STUDENTS
  14. 14. In her closed hand she always carried a charm that her grandfather had given her some time ago. He told her when she was a little younger: ‘While carrying this charm with you nothing bad never will happen to you’ The charm also had ....might She remembered the first day at her new school. Her teacher, Miss Nicole announced that there was a newcomer in class and suggested that they introduce themselves. All the pupils did so in turns. When it was the girl’s turn to present herself to the others, she looked hesitantly at them and then humming and hawing she said ‘Goulain ‘. The sound of her name seemed so funny to some pupils that they burst into laughter and Goulain immediately blushed. Miss Nicole instantly remarked that it is not right to make fun of others’. It is time for our break now, so make sure that you all play together, will you?’ added the young teacher. Indeed all the children asked Goulain to play with them. They joyfully rushed to the school yard to play a traditional game of their country. They formed two teams. As Goulain could not speak their language and only knew a few words, she could not understand what her team mates were saying and her team lost. ‘Why on Earth did we ask her to join us?’ said Christine. ‘Without her, we would have definitely won’ added Andrew and everybody else agreed with him.
  15. 15. Even though Goulain could not understand much, she felt that everybody blamed her for the team’s defeat. Away from the other children, she burst into tears wondering why they were all angry at her since it wasn’t her fault she could not understand what they were saying. ‘They are acting as if I wanted our team to lose. I wish I could be a bird and fly back to my village to see my dear friends. I miss them so much and most of all I miss my Grandpa!! The only thing I have that reminds me of him is my lucky charm. ‘He promised me that it could protect me but what good is it to me now?’ She took it out of her pocket and held it into her little hands almost begging for some kind of help. All of a sudden, something strange and unexpected happened. She was in her village!! Her friends, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time, were playing barefoot right in front of her eyes. A few steps away, just outside her hut, her aunt Canberra and her friends were making baskets out of stubbles. She could also see her Grandpa approaching from a distance. Goulain started waving at him and ran to him as fast as she could, to hug him. At the same time, she heard a school bell ring. She saw her old classmates and her teacher, Mrs Baya, in the school yard where she had spent some of the best moments in her life.
  16. 16. Then she heard the familiar sound of village drums proudly announcing the beginning of the village feast. Everybody she knew gathered in the village square. The next moment she could hear herself singing a very familiar song along with everyone else. At the same time, she felt somebody’s hand gently touching her on the shoulder. She opened her eyes and saw her new teacher Miss Nicole and realized that all this time she was in the school yard. Her teacher asked her why she was standing there all alone and what this wonderful song was. Goulain used some words she new in Greek to explain that it was a song her Grandpa had taught her to sing. Her eyes were still full of tears when she sang the song again, but this time for her teacher. All this time she was secretly touching her charm, and she felt the power it gave her. The next thing she saw was her new classmates gathering around her, listening to her wonderful voice. In the end, everybody clapped enthusiastically and it was at that moment that Goulain felt she belonged. The following morning Miss Nicole asked to meet Goulain’s parents because ‘she had some very important things to discuss with them’. After realizing that they were less capable of communicating in the new language than their
  17. 17. daughter, Miss Nicole offered to teach them the language herself. And so she did. Every afternoon she visited Goulain’s family for a new lesson. A few months later Goulain’s class decided to take part in a singing contest. The prize for the winner was a generous amount of money. Everyone voted for Goulain to be their main singer of their choir, and they started rehearsing after school. They did really well and each time they listened to Goulain’s voice spellbound. The day of the competition came so fast and before they knew it, the children were on stage, ready to perform. They had felt really anxious, but now they were trying to find some courage in Goulain’s confident face. All of a sudden, this shy girl from a country not even heard of before, had been transformed into their leader that guided and inspired them. Her voice sounded like angels singing to their ears. What followed their performance was beyond the children’s expectation. Everyone at the audience stood up and applauded. As expected, their school came first and won the prize.
  18. 18. Goulain felt so happy and so grateful to her Grandpa for giving her that charm, which she had kept with her the whole time. She was really happy and proud of herself and her friends. They were her friends now and from then on she never felt alone again. After a few days, while they were playing in the school yard her new best friend, Sophia, suggested they played ‘Blindfold’. Goulain closed her eyes and put a scarf to cover them. She could hear their carefree laughter but she didn’t manage to catch anyone. Finally, she touched somebody and that meant the end of the game. When Goulain took the scarf off her face, she just stood there speechless for a few moments in surprise. Right in front of her eyes was her Grandpa with his arms wide open for her. ‘Happy birthday Goulain’ said her Grandpa in their language. Then she heard her friends joyfully wishing her ‘Happy Birthday’. She had almost forgotten it was her birthday. ‘If it hadn’t been for your friends, I wouldn’t have come. They offered all the prize money you won to buy me the ticket. The charm has helped you so far, but the best thing in life, is to believe in yourself and to have friends you can rely on. Now you have both’. From that day on, Goulain and her friends did everything together. Goulain showed them games
  19. 19. she used to play in her little village and taught them words in her own language and songs she knew. With her mother’s help she even cooked those strange recipes that proved to be really tasty. She felt so strong and never had to worry about anything. Her friends were always there for her. THE END THE ENDING WRITTEN BY CYPRIOT STUDENTS
  20. 20. PICTURES PREPARED BY STUDENTS In her closed hand she always carried a charm that her grandfather had given her some time ago. He told
  21. 21. her when she was a little younger: “While carrying this charm with you nothing bad never will happen to you…” The charm also had a gift, a might… One day, while she was sitting in a corner feeling sad, a girl approached her. The girl was talking to her but she couldn’t understand a word of what she was saying. Suddenly, as she was trying to work out her classmate’s words, her grandfather’s charm fell on the floor and opened up.
  22. 22. She was surprised, when she realised that she could now understand the words of the girl that was standing next to her. “Come to play with us!”, said the little girl, giving her hand. Then, she realised that the charm gave her the power to understand what the others were saying. Or was it that now she finally knew that her classmates were trying to show their love to her? At the end, she knew that the charm’s power was LOVE. With her classmates’ love everything seemed so easy and our little friend managed to live happily in that new country for many years and all these moments turned out to be sweet memories! The end