Keep Your SME Safe Online


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On 22nd February 2013, Claire Taylor from the Scottish Business Crime Centre came along to the East Lothian Coffee Morning networking group to share best practice for keeping your business, staff and customers safe from online fraud.

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Keep Your SME Safe Online

  1. 1. Your Business is safer in our Scotland
  2. 2. Practical advice forkeeping You, YourEmployees andyour Business safeon the internet
  3. 3. Research WorkBrowsing Everything!!Shopping BankingSocialising
  4. 4. Secure your router or HUB Stop sensitive data being accessedPrevent access to your bandwidth and data allowance being used Stop inappropriate material being downloads.
  5. 5. Public WIFIDo not send personal informationUse commercial hotspot providers Use a Virtual Private NetworkEnsure you have effective antivirus
  6. 6. Email Identity Theft attachmentsSpyware, worms, trojans, adware Consequences Fraud and malwareUSB connected Corruption of devices data
  7. 7. SPYWAREType of virus which is designed to steal information about computer activity Takes screen shots False advertisements Copying bank details
  8. 8. PHISHINGFraudulent emails used to gain personal information and to open new accountsEmails arrive claiming to be from your bank credit card company etc Can be identified by their poor quality
  9. 9. Requests for personal Use of real information information and passwords Use the name of Spot a Bad spellingwell known Scam and Grammarcompanies Threats that Generic require greetings action
  10. 10. Actions Ensure you have anti virus and it is up to date Use secure WIFI and websites Do not open or click on any links and delete emails. Do not provide account details.If you think you have responded to a scam, change passwords, PIN numbers and contact the bank
  11. 11. 52% mobile phones are smartphones 47.8 million 22.9 million iphones sold ipads sold in in last 4last 4 months months of of 2012 2012 28% of internet usage is from smartphones
  12. 12. Spot the difference?
  13. 13. Use a secure connection Use strong passwordsLook out for shoulder surfers Report unusual activity Never disclose passwords
  14. 14. Search and use reputable companiesUse Paypal when paying an individual Ensure third party payment sites are secure
  15. 15. Only provide information that you Choose a name that does not reveal feel comfortable with personal informationChoose public places if you choose to Choose a site that will keep you meet anonymous Do not post personal information
  16. 16. Profiles should be private Learn how to use the site privatelyDo not reveal personal information Do not talk about future plans
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Questions?