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  1. 1. Common work related vocabulary agence d’emploi employment agency ancien élève alumnus/alumni (pl) apprenti apprentice avantages (en nature) perks, fringe benefits autodidacte self-taught, autodidact bénévolat voluntary work Petit boulot odd job bureau des élèves (BDE) student council, student union Bourse d’étude scholarship bureau de stage placement service cadre executive candidat (job) applicant candidat (lors de l’entretien) interviewee candidature (job) application candidature spontanée unsolicited/ speculative application, CDD fixed-term contract CDI permanent contract charge de travail workload chasseur de tête head hunter chercher un emploi to seek, look for a job chercheur d’emploi job seeker collègue colleague, co-worker comité d’entreprise works council (UK) concours competitive exam cours particulier private teaching/tutoring (US)
  2. 2. private tuition (UK) date limite deadline, due date démissionner, to resign, quit, stand down diplômé (n.) graduate dossier de candidature application form double diplôme dual diploma embaucher hire, take on, employ emploi de jeune diplômé entry level position entretien interview étudiant (en première année) first year student fonctions duties, tasks Faire desheures supplémentaires to do overtime indemnités de licenciement severance package (US) redundancy pay (UK) intérim temporary work, temping (UK) intérimaire temporary worker, temp (UK) licencier to lay off, to make redundant licenciement layoff (US), redundancy (UK) mémoire master’s thesis (US) dissertation (UK), mention honours (UK), honors (US) métier occupation, profession moyenne grade point average (GPA) (US) permis de conduire driver’s license (US) driving licence (UK) personnel personnel, staff
  3. 3. petite annonce job ad, job offer plan de carrière career plan/path plein temps full time PME SME small and medium sized enterprise points fort/faibles strong/weak points strengths and weaknesses poser sa candidature to apply for a job poste job position poste vacant job vacancy, situations vacant (UK) programme d’échange exchange program recherche d’emploi job search/job hunt rendez-vous appointment relevé de notes grade transcript (US) marks (UK) résponsable de responsible for (something), responsible to (someone) salaire salary salarié salaried worker, employee salon job fair (fair, show, expo) milk round (colloquial) séjour linguistique language course, residential English course service (en entreprise) department situation familiale marital status stage internship (US), training period (UK) stage à l’étranger internship abroad stagiaire intern (US), trainee (UK) syndicat (trade) union
  4. 4. stage de formation seminar/training session thèse de doctorat doctoral dissertation/thesis probation period, trial period savvy, proficient acumen, knowledge adept, skilful,competent self-starter, initiative-taker autonomous, independent thorough, rigorous dutiful, respectful reliable, trustworthy good interpersonal skills, committed, devoted, dedicated relevant, pertinent to showcase, put at an advantage embody, epitomise emulate, copy ethos, philosophy, values enhance, improve waffle, speak in a vague manner celebrity endorsement marketable, commercial household name, well known, renowned fulfil, meet, satisfy someone’s expectations
  5. 5. What makes him tick? motivate, drive stand out, be distinctive, expertise, know-how troubleshooting, solving problems IT bug, glitch mandatory, obligatory, compulsory assign, attribute a project to someone handle, deal with, take care of canvass, prospect clients assess, evaluate undertake, carry out, perform labour, workforce, manpower a good fit/match manage, run, lead a team or company assignment, mission intuitive/user-friendly software to see a project through, complete, fulfil overheads, running costs time-consuming, lengthy pitfall, danger a team-player outgoing, sociable
  6. 6. hands-on / practical experience to learn on the field an insight, glimpse, enlightenment persevering, diligent, tenacious edge, competitive advantage English materials by Veronica Gilhooly © Learnwell Oy Human resources Articles taken from The Recruiter magazine