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How to avoid getting caught buying albion online silver in 2016


Published on is the fore most choice for game lovers.They have recently launched Albion Online Gold.The Gold are available at a low price.

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How to avoid getting caught buying albion online silver in 2016

  1. 1. How To Avoid Getting Caught Buying Albion Online Silver In 2016 How to avoid getting caught buying Albion Online Silver in 2016 ? In the past years since started the business of buying and selling Albion Gold online,it’s frequently asked by players who plan to buy Gold for the first time. To be honest, the chance of account banned is very low, but some players’ Gold is indeed taken away by Sandbox Interactive GmbH if they don’t pay attention to details during transaction. Account termination is absolutely avoidable. What’s the Most Possible Result of Getting Caught for Buying Albion Online Silver? Usually, Sandbox Interactive GmbH will take away the Gold and suspend your account for 72 hours. In fact Sandbox Interactive GmbH seldom ban players’ account if the Albion Online Silver is legally farmed by Albion Online Silver farmers. Besides, the number of Albion Online subscriptions keeps dropping, it makes Sandbox Interactive GmbH cherish their players more than usual. Albion Online Gold they purchased is obtained illegally by macros, bots, unauthorized third party plugins or stolen from compromised accounts. Buyers were reported by players, such as their guildies, teammates or who happened to know it. They purchased too much Gold at one time and their Gold sellers didn’t take any protection measures for them, the transaction activated Sandbox InteractiveGmbH Gold tradetracking system, GM intervened. Since New Year 2016 is coming, how to avoid getting caught buying Albion Online Gold in 2016 ? as the representative of most professional Gold buying website,will share with you a few tips to avoid getting banned buying Gold Albion Online 2016. Tip 1. Pay attention to Silver price. If Gold price on the website is much lower than average market price, you should be careful, the Silver might be hacked Silver, buying it will cause your account banned. Tip 2. Choose a safer delivery method. Auction house delivery is the safest delivery method, if you plan to buy large amount of Silver at one time, it’s your first choice, Sandbox Interactive GmbH seldom digs transaction via auction. Tip 3. Make a Gold purchasing plan and try to avoid buy too much Gold at one time. Big currency
  2. 2. flow is more likely to draw Sandbox InteractiveGmbH attentionand gets your account in danger. Tip 4. The last and most important tip is to choose a reliable trustworthy site for Albion Gold buying. If you are stuck on choosing a site to buy safe Albion Gold, come to , safe delivery,cheap price, legit gold full stock is always available for you at .