London Teenage Coder Riot


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We taught apprentices from the Livity Advantage program (in partnership with Google) how to code in a day with the help of Decoded and then how to make interactive platforms that ride the wave of trending news aka newsjacking with Jon's help.

A project proposed by Newsjacking author and blogger Jon Burkhart and Steve Henry from (Brilliant "Learn to code in a day" company) and delivered by Jon and Alex Goat from youth engagement specialists Livity at SXSW 2013.

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  • JB
  • JBJON’S STORY- And the riot had some quite astounding results.
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  • WITH SEMINAL MOMENTS IN CULTURE – A TIPPING POINTBUT as with seminal moments in culture, they are often a tipping point. What about the concept of a riot as a force for engagement – now that is much more interesting.
  • YOUTH FEEL THEY HAVE LITTLE ABILITY TO INFLUENCE THE WORLDMORE THAN ANY GENERATION HAVE THE TOOLS TO MOBILSE ON EMASSIndividually teens feel disempowered, they have little ability to influence the world around them, no spending power and often no decision making control over their own destiny. However, more than any generation before them they have the tools to mobilise en masse – either online or in the real world in ways that do have satisfyingly immediate effects – whether it’s demonstrating against tuition fees, rioting, petitioning, getting a topic trending, getting a song to number one or just having a huge spontaneous party – they know it and they like the feeling.
  • USE OF BBM WAS NEWS TO POLICE AND BRAND – FREE, UNTRACEABLEENABLED THAT MASS MOBILISATIONBBM– 37% of british teens at the time. One off untraceable messages. Freee, instant and part of a much bigger community. Brand to learn fromThose who used it to less fortunate ends – posting pics of looting on twitter which led to multiple arrests. Not quite so smart!Using BlackBerry handsets – the smartphone of choice for the majority (37%) of British teens, according to last week's Ofcom study – BBM allows users to send one-to-many messages to their network of contacts, who are connected by "BBM PINs". For many teens armed with a BlackBerry, BBM has replaced text messaging because it is free, instant and more part of a much larger community than regular SMS.And unlike Twitter or Facebook, many BBM messages are untraceable by the authorities (which is why, in large part, BBM is so favoured by Emirati teens to spread illicit gossip about officialdom).
  • KICKSTARTED THE NATIONAL/ GLOBAL DEBATE ON OUR POLITICAL/ SOCIAL FAILINGS TOWARDS YOUNG PEOPLEForthose of us viewing the riots from outside (or even across the street) the press coverage and discussion post-riots led strongly on what the Conservative government was doing to systematically fail those young people – from youth club closures to cutting EMA grants.Repurcutions still being felt.
  • REMINDED US MASSIVE DESIRE TO PARTICIPATE. NEED FOR SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE OVERRIDES EVEN THE MOST POWERFUL PREVIOUSLY HELD BELIEFSHARLEM SHAKEAndreminded us of young people’s massive desire to participate – be part of ‘something’. At this time The need for social acceptance will override even the most powerful previously held beliefs. Largest harlem shake I europe – UCL londonConversely anything that threatens to break or weaken social bonds or lower status, such as losing face, embarrassment, breaking unwritten social codes or sexual rejection are equally powerful motivators.
  • AUSTIN BY WAS OF BRIXON – ACCUTELY AFFECTED BY RIOTSSEE A DIFFERENT SIDE- WORK FOR LIVITY – SHARE MY SPACE WITH YOUNG PEOPLE CREATING CONTENT, MAGAZINES, YOUTUBE CHANNELS – LEARNING AND CREATING FOR BRANDS, THEMSELVES EACH OTHERI come to Austin by way of Brixton - South London.It was also (somewhat coincidentally) a London borough affected quite accutely by the London 2011 riots.However, I see a very different sides to the young people there. Through the youth engagement and marketing agency I work for, I share my space with dozens (if not hundreds) of talented, brilliant, ambitious and passionate young people to make content, publish magazines, run YouTube channels, promote XXX. but those young people who, for the most part are those that traditional networks, organisations and institutions may choose to ignore, or at worst, systematically fail.
  • GETTING UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL – YOUNG PEOPLE ALL WALKS OF LIFE INCLUDING SOMEONE FROM THE ‘LONDON SCUM’ IMAGE JON SHOWED EARLIERAndas for getting up REAL TIME close and personal to the young people we’ve portayed here, have worked on projects which include short films created by young offenders (actually in prisons) with the help of BAFTA and getting final cut pro + laptops into prisons for the first time ever.London scum steal
  • JB
  • JB
  • Youth engagement specialist Passionate about
  • EXPERIMENT – FOR SXSWGOT TOGETHER A MARKETERS, PROGRAMMERS AND YOUTH ENGAGEMENT – ALONG WITH A GROUP OF YOUNG PEOPLE FOR A WEEKEND TO TRY AND SOLVE TWO SPECIFIC PROBLEMS That’s us and why we’re here on this stage.Now onto an experiement that we come together for and undertook specially for SXSW. We got opportunity poor young people together for a weekend with marketing experts.Intro to coding and newkacking
  • 22% UK 23% US, 50% SPAINNEET IN DANGER OF WASTING ONE OF OUR MOST PRECIOUS NATURAL RESOURCES We are at risk of wasting one of our most precious resources1m in UK- that’s 22%We define those young people as NEET – crazy to define a group of people by what they are not. Damning if ever I heard it.Not alone – US is at 23%, Spain as high as 50%That’s 75m over the world.DAVOS have described this as not a crisis, but a disaster. We are sitting on an economic time bomb.40% of NEETS are depressed70% of NEETS feel undervalued/ talents not used.We systemise the failure by denying young people the opportunity and the right The business leaders at the World Economic Forum (WEF) know why it matters: Young people who were unemployed for a long time will earn less throughout their whole lives. They will be less employable. They won't have the skills that business needs. They are more likely to have long-term health problems. And it can cause social unrest.These are the young people bored in their bedrooms – creating curating sharing connecting These young people more networked and involved in brands70% of jobsare not advertised65% of all jobs are with recruitment agencies83% of 13 year olds wantto go to University40% of NEETS are depressed70% of NEETS feel undervalued/ talents not used.
  • JBAdd to that the problem we have as marketers – we know we need to be more agile, more brave, more responsive to news, more responsive to social media (transparency)
  • JB
  • JBTime to introduce two more partners Code in a day companyEvery experiment needs its hypotheses
  • WHICH AFFECTS AND IMPACTS A YOUNG PERSON’S ABILITY / DESIRE TO ENGAGEThat giving even the most ‘hard to reach’ young people opportunity will evoke response and engagement.
  • WE’RE KEEN TO PASS ON OUR WISDOM – SXSW OR MENTORBUT WHAT CAN WE (CODERS, MARKETERS) LEARN / WHAT INSIGHT GAINED FROM WORKING TOGETHERManyof us are keen to pass on the wisdom of our experience and points of view, whether that’s through to come out to somewhere like sx, or to mentor people within our organisation / industry.We may think that even if we don’t know it all, we know a hell of a lot, but actually can we learn as much ‘new information and insight’ from young people as we hope that they can learn from us.
  • Jon
  • JB
  • These 6 volunteered for this experiment having just completed an 8 week course designed by the agency I work for, Livity and in partnership with google.For the Advantage programme we worked with over 200 London based youth organisations to recruit 15 digital natives with passion and ambition – but also with a specific level of ‘disadvantage; - for example housing issues, teenage parents, young offenders or those with history of mental health issues. All of for whom higher education (like college) would never be an option, and for all this would be a potentially life changing opporunity.They spend 8 weeks with us and with Google acting live marketing department – learning all the key Google Toolboxes and pitching real briefs, as well as learning basic confidence and employablity skills like how to write an email and how to present yourself.
  • LEVI - FROM A PRETTY PART OF LONDON AND REALISED THAT TRADITIONAL WOULDN’T ENABLE TO FIND HIS PASSIONLEVIGained A-levels in English, History and Government & Politics, before gaining a Certificate of Higher Education in English Literature at the University of Westminster. I made the decision to leave the course to pursue an occupation in digital marketing where I feel I can gain an interesting career and work on something that can have a positive impact on the world. This course has given me the opportunity to learn not just key digital marketing strategies and insights but the importance of client interaction, flexibility and being able to adapt to the changes that real briefs often undertake. I aspire to work within digital marketing for a respected brand where I can continue to learn and grow as a marketer, and eventually use the skills I have gathered to work on projects that can really make a difference
  • SHARIF – MIGRATED FROM BANGLADESH AT THE AGE OF 14SHARIF I’m an enthusiastic, hard working and above all curious person - interested in everything from how the €2 coin is made to the wonders of outer space.
  • THEO – SHY AND SENSITIVE, WORKING IN MACDONALDSTHEO marketing role within a marketing/advertising agency. I would eventually like to delve into web design which is why I am currently doing some coding i.ejquery,html,javascript,python to better understand the back-end of a website so I can better judge what can and can’t be achieved with future projects I might have in a role of web designer.After a mid-long influential career within an organization, I would like to go freelance and run my own digital communications and web design company. I am interested in the digital world really but even more so now that I have a clearer understanding of how it works, and spend time reading up on different subject books from “The deviant’s advantage” to “The Tanning of America“. Also very interested in playing Football
  • ABI STARTED UNIVERSITY BUT FOR VARIOUS HEALTH ISSUES HAD TO LEAVE AND WAS WORRIED SHE’D NEVER FIND THE CONFIDENCE TO GO BACK INTO SOCIETY AGAINGained 3 A Levels in French, Music, and Spanish before earning a Certificate of Higher Education in French from the University of Exeter. I made the tough decision to leave the course for health reasons.
  • Coding in a day in 2 slides
  • JB
  • JB
  • JB
  • JBSome developed on the daySome with the help of Smile Machine
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  • That’s us and why we’re here on this stage.Now onto an experiement that we come together for and undertook specially for SXSW. We got opportunity poor young people together for a weekend with marketing experts.Intro to coding and newkacking
  • WHEN YOUNG PEOPLE ARE GIVEN THE CHANCE THEY WILL SUCCESS,BUT IT’S OUR RESPSOBILITY TO CREATE THOSE CONDITIONS = INVITATION, SAFE PLACE. CODING IS HARD – MATH AND PROBLEM SOLVING – WHICH IS SOMETIMES BARRIERS WE COME ACROSS.SASHA LAUNDY – ‘WELL ACTUALLY’Itwill come as no surprise (hopefully) – but when young people are invited to engage, and made to feel safe and comfortable they will almost inevitably take We need to take responsibility for creating the best possible conditions for success. That means an INVITATION to paticipate, a safe place to try (and possibly fail) and the knowledge that we’re not going to take the piss out of them…ALSO be aware that coding is hard – need problem solving skillls, math etc but it is an opp to develop meta level thinkingInteresting – Sasha Laundy at How to Code (Code Academy) said at Hacker School they’ve banned the phrase, ‘Well actually” and that’s an interesting lesson for us – not to tell kids around coding or whatever what is not possible.
  • OSCARS – NOT INTERESTEDMARKETERS ARE BUSY, WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY THINK OF OUR LASTEST PHONE/ TRAINER AND OUR COMPETITION. NEED TO BE MORE ETHNOGRAPHIC IN WHAT IS GOING ON THEIR LIVESOscars – not as interestedSooften as marketers, we’re busy. So when we want to get a new smartphone, pair of trainers (sneakers) or pizza into a young person’s hands we are desparate to find out what they think of our product and our competitors.But we found
  • JB
  • Jaded and cynical
  • For an audience that’s so concerned with feeling like they belong
  • WHEN GIVEN THE RIGHT TOOLS SUPPORT AND TIME OUR YOUNG PEOPLE CAN DO GREAT THINGS. MOVE OUR 1M DIAL. MOVE FROM NEET TO EET.SELF INTERESTEDLY – WE CAN BENEFIT EXPONENTIALLY TOOWhen given the tools, support and time, our young people can do great, great things. We can start to move the dial of our 1m. We can move them from NEET to EET. From social cost to social capital.And bringing that back down to the self interest of those of us in this room, we can benefit exponentially from a marketing point of view.
  • But of course it’s not just us looking at this problem as an opportunity. There are dozens of organisations from Tech City in the UK (Hackney House here) through to Google who are beginning to act on this – both in terms of opportunity and obligation.We wanted to share just a few examples of projects (more and more sprining up every day) that are using
  • LAST WEEKED – 2 DAY HACK DAY WITH YOUNG REWIRED STATEWHERE YOUNG WOMEN BUILD WEB APPS TO EXPLORE ISSUES FACING YOUNG PEOPLE TODAYAGAt this year’s WOW, we will host a live 2-day coding event in partnership with Rewired State and Young Rewired State. At WOW Hack Day, talented young people will build web and mobile applications to explore issues facing women today. A higher proportion of participants than usual will be female in a vital move towards encouraging more women to code. On Sunday, as WOW Hack day draws to a close, a selection of the ‘hacks’ or prototypes will face a vote, with awards given to the best ideas and creations tackling some of the main WOW themes. Drop in from 3pm to see the results of 30 hours of continuous coding! More information
  • AG
  • London Teenage Coder Riot

    1. 1. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat LONDON TEENAGE CODER RIOT #coderiot
    2. 2. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    3. 3. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat ri·ot [rahy-uht] 1. a violent or wild disorder or confusion.
    4. 4. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat Damage to safety and property
    5. 5. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat Damage to image and reputation
    6. 6. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    7. 7. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat Damage to brands
    8. 8. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat ri·ot [rahy-uht] 3. a disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons acting together in a disrupting manner. 4. a bright or brilliant display: a riot of color.
    9. 9. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat Youth expression of dissatisfaction with the present
    10. 10. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat Use of social and mobile at speed
    11. 11. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat Spotlight on political failings
    12. 12. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat Massive desire to participate
    13. 13. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    14. 14. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    15. 15. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    16. 16. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    17. 17. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    18. 18. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    19. 19. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    20. 20. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    21. 21. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    22. 22. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    23. 23. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat THE #coderiot EXPERIMENT
    24. 24. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat Problem 1 Youth unemployment in the UK tops one million in 2013
    25. 25. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat PROBLEM 2 The people we’re targeting with our marketing are bored and have moved on by the time our message reaches them.
    26. 26. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat NEWSJACKING YOUTH ENGAGEMENT?
    27. 27. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    28. 28. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat It’s circumstance not character which affects ability to engage. Hypothesis 1
    29. 29. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat We can learn as much from young people as (we hope) they can from us Hypothesis 2
    30. 30. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat Cultural immediacy is a catalyst for engagement Hypothesis 3
    31. 31. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat Coding with real-time application will be effective. Hypothesis 4
    32. 32. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat • Intro the young people PICS
    33. 33. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    34. 34. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    35. 35. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    36. 36. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    37. 37. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    38. 38. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat • Intro the young people PICS
    39. 39. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    40. 40. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    41. 41. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    42. 42. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    43. 43. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    44. 44. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat GPS Based apps #IfWengerHadOneJob #GetMetoJayZ #boredattheoscars #WhatHappenedLastNight #CultureMeUp
    45. 45. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    46. 46. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    47. 47. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    48. 48. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    49. 49. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    50. 50. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    51. 51. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat THE #coderiot EXPERIMENT
    52. 52. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat SO WHAT (have we learnt)?
    53. 53. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat 1. We need to create the conditions for success
    54. 54. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat 2. It’s what they want to talk about (not what you want to know about them)
    55. 55. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat 3. Brands have the power to supercharge our digital natives with knowledge
    56. 56. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat 4. The value of the insight- experience exchange
    57. 57. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat 5. The power of millennial mentors
    58. 58. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat 6. Fresh approaches to problem solving drives real innovation
    59. 59. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat 7. Being relevant and real-time is the ONLY catalyst for engagement
    60. 60. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat Experimental creativity FEARLESSFLEXIBLE FAST
    61. 61. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat • Intro the young people PICS SMILEY FACES
    62. 62. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT
    63. 63. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    64. 64. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat EMPLOYERS
    65. 65. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat “Creative disruption where students can learn at their own pace…is on the verge of completely revolutionising education” - Al Gore #sxsw 2013
    66. 66. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    67. 67. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    68. 68. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    69. 69. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat
    70. 70. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat #KittenCamp World Tour New York, #KittenCamp on the 20th March Chicago, Baby Kitten Camps in ad agencies 25-29 March San Francisco, #KittenCamp on the 3rd April
    71. 71. @jonburkhart #coderiot @alexgoat