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Codes and conventions style3


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A presentation explaining the basics of codes and conventions:Style

Published in: Education
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Codes and conventions style3

  1. 1. Codes and Conventions
  2. 2.  To understand the importance of codes and conventions
  3. 3.  Codes and conventions are a set of rules that many forms of media follow, these rules govern how a form of media is filmed and written.  The audience has come to expect this in media that targets them, an example of this are films, which use codes and conventions to dictate the creation of the film, as well as effectively advertise towards an audience.  Corporate videos follow these conventions as well.
  4. 4.  All corporate videos will follow similar patterns when trying to convince different audiences of their services, products or brand, you must pay attention to the following :  Mode of address- Formal or Informal?  Setting-Internal or External? Is it a social atmosphere?  Editing- Is the pace of the editing slow or fast ?What transitions do they use?  Camera- What camera angles are used?What shot types are used?  Sound- Is the sound Diegetic or non-diegetic? Is the music upbeat, depressing ,inspiring or dramatic?
  5. 5. Pick out  4E2CD&index=2  o1fU&list=PL6D116B6031C4E2CD&index=4  ist=PL6D116B6031C4E2CD
  6. 6.  1)Why are codes and conventions important for the creation of a corporate video?  2)
  7. 7.  1) Codes and conventions are used to create a form of media specifically for the target audience.  2)