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7 simple ways promotional item will build your brand


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PapaChina is the best promotional products supplier of B2B.

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7 simple ways promotional item will build your brand

  1. 1. 7 simple ways of Promotional Tips will build your brand BY PAPACHINA
  2. 2. Basic Thing Your marketing mix is the combination of promotions, products, places (distribution channels), and prices you choose for products, services, and the overall business.
  3. 3. The 7 Ways Branding Activities  Industry Relationships  Giving  Research and Development  Reduced Price Sales  Group Discounts & Sales  Blended Marketing Strategies
  4. 4. Branding activities  High profile activities and general-purpose advertising contribute to your companys image by building familiarity and trust. This, in turn, can create customer loyalty.  Successful branding can have a large impact on market share, but is a gradual process so cannot always be definitively measured.
  5. 5. Industry Relationships Building healthy relationships with distributors and others involved in the industry puts you in a position to know about new opportunities and potential problems as they occur.
  6. 6. Giving Donating money, services, and time can build a positive image with customers and employees. Over time, this increases a companys trustworthiness. When they see you consistently giving something back to the community, they are more confident you will take the same care with them.
  7. 7. Research & Development A new product pipeline and research are short- term expenses, but represent future sales. Conduct research with customers (or potential target markets) and design products to meet their needs. This ensures future growth.
  8. 8. Reduced Price Sales Sales encourage customers to act. Holding a sale will give customers who have been "meaning to buy" an incentive to do so, resulting in a revenue boost. Frequent sales can erode profit over time as customers become "trained" to wait for a sale instead of buying at full price.
  9. 9. Group Discounts & Offers  This is a good way to introduce your products or services to a new set of customers, or give important groups a permanent discount.  Carefully evaluate long- term impact, however. Over time, the gain in sales may not offset the cost of continual price reductions.
  10. 10. Blended Marketing Strategies Together, long- and short-term marketing programs help achieve immediate sales goals while building business reputation and goodwill. Implement both and your business will prosper for years to come.
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