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Video beyond YouTube


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Video is outperforming other post types on Facebook, citizens are reporting issues by using video, and live streaming is becoming increasingly popular.

Video is now far more than simply making a film and putting it on YouTube.

These are my experiences of using video in 2014 and 2015.

Slides created for Commscamp 2015.

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Video beyond YouTube

  1. 1. Video, beyond YouTube. Albert Freeman, Bradford Council @albfreeman July, 2015
  2. 2. Video outperforms other Facebook posts
  3. 3. Bradford’s Victorian tunnels video Facebook YouTube Reached 53,968 20,506 views (+3 sec) 7,513 views (+30 sec) 1,037 likes 353 shares 3 likes 7 shares 1,475 views Shared once to 2,000 Tweeted twice to 9,000
  4. 4. Viral success on Facebook. Watch video: On Facebook On YouTube Bradford’s Victorian tunnels video
  5. 5. Add captions to both Facebook and YouTube videos. Captions automatically show in news feed on the Facebook app.
  6. 6. Use the videos tab on Facebook pages. Feature one video, put others in playlists.
  7. 7. Uses for Instagram video Spontaneous: Emergency building closure. Also shared to Facebook.
  8. 8. Uses for Instagram video Campaigns: Teaser for New Deal video, cut from full video. Call to action in description.
  9. 9. Uses for Vine Spontaneous: Dancing demolition diggers. Quickly shared on Twitter.
  10. 10. Uses for Vine Campaigns: Bin day reminders on app. Call to action in video and description.
  11. 11. 11 Citizens are reporting issues with geotagged video.
  12. 12. Periscope and Meerkat Quick and easy live streaming video
  13. 13. To stream or not to stream? Q&A and live chats Election results Events and festivals Meetings AccidentsEmergencies ’How to’ tutorials Possibly Possibly not
  14. 14. Further reading on my blog Facebook video, enjoy it while you can: facebook-video-enjoy-it-while-you-can/ Periscope and live streaming: periscope-and-live-streaming/
  15. 15. Albert Freeman @albfreeman