201409 TAMK Art, Music and Media 7th International Week International Networking


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Values, not money
Sharing instead of competing
Learning takes place in practice
The society is the place where we live:
Students work in the outside world

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201409 TAMK Art, Music and Media 7th International Week International Networking

  1. 1. (International) Networking International Week/Mediapolis Albert van der Kooij
  2. 2. Minerva Academy of Pop Culture • Hanze University of Applied Sciences (situated in Groningen) • Minerva Art Academy (situated in Groningen) • Academy of Pop Culture 250 students (situated in Leeuwarden)
  3. 3. The Academy of Pop Culture • Two bachelor degrees: Music & Design • One program/no curriculum • In 2014 one bachelor: bachelor of Popular Culture • Based on personal, professional and artistic development • Practice based • Everybody is different and has different things to learn • Always in the context of your environment and society • Share and play
  4. 4. Technology is Changing • Fast technological development • Internet • Knowledge based development • Innovation and complex matters (environment, food problem, energy, …) • More knowledge than we ever can learn • The consumer as producer
  5. 5. Art is Changing • How can arts contribute to society and business in a social economic way? • Artists are not supposed to act in de side line • Intercultural thinking and acting
  6. 6. Education is Changing • Interdisciplinarity as new standard for solving problems • Student centered education • Prepared to solve problems of tomorrow • Entrepreneurship • Internationalisation
  7. 7. • We believe in the capacities and capabilities of people
  8. 8. Basics for our actions • On the corners of the triangle you will find the charactaristics of of our Academy. In the middle the underlying values Sustainable Innovation Connection Trust Dialogue Authenticity Grass roots Social economic Regional/International (glocal)
  9. 9. Networking, Education & Entrepreneurship • Values, not money • Sharing instead of competing • Learning takes place in practice • The society is the place where we live: – Participating – Cooperating Students work in the outside world
  10. 10. The Academy of Pop Culture • No Curriculum, no marks, just competences • Ambitions of the students as starting point • No difference between digital and analog media • Learning and producing community
  11. 11. Share • Students learn from each other, sharing and playing, informal and formal networking • Looking for ‘free’ education: lectures, conferences etcetera. • Just In Time Education… • https://www.facebook.com/groups/13807898 3238/?ref=ts&fref=ts
  12. 12. The Academy of Pop Culture • Subjective Atlas of Hungary http://www.annelysdevet.nl/ • Wild Street Parade Amsterdam, collectives of people, government and initiated by students http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubpinjdv7xM Incubate, a festival of independent culture, developed and executed by the participants (conditional design, social design http://www.incubate.org/2012/participate/intro • Erasmus IP Island CQ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=435620293136409&set=pb.155 834217781686.-2207520000.1353578986&type=3&theater http://islandcq.nl • Into The Great Wide Open http://intothegreatwideopen.nl
  13. 13. The Academy of Pop Culture • Florian Wolff: sustainable artist http://florianwolff.com/blog/new-year-new-shows/ http://www.entertainandsustain.nl/ • Wild Street Parade Amsterdam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ffe-8uWiJZU • Thomas Azier went to work in Berlin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edf9Yvz-b5U&feature=related • Jair Wassink started a concepting and communication business with people with the syndrom of Down • http://www.jongenbelegen.com/ikdenkhetverschil/ • Henri Kuipers went to Eritrea helping a music School http://avp4eritrea.wordpress.com/
  14. 14. Not just a festival • Into The Great Wide Open • IntoThe Great Wide Open: a festival of Music, Arts and Community, based on the island Vlieland • Students work in production, as artist, volunteer, developing community activities, workshops, art programs • Not based on cooperation contracts, but on the initiative of the students themselves • Sustainable, focused on their future and the future of the community on that Island • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIJKiWoFDjQ
  15. 15. What do we need? • Be present in society • Independent and open • Always sharing and willing to cooperate • Local and international • But be clear in your values • Education is fun • Research as skill for exploring knowledge
  16. 16. IslandCQ- http://islandcq.nl • We build our international network bottom up • IslandCQ: students, artists, lecturers and researchers that research urgent questions of nowadays society. In an isolated situation, but always connected to the surrounding environment
  17. 17. The start and history • Cooperation with local government of Ameland (NL) • The question: profile Ameland as a modern, innovative, artistic island • The solution: The Island Festival, festival of creating awareness about sustainability and energy
  18. 18. ICQ 10 • Island "Creative Quarantine" is an intensive, location based, interactive workshop week for students, teachers, scientists and artists. IslandCQ is traveling through the participating countries of Latvia, Hungary, Finland and the Netherlands. Workshops on art, music, media, technology, and sustainable development are at the heart of the creative laboratory.
  19. 19. ICQ10 • Performances • Lectures • Workshops • The results… http://islandcq.nl/
  20. 20. ICQ12 • Irbene, Ventspils Latvia • The theme “Power & Control” • A research about the influence of media and internet on our daily life and on our privacy • http://vimeo.com/41918369#at=0 • This impressive realm of wild nature and history was our primary research location during the exchange week. • The results...
  21. 21. The development of the concept • From a festival about sustainability and self supporting into an event that researches social and political sustainabilty
  22. 22. Crisis! Re/Constructing Europe
  23. 23. Komárom, Hungary
  24. 24. International • A powerful and sustainable network in the Netherlands, Finland, Latvia, Hungary, Spain, … • Students built their own network and work in NY, Berlin, London, IJsland, … • Sharing your network: students, academy, society • You cannot build communities…
  25. 25. IslandCQ