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20121131 i week liepaja 2012, Art of Resilience


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My search for Flexibility, Values in education and my position in society:
How to reach world peace?

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20121131 i week liepaja 2012, Art of Resilience

  1. 1. Art of Resilienceabout searching, flexibity and values Albert van der Kooij Academy of Pop Culture
  2. 2. • “If you want to build a ship, dont drum up people together to collect wood and dont assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea”• Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  3. 3. My boat, my life 
  4. 4. My search in life• How to give form to my ideas in society?• How to reach World Peace?• What is my position in society?• To young to be a hippie, to old to be a punk
  5. 5. Nothing ever changed• Society is changing• World is changing• Economics are changing• Art is changing
  6. 6. 60’s• Hippies calling for peace and new democratic order• In a time of wars worldwide and in a changing society
  7. 7. 70’s• No more love and peace, institutes and government were also flexible and innovative• But being practical, protesting and action• Recession…
  8. 8. 80’s• Cooperation and consensus• Cultural world, artists, activists, politicians and entrepreneur creating a new world together.
  9. 9. 90’s• Slowly the economic system made a silent revolution and took over processes in society (in education, in media, cultural sector)• Entrepreneurship and crisis• The answer of the old hippies: Wired…
  10. 10. 90’s• Wired: the Internet as new instruments for democracy and transparency• business did not respond on this new development – it was to expensive and ‘dangerous’• End 90’s, start of 2000 the Internet bubble burst.
  11. 11. 2000• Changes in approach1. Glocalisation2. Act local think global3. Social networks4. New networks based on common interestsAnd very important: business took over, ananswer is needed
  12. 12. 2012• And now• Recession again• Europe and Euro are not stable anymore• And the question is how to deal with all these changes.• The answer is simple: we did it before
  13. 13. Art is Changing• How can arts contribute to society and business in a social economic way?• Artists are not supposed to act in de side line• Intercultural thinking and acting
  14. 14. Education is Changing• Interdisciplinarity as new standard for solving problems• Student centered education• Prepared to solve problems of tomorrow• Entrepreneurship• Internationalisation
  15. 15. The Academy of Pop Culture• Two bachelor degrees: Music & Design• One program/no curriculum• Based on personal, professional and artistic development• Practice based• Everybody is different and has different things to learn• Always in the context of your environment
  16. 16. Basics for our actions• On the corners of the triangle you will find the charactaristics of of our Academy. In the middle the underlying values Frontline/N iche Sustainability Trust Authenticity Grass roots Social Regional/International economic (glocal)
  17. 17. The Academy of Pop Culture• Florian Wolff: sustainable artist• Wild Street Parade Amsterdam• Henri Kuipers went to Eritrea helping a music School• Inge Grupstra designed a bench presented on the famous Milano Fair
  18. 18. What do we need?• The radical changes in technology, and society necessarily needs reflection on our action.• Real innovation starts with an open mind,• but we necessarily have to change our way of thinking about teaching and acting• Real interdisciplinarity: not parallel or adding disciplines, but the question, nowadays as starting point
  19. 19. What do we need?• Not only in our own subculture• Be present in society• Independent and open• Always sharing and willing to cooperate• But be clear in your values
  20. 20. The Transparency Granate• the Transparency Grenade contains just a tiny computer, a microphone and a powerful wireless antenna. The Transparency Grenade fights against the lack of corporate and governmental transparency. It captures network traffic and audio at the site of closed meetings and anonymously streams the data to a dedicated server
  21. 21. You Can Do It• You are the new generation• Thomas Azier, student of our academy, working in Berlin
  22. 22. And now• What is your ambition?• What is your most important value to work on?