20120228 budapest presentation art and journalism


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What is the nowadays role of the journalist and artist? What do they have in common.
About taking position in a fast changing, non transparant world.

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20120228 budapest presentation art and journalism

  1. 1. Art & Journalism = … Albert van der Kooij Academy of Pop Culture
  2. 2. Today• The Academy of Pop Culture• The World is changing….• Art & Journalism• IslandCQ
  3. 3. The Academy of Pop Culture• The movie about what we are or what we are not…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDKM7wFg8CA
  4. 4. The Academy of Pop Culture• Two bachelor degrees: Music & Design• One program/Curriculum• Based on personal, professional and artistic development• Practice based• Everybody is different and has different things to learn
  5. 5. Basics for our actions• On the corners of the triangle you will find the charactaristics of of our Academy. In the middle the underlying values Frontline/N iche Sustainability Trust Authenticity Grass roots Social Regional/International economic (glocal)
  6. 6. The Academy of Pop Culture• Florian Wolff: sustainable artisthttp://florianwolff.com/blog/new-year-new-shows/http://www.entertainandsustain.nl/• Wild Street Parade Amsterdamhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ffe-8uWiJZU• Thomas Azier went to work in Berlinhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edf9Yvz-b5U&feature=related• Henri Kuipers went to Eritrea helping a music Schoolhttp://avp4eritrea.wordpress.com/• Inge Grupstra designed a bench presented on the famous Milano Fairhttp://www.pietheineek.nl/nl/collectie/collectie-nieuw/een-balk-bank/gelebank
  7. 7. The World Is Changing• Glocalisation• Act local think global• Social networks• New networks based on common interests• Development of China and India is the fear of our economists
  8. 8. Technology is Changing• Fast technological development• Internet• Knowledge based development• Innovation and complex matters (environment, food problem, energy, …)• More knowledge than we ever can learn• The consumer as producer
  9. 9. Art is Changing• How can arts contribute to society and business in a social economic way?• Artists are not supposed to act in de side line• Intercultural thinking and acting
  10. 10. Education is Changing• Interdisciplinarity as new standard for solving problems• Student centered education• Prepared to solve problems of tomorrow• Entrepreneurship• Internationalisation
  11. 11. Media & Journalism• The radical changes in technology, and society necessarily needs rewriting media education.• It not only means that we have to teach the use of digital technology instead of analog technology• but we necessarily have to change our way of thinking about teaching media and journalism as collaboration with the audience
  12. 12. Art & Journalism• Both researching• Finding the truth• And communicate the truth• Translating the message into design• Involved and engaged• Not on the sideline, but participating• Storytellers
  13. 13. Art & Journalism• Photo journalism: World Press Photo, is it art or news?• It is a perception and observation• Finding the right form to tell the storyWhereas journalism provides a view on the world,as it really is, art often presents a view on the view,as an act of reflection.But is journalism objective?
  14. 14. Art & Journalism• Wiki leaksIs it activism, art or new way of journalism?New media offers the possibility to show theunseen
  15. 15. Collaboration between Art & Journalists Grass Root Media• To cover the voices of people on the street during the Republican National Convention, and let you directly plug in, the NYC Grassroots Media Coalition and the Indymedia Network have build their own newsroom: everyday, they produce a newspaper, a television show, a radio webstream and a website with up-to-the-minute reports, videos and photographs about the RNC.• To help showcase this work, the Gigantic Art Space has offered these independent journalists their gallery. From August 19 through RNC, the Independent Media Infoshop at GAS/gigantic artspace will serve as an Independent Media Infoshop for a public hungry for truth.
  16. 16. Art & Journalism• The Transparency Granate as imaginationA piece of art (?) and technics by Julian Oliver:I believe quality journalism has never been soimportant as it is today yet at the same its neverbeen so threatened, both in and out of a democraticcontext. Given great reductions to the freedom ofthe press recently its only natural that we see themadopt guerilla tactics - especially given newdiscovery vectors opened up by digitalcommunications.
  17. 17. The Transparancy Granate• the Transparency Grenade contains just a tiny computer, a microphone and a powerful wireless antenna. The Transparency Grenade fights against the lack of corporate and governmental transparency. It captures network traffic and audio at the site of closed meetings and anonymously streams the data to a dedicated serverhttp://transparencygrenade.com/
  18. 18. Art & Journalism• hyperlocal citizens media project• Masters students at Northwestern University documented the building of GoSkokie.com, a community news site they built using primarily citizen-contributed content to cover a nearby suburb.A project about citizen participation anddemocratizing media
  19. 19. IslandCQ http://islandcq.nl• Island Creative Quarantine is an international, interactive meeting place between students, teachers, scientists and artists from the various partner universities from Finland, Latvia, Hungary and the Netherlands.• IslandCQ researches the rapidly changing world, from the perspectives of art, technology, ecology, humanity, and society. The goal is to formulate new definitions and strategies for a sustainable future.• http://islandcq.nl
  20. 20. IslandCQ• 2005 Demands of the Isle of Ameland (Wadden sea) and the local government – New ways of sustainable tourism – Profiling Ameland as Isle of culture and innovation
  21. 21. IslandCQ– Build a semi permanent village that fits in the landscape– Bring together scientists, artists, young talent and entrepreneurs– Let them develop new innovative products– Connect the activities and products to the local environment– Central themes: PLAY, Sustainability
  22. 22. IslandCQAfter• 3 presentations, try outs• 3 workshops in Tampere• 1 in LiepajaWe decided to keep it small
  23. 23. IslandCQ 2010• 50 Students worked for 6 days in workshops on interactive installations, documentarys, movies, websites• 4 nationalities exchanged and encountered• And connected their work to Ameland• …the landscape and the people
  24. 24. IslandCQ NewshubContribution of the College of Business & Communication
  25. 25. Project Covering IslandCQ• First, it focuses on news and other genres of journalism as a service to be sustained rather than a product to be sold, as Jeff Jarvis suggests. (2010.)• Second, while covering the events and preparing stories students tried out and played with several free online applications to discover them as new tools for journalism.
  26. 26. Covering IslandCQ• Students tried to discover the other participants of the IslandCQ and the inhabitants of Ameland as information sources and as partners in content providing process.The results were interviews put together in a Prezipresentation:http://prezi.com/otg1w8tf1jul/covering-island-cq/
  27. 27. IslandCQ other results from Hungarian Workshops• IslandCQ on public TV in Hungary! Item of 7 minutesTwo students were invited to tell about theirexperiences at Ameland:http://videotar.mtv.hu/Videok/2010/12/01/17/Mediaguru_2010_december_1_.aspx00:00:45 – 00:06:28• Blog about the program at Tumblr: http://islandcq.tumblr.com/archive
  28. 28. IslandCQ• Some other productsLatvian contribution: The Flipbook, based on interviews withthe local people about the threat of the rising sealevel.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6B9xPDjHYw&feature=player_embeddedFinnish workshop: Ameland 2020http://www.islandcq.nl/ameland2020/index.htmlIs it art or journalism?
  29. 29. IslandCQ 2012• Edition this year in Latvia• The theme: Privacy, Transparancy and MediaWe will go to:http://vimeo.com/29362283
  30. 30. IslandCQ 2013• Next stop: Hungary…