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  • The idea is simple...
  • the laptops interconnect via a mesh even if they are closed
  • The laptop comes with specialized educational software. Kids can work together collaboratively over the mesh even over large distances. Tests have shown that the mesh can work outdoor over a distance of 1.5 km
  • The software which was installed on the laptops is based on the constructivistic principle “Learning by making”. The kids can collaborate to create works and documents [KLICK] For example: Write, Painting, Taking pictures, composing or programming.
  • it is not a cheap toy!
  • it is a high tech device
  • it is about opportunity to learn and educate yourself
  • * what do we do?We program activities, find and fix bugs, tinker with Hardware, work on grassroots PR, etc.
  • It is about giving a whole generation of kids a chance. Maybe it is only a chance. And maybe only 5%-15% of kids will use it. But those who will, will have had access to the worlds knowledge. And those will actually be able to influence their country on a large scale.
  • It also helps a lot to be locally involved - networking effects - helps the local creative industries + IT industries. OLPC is a motor
  • it is a unique opportunity to change something on a big scale
  • here you can talk about your pilots and tests in your country...
  • OLPC presentation (english)

    1. 1. OLPC - CH O ne L aptop P er C hild „ $100 Laptop“ One Laptop Per Child Copyright by Simon Dorner; Presentation: michele@manduxi.org
    2. 2. Copyright The original presentation was designed by Simon Dorner ( [email_address] ) and collectively made by http://olpc.at ( office @olpc.at ) You are allowed to use, re-use, modify and re-distribute this work for non commercial purposes as long as you name the original authors and as long as you re-distribute modified works under the same license. For more information look at http://www.creativecommons.org For commercial purp oses, please contact the autho rs.
    3. 3. The most ambitious education project ever attempted
    4. 4. What is the Project about? Why should you participate? What can you contribute? 1 2 3
    5. 5. 1 What is the One Laptop Per Child project about?
    6. 6. massachusetts institute of technology
    7. 7. Since the 1960‘s
    8. 8. Every child receives a laptop
    9. 9. A special kind of laptop
    10. 12. Every child receives a laptop it is the child‘s property All laptops are wirelessly connected ...and have internet access whenever possible
    11. 13. Collaborative learning
    12. 14. „ Learning by making“ writing painting taking pictures composing programming
    13. 15. $100-$175 approximately $50 in 4 years
    14. 16. high-tech
    15. 17. unique display
    16. 18. Apple Mac Book Pro OLPC XO
    17. 19. 12 hours battery life
    18. 20. extremely robust
    19. 24. Sugar new user interface
    20. 25. Open Hardware Source Everyone can participate
    21. 26. Why laptops?
    22. 27. Digital Divide
    23. 28. Universal access to information for everybody
    24. 29. „ Laptops are the pencils for the digital age.“ David Cavallo
    25. 30. Why laptops? education
    26. 31. because
    27. 32. It‘s not about laptops.
    28. 37. opportunity
    29. 38. our local OLPC chapter
    30. 39. 2 Why should you participate?
    31. 40. Countries involved
    32. 41. Lula da Silva Brasilianischer Präsident
    33. 42. „ The $100 laptop is inspiring in many respects. It holds the promise of major advances in economic and social development.“ Kofi Annan
    34. 43. „ I have one word for your project: enchanting.“ Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigerian president
    35. 44. „ Children are the greatest natural resource of any country. Educating these children is at the root of solving our largest and most complex problems“ Nicholas Negroponte, director of OLPC Foundation
    36. 45. local innovation
    37. 46. Unique opportunity
    38. 47. Now. Now.
    39. 48. 3 What can you contribute?
    40. 49. Ideas develop for the XO run pilot projects donate to G1G1 start a grassroots group in your area
    41. 50. Pilot projects
    42. 51. Summary
    43. 52. www.olpc.ch