Microsoft Rights Management in Azure with Active Directory


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Microsoft Rights Management in Azure with Active Directory

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Microsoft Rights Management in Azure with Active Directory

  1. 1. Key learnings from our customers Data privacy is important and is often mandated Regulatory requirements are on the rise IT must ‘reason over data’ as do their high value services Point to point encryption fails them today P2P federation is not practical or scalable There has to be a better way The perimeter is fading… Mobile workforces, BYOD, outsourcing, virtual orgs Many models of data protection policies are more reactive We need data to be born encrypted and to maintain a persistent protection Waiting for the “ultimate data protection solution” is tempting … yet data is leaking now
  2. 2. Our approach Protect any file type Delight with Office docs, PDF, Text, and Images. Important applications and services are enlightened Delight with Office docs, PDF, Text, and Images. CSOs and Services can ‘reason over data’ Delegated access to data with bring-your-own-key Protect in place, and in flight Data is protected all the time Share with anyone B2B sharing is most important with B2C on the rise Meet the varied organizational needs Protection enforced in the cloud, or on-premises; with data in both places.
  3. 3. Microsoft Rights Management Client integration User Authentication Integration Authentication and collaboration BYO Key Client integration *Coming Soon
  4. 4. Secret Cola Formula Water HFCS Brown #16 Secret Cola Formula Water HFCS Brown #16 #!@#!#!@#! ()&)(*&)(@#! #!@#!#!@#! ()&)(*&)(@#! #!@#!#!@#! ()&)(*&)(@#! Use Rights + Protect Unprotect Rights Management 101 File is protected by an AES symmetric key Usage rights + symmetric key stored in file as ‘license’ License protected by org-owned RSA key
  5. 5. #!@#!#!@#! ()&)(*&)(@#! #!@#!#!@#! ()&)(*&)(@#! #!@#!#!@#! ()&)(*&)(@#! Use Rights + Rights Management 101 RMS-enlightened apps enforce rights, Generic Protection offered by the RMS App Enlightened apps use the RMS SDK which communicates with the RMS key management servers File content is never sent to the RMS server/service
  6. 6. Sharing documents securely Hybrid options across Windows Server and Microsoft Azure to securely share documents with colleagues and business partners
  7. 7. Application Integration: Right Management Services Scenario
  8. 8. Generically protected files are viewed in each of the device’s native applications
  9. 9. Some users do not – yet – have an account; we offer viral signup
  10. 10. Microsoft Rights Management Sign Up Microsoft Rights Management Sign Up – Message (HTML)
  11. 11. Get started quickly with Azure RMS 1 Get started quickly with a single click 3 Simple wizard driven template definition 2 Manage templates and create with ease
  12. 12. Our North Star: Protect any file; shared with anyone Microsoft and our partners are working with us to make this happen We’re not done yet, but we’ve come a long way Microsoft RMS now does more than ever Nearly automatic with Office 365 and Microsoft RMS Enables hybrid organizations with Azure RMS and the RMS Connector Protects any file type with RMS app; enlightened applications do better Supporting customers of all types ‘Cloud Ready’ orgs can use RMS in Office 365 with unprecedented ease ‘Cloud Accepting’ orgs can use Azure RMS with the RMS connector ‘Cloud Reluctant’ orgs can use AD RMS on premises Some will use Hardware Security Modules in Azure with BYOK Recap