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Murder mystery

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Murder mystery

  1. 1. Murder Mystery 4ensic Investigators Christine Claudio Cora Mendez Victoria Lopez Albert Rodriguez
  2. 2. Forensic EvidenceFound in Ano’s Bedroom• #1: Cell phone• #2: Medicine bottle• #3: Medicine bottle• #4: Letter from Flaghouse found in trashcan• #5: Email from "Ask a Librarian Chat" on desk
  3. 3. Cell Phone
  4. 4. Eskalith MedicineBottle
  5. 5. Wellbutrin MedicineBottle
  6. 6. ProfilesDetective: Dumas DornobVictim: Simon P. AnoVictim’s Wife: Golda DiggerHaff NoteNurse: Ima BimbeauxLyan D. ViosTechno G. Eek
  7. 7. Solution