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Albert RodriguezEDTC 6341.61Metacognition or Thinking About Your ThinkingWithin the wiki, each of you should comment on yo...
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Metacognition or thinking about your thinking


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Metacognition or thinking about your thinking

  1. 1. Albert RodriguezEDTC 6341.61Metacognition or Thinking About Your ThinkingWithin the wiki, each of you should comment on your thinking as you went throughthe process of solving the mystery. Some of the questions you can think/talk aboutare: How did you decide on your roles within the team, how did you figure out whatyou would do in your role, how did you go about deciding what the clues meant, howdid you eliminate suspects, how did you focus your research, what did you do withclues that did not make sense, how did you share your ideas, what did you do whenthere was a disagreement, what did you learn, how did this learning occur, why didthis learning occur, were you comfortable using this as a vehicle for learning? You arecertainly not limited to these questions. They are merely provided as ideas to get youstarted as you think about your thinking.Each team member volunteered for the role that they wanted. There was a littleconfusion throughout the beginning of the assignment. It is said that, “many handsmake light work,” and apparently is seemed to be the case here. We madepredictions and shared all the clues with each other. I immediately got to work onthe Murder Mystery Wiki page and got that up and running on our first meeting. Iusually like to listen first before I begin to give input. Having said that, my team hadmany ideas, and we helped each other keep open mind throughout our investigation.I used to work in a psychiatric unit, so I was familiar, although a bit rusty, on themedications mentioned in the murder case. I took a look at the video and looked atall the evidence over and over. I did some online research on the medication and weeven researched the UTB library. We discussed the evidence one time and another,and we came up with different theories as to who murdered Mr. Ano. Workingcollaboratively was challenging, and because we’re all graduate students, theconversations were always interesting. Even though we didn’t always agree, we wereable to be rational and reasonable. After one of our members came up with the ideaof role playing, we began to get into character. By the time we met the next day, Ihad the idea of doing a news report, but the rest agreed that we might run out oftime if we changed our plan at this point in time. The Murder Mystery trial was on,and at this point it was just a matter of tweaking our role to provide a betterpresentation.Overall, from this experience I learned that working collaboratively makes theassignment easier, but the working collaboratively isn’t always a smooth process. Itwas a neat assignment, but it lent itself to different interpretations. All in all, we allagreed that Haff Note did it.