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Iu 5 final


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Iu 5 final

  1. 1. Specific GoalUsing Zamzar, teachers at Jefferson Elementary will learn how to convertvideos into WMV files for viewing through Windows Media Player.OverviewAfter the rough draft materials the formative evaluation of this design project wascreated. Three steps were implemented to evaluate this training: 1) The subject-matter expert (SME) reviewed the materials and provided feedback for revisions. 2)The materials were provided to a member of the intended audience and they werereviewed using Skype. 3) The revised unit was made available to members of theintended audience, and they were asked to complete the training independently.One member completed the small group evaluation, and the feedback was noted.The reflections from these three phases of the formative evaluation phases arebelow.Subject Matter Expert Review 1. Introduction. The Subject Matter Expert who reviewed this training is a fellow coworker at Sam Houston Elementary. She is highly skilled in Web 2.0 tools, and in the Master’s Ed. Tech Program. She understands the importance of completing the process correctly. This training guide was emailed to her and she reviewed it independently. Her feedback was replied via email. 2. Subject Matter Expect Review Summary Steps SMEs Comments My Response
  2. 2. Specific goal is well written and clear for intended audience. This section was double-checked toIntroduction Voki was easy to make sure it was appropriate. understand his directions were easy to follow. Logging into to YouLog into Application question was modified to Tube was simple afterYouTube viewing tutorial. improve comprehension.Search for Searching for the‘Jefferson YouTube videoStudents Enjoy Jefferson Students This step remained the same.a Day of Enjoy a Day of Culture:Culture’ video was easy to locate. Copying URL address from the YouTube web-Copy URL site Jefferson Students Application question was modifiedaddress from Enjoy a Day of Culture was simple and easy to to improve comprehension.YouTube video follow using the tutorial. Logging into took me to a list of possible This step was modified to avoid Zamzar sites and not to confusion. Application questionLog into Zamzar the site was added to help the learner with immediately but was possible mistakes during logging in. able to locate the correct site. Pasting the YouTube video URL on to step 1,Paste YouTube URL bar, onURL on to was simple This step remained the same.Zamzar step 1 and aligned with the tutorial.Choose Do step 2 onconverting file was This step remained the Zamzar step aligned to tutorial and2 easy to follow.Type email Do step 3 on alignedaddress in with the tutorial and This step remained the same.Zamzar step 3 easy to follow.Convert step 4 Do step 4 on This step remained the same. Click the
  3. 3. convert button aligned with the tutorial and easy to follow. A second Voki was added to Save file from Save file from email complete the steps to demonstrate email was missing. the final product. Assessment was modified by providing an answer document for Completed assessment, the learners to check their but was unsure where answers. This assessment will be Assessment to mark responses or done on an index car which will be check for correct provided during the training and answers. instruction concerning this process is now indicated in the training page.3. Synopsis: Overall, the SME had minor encounters with difficulties that would impede the successful production of a YouTube video conversion. She stated that there was a missing step, and a step with ambiguous information. The overall instruction was discussed, and the necessary changes based on her feedback were noted and made. This was a website that she was familiar with, even though she preferred a different site for her video conversions. She mentioned that she found this particular training easy to understand. We discussed the training guide, but she suggested not making any changes in regards to Ted. Through this conversation, I have identified some short term and long term changes that I will make. Immediate Revisions: Changes were made to the training through Screenr for sound quality a clearer approach. Application questioning was added to the several steps for comprehension of particular steps. The rubric had a different value that previously mentioned. Add a second Voki to complete the lesson by adding the final step. Long-term Revisions and Considerations Request training to be uploaded to Staff Resources on Jefferson Elementary Website.
  4. 4. One to One EvaluationIntroductionThe one to one evaluation was conducted by a first grade teacher with 5 yearsexperience from Sam Houston Elementary School in Harlingen, Texas. She is currentlyin the Instructional Technology program at UTB graduate school.The SME review was done through email using Google Docs and the training wascompleted by the first grade teacher where she was able to provide immediatefeedback. Availability of both parties was conflicting throughout this summer session,therefore face-to-face training practice was not possible. The training was reviewedindependently, notes were taken, and feedback was provided. Questions and theoverall feedback were provided over the phone where she also commented on herobservations and made recommendations for improvement.One-to-one Evaluation SummaryIt took the teacher less than 20 minutes to complete the training independently. Thefollowing table includes her comments and my response to each major step. Steps Observations My Response Voki was easy to No changes understand and his directions were easy toStep 1: Introduction follow. Specific goal is well written and clear for intended audience. Logging into YouTube was No changesStep 2: Log into YouTube simple after viewing tutorial. Searching for YouTube No changesStep 3: Searching for video ‘Jefferson StudentsYouTube video. enjoy a Day of Culture’ was easy to locate. Copying URL from YouTube No changesStep 4: Copying URL fromYouTube website. website ‘Jefferson Students enjoy a Day of
  5. 5. Culture’ was simple and easy to follow using the tutorial. Logging into Changes were made to this took me to list of possible step to avoid ambiguous Zamzar sites and not into information.Step 5: Logging into Zamzar site immediately, but was able to locate the correct site.Step 6: Pasting the YouTube Pasting on No changesvideo URL on step 1 of step 1 was simple aligned to the tutorial. Step 2 on was No changesStep 7: Step 2 on aligned to the tutorial and easy to follow. Step 3 on was No changesStep 8: Step 3 on aligned with tutorial and easy to follow. Step 4 on, No changes click to convert button wasStep 9: Step 4 on aligned with the tutorial and easy to follow. Voki explained what to do No changes with the email send fromStep 10: Download from; it was easy toemail follow and aligned with tutorial. The rubric had a value The rubric had a step that higher than 100 points as was repeated and it wasStep 10: Assessment mentioned in the training. removed to give it the proper value.SynopsisThe teacher feedback focused on minor errors that made the information ambiguousor incorrect. From that, the training was revised. The learner mentioned that in aneffort to bring more uses of technology to a campus, training should be scheduledduring workdays. Due to the fact that this training posed little difficulties, it is agreat way to get teachers to begin incorporating the uses technology a little bit morein their instructional tasks.Immediate Revisions:
  6. 6. Made correction on ambiguous wording Revised assessment Remove a step that was repeated in the rubricLong –term Considerations Archive this in a library of training for the campus staffSmall Group EvaluationIntroductionThree members of the intended audience were to participate in the small groupevaluation according the Dick & Carey model; however, this was not possible due tothe availability of teachers during the summer. One member of the intended audiencecompleted this training for the small group evaluation.Small Group Evaluation SummaryThe training was completed in less than 20 minutes by the learner at the end of whichwe discussed the entire training through a phone conversation where she listedobservations and I responded. The learner’s observations and responses are noted inthe following table: Steps Learner’s Observations My Response Voki’s instructions were clear Although Voki remains and informative of the available add intended steps. Introduction information to, or remove from it will not be revised or expanded
  7. 7. at this time. Logging into YouTube was Will not expand or reviseStep 1 done easy. 1 minute this step at this time. Searching for the YouTube Will not expand or revise video ‘Jefferson Elementary this step at this time.Step 2 Students Enjoy a Day of Culture’ was simple to follow and locate. 1 minute Copying URL from the Will not expand or revise YouTube web-site ‘Jefferson this step at this time. Elementary Students Enjoy aStep 3 Day of Culture’ was an easy task to follow and complete. I minute Log into was easy Will not expand or reviseStep 4 to complete. 1 minute this step at this time. Paste the YouTube video URL Will not expand or revise on to step 1 URL bar on this step at this time.Step 5 the task was easy to complete. I minute Do step 2 on Will not expand or revise Convert YouTube video to wmf this step at this time.Step 6 (Windows Media file): Task was easy to complete. 1 minute. Do step 3 on Will not expand or revise Type in selected email address this step at this time.Step 7 to have video send to. Task was easy to follow and complete. 1 minute Do step 4 on Will not expand or revise Click the convert button: this step at this time.Step 8 Task was easy to follow and complete. secondsStep 9 Open link from email: file was Will not expand or revise
  8. 8. saved. Task was easy to this step at this time. complete. 1 minute Video was played on Windows Will not expand or revise Step 10 Media Player. 1 minute this step at this time.SynopsisThere was a positive small group response and the training was done with ease. Thecomments provided from the training were positive including being easy tounderstand and very simple. I was under the impression the corrections and revisionsthat were made according to the SME’s comments were effective for the training.The learner was informed of the changes made from the feedback provided. Shereally enjoyed the training and found it easy to understand. Her biggest concern wasthe point value in the rubric which, once again, was corrected.Immediate Revisions: The step to locate was revised to send the learner to the right site. The rubric was aligned to the correct value.Long Term Revisions: Consider archiving training in a more accessible venue. Consider making the Wiki page more attractive.ConclusionThroughout this entire instructional unit, the feedback provided by a one-to-one andsmall group made this a training that has a high probability of producing well trainedlearners. The formative evaluation helped me understand characteristics of a training
  9. 9. that not only helped me in this particular training, but in future ones as well. It isevident that despite careful planning and designing of instruction training, there isalways plenty of room for improvement.