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Interview1 techno


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Interview1 techno

  1. 1. RE: Case 08-0012 SIMON P. ANO (murder)Enigma Police DepartmentTRANSCRIBED ORAL STATEMENT OF Techno G. EekAugust 20, 2007; 10:30 AMPresent: Officer Rick Swartz (star 241) and Techno G. EekOfficer Swartz: This statement is taken regarding the August 17, 2007 death of Simon P. Ano,1254 Beyond Hope Street in Enigma. It is now 10:30 AM, August 20, 2007. We are in theEnigma Police Station, Interview Room 1. I am detective Rick Swartz, star 241, of the Enigmapolice department, and we are recording a statement from Techno G. Eek, the Baclofen pumptechnician.Mr. Eek, do you understand that we are recording this interview? You do not have to make astatement. You are not under arrest. You are entitled to have a lawyer here if you want. If youhave a question or do not understand something we are talking about, please stop me and ask.You can stop the interview any time you want. Do you understand?Eek: Sure do.Swartz: You understand that all of this will be transcribed – written out from the recording – andyou will have the opportunity to read your typewritten statement, making corrections or additionslater on, if you want? OK?Eek: Yes, sir. Could I ask what this is about?Swartz: On August 17, we were called to the house of Mr. Simon P. Ano. His nurse contactedus when she discovered his body.Eek: The body?Swartz: Yes, he passed away sometime after 11:45 PM, August 16. The police were called onthe morning of August 17.Eek: Oh, sorry to hear that. He was a nice person, really upbeat lately.Q: [Swartz]: So you were not aware that he died?A: [Eek]: No, I wasn’t aware of that. What happened?Q: Mr. Eek, you haven’t seen the headlines in the paper about his death?A: No, I haven’t. I was out of town last week. Just got back to Enigma last night.Q: And where were you all this time?A: There was a conference in Washington that I had to attend to get my continuing credit hours.I decided to stay on a few days and enjoy the scene. © 2007-2008 Janice Wilson Butler
  2. 2. Q: Who did you travel with?A: John Dougherty. We roomed together and went to the conference together. I tried to get Imato go, but she couldn’t take the time off.Q: Do you have a number for Mr. Dougherty?A: Sure, it is 229-533-5792. He’s at work until about 6:00 PM.Q: Thank you.A: Can you tell me about the last time you worked on the Baclofen pump?Q: Sure, I came about two weeks ago for a routine service call – made sure the programmingwas correct and the Baclofen reservoir was full. There were no problems. Everything wasworking perfectly when I left.A: Mr. Eek. How well did you know Ano’s nurse?Q: Ima? I have known her since 4th grade. We hung with the same people, went to collegetogether and came back here. I helped her get the job with Ano. It was her first job so they werea bit nervous about her skills. She has done great on this job, though.A: Do you by any chance know a friend of hers named HoneyBear?Q: HoneyBear? Sure, that’s me. She gave me that nickname in high school and somehow itseemed to stick.A: Can you tell me what the text message you sent her on the 17th meant?Q: What did it say?A: Finally gotcha.Q: Oh, that? (laughs). It is a stupid game we play to see who can squeeze in the fastest textmessage before the other can respond. She has lightening fingers and usually wins. I finallybeat her and was ribbing her about winning.A: OK. I suppose that Ima will corroborate your story about the cell phone?Q: Sure – we have been playing now for about four years.A: Any idea why the Baclofen pump would have failed?Q: I am sorry, I don’t. I adjusted the programming when I left and it was working perfectly at thattime. I am real sorry about Mr. Ano. He was a real nice man.A: OK, Mr. Eek. That will be all for now. © 2007-2008 Janice Wilson Butler
  3. 3. Q: That’s all for now, Mr. Eek. I may be contacting you again for more information later.Eek: No problem.Swartz: If you think of anything that you would like to add to this interview, please give me a callat any time.Eek: Will do. Glad to be of helpI have read the above statement, and it is a true and accurate transcript of the interview I gaveon the above date and time.T. G.Eek 9/20/07Techno G. Eek © 2007-2008 Janice Wilson Butler