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Interview1 lyan

  1. 1. RE: Case 08-0012 SIMON P. ANO (murder)Home of Simon P. AnoTRANSCRIBED ORAL STATEMENT OF Lyan D. ViosAugust 17, 2007; 3:15 PMPresent: Officer Sam Jones (star 246) and Lyan D. ViosOfficer Jones: This statement is taken regarding the August 17, 2007 death of Simon P. Ano,1254 Beyond Hope Street in Enigma. It is now 3:15 PM, August 17, 2007. We are in the kitchenof the home of Simon P. Ano. I am detective Sam Jones, star 246, of the Enigma policedepartment, and we are recording a statement from an occurrence witness, Lyan D. Vios, thebusiness partner of Simon P. Ano.Mr. Vios, do you understand that we are recording this interview? You do not have to make astatement. You are not under arrest. You are entitled to have a lawyer here if you want. If youhave a question or do not understand something we are talking about, please stop me and ask.You can stop the interview any time you want. Do you understand?Lyan: Of course I do.Jones: You understand that all of this will be transcribed – written out from the recording – andyou will have the opportunity to read your typewritten statement, making corrections or additionslater on, if you want? OK?Lyan: Yes, certainly.Jones: I am very sorry for the loss of your business partner. I understand that you were veryclose.Lyan: Thank you. Yes, he was a dear friend more than a business partner. Can we please getstarted? I need to help Mrs. Digger with the funeral arrangements.Q: [Jones]: OK, then, let’s begin. Please state your name and address and your relationship tothe vic – uh, to Mr. Ano.A: [Lyan]: My name is Lyan D. Vios and I am a business partner and very dear friend of Simon. Ilive at 166 Stoner Circle in Enigma, Georgia. We have been friends for many years in additionto being business partners.Q: And what are you partners in?A: I don’t get your meaning.Q: This business you have – what business is it?A: Oh. Simon, Haff Note and I form a three way partnership overseeing his interests in themusic industry.Q: OK, we will discuss that in a bit. Can you tell me what happened here this morning?A: Not much to tell really. I came here about 6:15 or so to meet with Golda. I went upstairs andknocked on Golda’s door. We had some books to go over and discussion about an upcoming
  2. 2. benefit concert. We finished in about an hour and started down the stairs. That was when wesaw Ima. She seemed flustered and anxious. Golda asked what was wrong. Ima startedscreaming, “He’s dead. He’s dead, miss. Somebody killed Mr. Ano.” Golda started sobbing andfell against me. We had just been talking about how well things were going and how happySimon had been lately. I just couldn’t believe that he was dead. When I was talking to him lastnight, he was more excited and upbeat than I have seen him in years. I just don’t understandhow it could have happened. Who could have done this?Q: After Golda fell against you, what happened?A: I thought for a second she was going to faint. So I held onto her and guided her down thestairs. By this time, she was hysterical and I didn’t think it would be a good idea for her to go intothe room. Golda has some emotional problems and suffers sometimes from depression. I justdidn’t think she could have handled seeing Simon that way.Q: What way was that, Mr. Vios?A: Well, dead, of course. From the way that Ima was acting, I figured it must be pretty serious. Iwasn’t sure how bad it was – but I knew it wasn’t good.Q: So, did you have any doubt about his death when Ima first told you he was dead?A: What do you mean?Q: Did you believe her?A: She’s a nurse. She knows about things like this. Why wouldn’t I believe her?Q: OK, what happened next?A: I guided Golda over to the sofa and she sat down. I covered her with a throw blanket and toldher to stay there. When I left, she was crying.Q: What did you do next?A: I went with Ima into the room. I saw him just lying there. He didn’t look like he struggled. Hewas just lying there. But I did notice that his lips and fingernails were this strange shade of blue.Also, I heard this infernal beeping noise, but it seemed like it was coming from his body and Icouldn’t tell what it was.Q: Did you try to move his body to see if you could find the source of the sound?A: No, I knew that I shouldn’t touch anything. So, I just left his room and went to wait for thepolice. Ima said she had already made the call to 9-1-1.Q: Did you notice whether the monitors were still on, Mr. Vios?A: The monitors?Q: Blood pressure, pulse, oxygen, etc.?
  3. 3. A: I am sorry. I don’t really remember. All I could think about was Simon and that beeping noise.I just left the room as soon as I could decently leave.Q: What did you do while you were waiting, Mr. Vios?A: I paced, man, what else could I do?Q: I need to ask you a few questions about last night. Were you at the house last night?A: Yes, I am here at least once a week and lately it seems like I am here every night.Q: Why are you here so often, Mr. Vios?A: Simon is a very dear friend of mine. I have known him almost as long as Haff Note has beenfriends and partners with Simon. While Haff is his musical “buddy” I am his business buddy. Ican’t carry a tune, but I can get the gigs and keep the books. From concerts and CD sales, ourcompany, The Musical Misnotes, is quite lucrative.Q: And what happens to the partnership, now? Will it be dissolved?A: I don’t know, Detective Jones. I wasn’t thinking about having to do anything to the companysince I wasn’t thinking that Simon was going to die. I imagine we’ll continue it with the two of us– but I really just don’t know.Q: How was your relationship with Simon?A: Very positive. I adored the man and did everything I could for him.Q: What about your relationship with Mrs. Digger?A: What about it?Q: Did you have a good relationship with Mrs. Digger? She is an awfully attractive woman,wouldn’t you say?A: I don’t really pay much attention. She is the wife of one of my best friends and we spend a lotof time together working on books and other things for Simon.Q: Isn’t it a bit unusual for you to meet in her bedroom, Mr. Vios?A: I don’t know what you are trying to pull here, Jones. But, Golda has a large office upstairs inthe front of her living area with a computer, internet connections, phone, fax, etc. That is wherewe always work.Q: What do you think of Ima? I heard she has had several mishaps with equipment since shehas been here. Could she have just made a mistake in meds or accidentally disconnected animportant machine at the wrong time?A: You know, Ima can come across as flighty at times, but she is very competent in her care.Those mistakes she made earlier happened on her first few days on the job and have nothappened since. She dotes on both Mr. Ano and his wife.
  4. 4. Q: OK, let’s go back to last night. You said you were here until what time?A: After Golda went to bed, I stayed down talking to Simon for another half hour. We had someplans to make before our meeting today with Haff. Then, I left. Guess it was about 12:30 orquarter to one.Q: Wasn’t he groggy?A: Excuse me?Q: Groggy. Golda said she had to wake him up to tell him goodnight. Wasn’t he too groggy tomake much sense of what you were saying?A: No, not really. Simon was used to staying up late. We often discussed business after Goldawent to bed. He had a habit of drifting when no one was around and then waking up quicklywhen anyone came in the room.Q: How did he seem when you left?A: Very upbeat and excited about getting started with the concert we were planning.Q: Did anyone see you leave, Mr. Vios?A: No one was awake when I left.Q: And did you lock up when you left?A: I always do. Simon gave me my own key as well as the alarm pass code, so I don’t have towake anyone up when I come and go.Q: Did anyone see you as you were traveling home, Mr. Vios?A: Are you asking me if I have an alibi, detective?Q: Yes, that is what I am asking.A: So, am I a suspect?Q: No, Mr. Vios. At this point no one and everyone is a suspect. We are not yet sure of thecause of death and we want to just gather as much information as we can from those peoplewho were here with him today. Did anyone see you as you were traveling home, Mr. Vios?A: Well, no, I guess no one saw me. I just went home and went to bed. I knew this morningwould come fast. I had that early meeting with Golda.Q: OK. What can you tell me about Haff Note? I have heard him mentioned several times. A: Haff Note has been friends with Simon since he was a child. They grew up together. Haffwas a great musician in his own right and the two of them often had friendly competitions tochallenge each other. Because they were both so good, this competition made both of thembetter. Haff was Simon’s best man and often composed music as well as played in concerts withSimon. Haff has been here for Simon throughout his recovery and all of his rehab work. As all of
  5. 5. us did, Haff was there in the hospital daily after Simon’s accident in 2000. Haff was on his wayback to Carnegie Hall when he heard about Simon’s auto accident and I thought he was goingto kill himself on the highway driving back to the Fishkill hospital. I don’t know any two men thatare closer than those two.Q: Does Haff know about Simon’s death?A: Yes, I called him this morning. He was in New York and is flying back as we speak. He wasdevastated, as we all are.Q: We found a bottle of his medication in Ima’s room. Do you know what he was taking thismedication for?A: I am sorry. That is something that you better discuss with him.Q: But do you know what he was taking the medication for?A: No, no, I don’t. You would have to talk to him.Q: Do you know why it was in Simon’s room?A: I have no idea.Q: All right, Mr. Vios. I think that is all for now. Thank you very much for the information. If I haveany additional questions, can I give you a call?Vios: You bet. Call me anytime that you need to. Here’s a card with my home phone and my cellphone.Jones: If you think of anything that you would like to add to this interview, please give me a callat any time.I have read the above statement, and it is a true and accurate transcript of the interview I gaveon the above date and time. L. Vios 9/18/07Lyan D. Vios