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2interview1 haff 1


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2interview1 haff 1

  1. 1. RE: Case 08-0012 SIMON P. ANO (murder)Enigma Police DepartmentTRANSCRIBED ORAL STATEMENT OF Haff NoteAugust 18, 2007; 9:00 AMPresent: Officer Rick Swartz (star 241) and Haff NoteOfficer Swartz: This statement is taken regarding the August 17, 2007 death of Simon P. Ano,1254 Beyond Hope Street in Enigma. It is now 9:00 AM, August 18, 2007. We are in the EnigmaPolice Station, Interview Room 1. I am detective Rick Swartz, star 241, of the Enigma policedepartment, and we are recording a statement from Haff Note, the business partner of Simon P.Ano.Mr. Note, do you understand that we are recording this interview? You do not have to make astatement. You are not under arrest. You are entitled to have a lawyer here if you want. If youhave a question or do not understand something we are talking about, please stop me and ask.You can stop the interview any time you want. Do you understand?Haff: Yes, yes, of course.Swartz: You understand that all of this will be transcribed – written out from the recording – andyou will have the opportunity to read your typewritten statement, making corrections or additionslater on, if you want? OK?Haff: Yes, yes, certainly.Swartz: I am very sorry for the loss of your business partner. I understand that you were veryclose and have known him since elementary school.Haff: Thank you, thank you. Yes, he was my closest friend. We were like brothers, like brothers.How can I help you with the investigation?Q: [Swartz]: I need to ask you a few questions. Let’s begin with you stating your name andaddress and your relationship to Ano.A: [Haff]: My name is Haff Note. That’s spelled H-A-F-F. My parents, they had a funny sense ofhumor. Sick, I should say, sick. I am Anos’ business partner and closest friend, closest. I live at204 Melody Lane here in Enigma. Thought that street was rather appropriate since I am amusician, don’t you, don’t you?Q: Mr. Note, you seem a bit nervous today.A: No, no, no more than usual. It’s those meds that I take.Q: OK, then, let’s continue. What is the nature of your business partnership?A: Well, the three of us are musicians, see? That would be Simon, Lyan and I. Well, I guessnow it is just the two of us, the two of us. And even at that, Lyan was more the business partner– not a musician. So I guess it would just be the one of me is a musician now. We were good,
  2. 2. Simon and I. We composed music – mostly for Broadway, but some for Hollywood, Hollywood,too. Did you ever see Down and Out in Newark? Think it had Eddie Murphy in it – but I can’tremember all the movies that much. I don’t go to the movies, movies very often. But, we wereheaded for an Oscar for that music. Did you see it?Q: No, I am sorry, I haven’t. So, you and Simon were the composers and musicians and Lyanran your business for you all? Was the business profitable?A: You better believe it, believe it. We were raking in the dough – as they say.Q: How was your relationship with Mr. Ano?A: Simon and I got along very well, very well. He understood my illness and worked with me.He has been a great friend throughout the years, great friend.Q: What illness do you have, Mr. Note?A: I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 12 years ago.Q: So the pills we found in Mr. Ano’s room were yours?A: Yes, yes, they were. I guess they fell out of my pocket the day before when I came to visitSimon.Q: Tell me, Mr. Note, how well did Ano and his wife get along?A: Well, Ano adored Golda. And for the most part, she seemed to adore him. I say for the mostpart because she was having an affair with Vios. Had been for years and Simon never seemedto know. Pushed them together, together all the time. All the time. I thought about telling Simon– but I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. Him being so sick and all. Especially because he hadbeen so depressed. Even asked Golda to kill him several times. But, she said she would neverdo that. Was almost hysterical when he would start talking that way. I talked to Simon aboutthat; but he just said that he didn’t see any reason to live anymore since he could not composeor play music. Wanted to die, die he said.Q: Was Ano feeling that way before he died?A: Well, no. No. Since Vios told him about SoundBeam, he said that he finally had a reason tolive again. He could compose and play music again and he was getting very excited about theconcert.Q: The concert?A: Yes. Les – Les Makadee – or something like that – had been over to visit and was talkingabout airing the concert. That was all that Simon was thinking about the past few weeks. I wasvery happy, very happy to see Simon doing so well again. So well again. I have beencomposing on my own lately – but what the folks out there really want is to see his name again– his talent. This would have been possible again. He was very happy about that.
  3. 3. Q: How did Golda feel about it?A: Well, it is hard to say about Golda sometimes. I mean, she acted happy for Simon – like shealways did when he wanted to do things. But she looked a bit worried, too.Q: Worried?A: Yea, worried. I talked to her about it and she just said that she was afraid it wouldn’t work outand he would be depressed again. She said he was planning on spending a lot of money and ifit didn’t work out, she didn’t know what he would do, would do.Q: Do you think it would have worked, Mr. Note?A: Oh, I have no doubt it would have been great, great.Q: OK, what about Simon’s relationship with Vios?A: Good friends for many years. Vios handled all the money for Simon and our business.Trusted him completely. I do, too, as a matter of fact. Couldn’t be a nicer guy. It’s just thatongoing thing with Golda, you know, huh. Huh? Guess you could say, he trusted him with hislife, his life.Q: Where were you on the night before the murder, Mr. Note?A: I was in New York taking care of business, business.Q: Where were you that morning?A: I was still in New York. I was scheduled to leave on the 18th to come back to Enigma. I hadto trade the ticket in for an earlier flight back.Q: Who were you with in New York?A: I met with a variety of people. They were helping me with planning the concert.Q: Can you provide the names of the people you were with?A: Sure, let me write down their contact information, information.Q: (Long pause). Thank you, Mr. Note. Do you have any idea who would have wanted to kill Mr.Ano?A: No, I don’t, I don’t. Everyone loved the man.Q: That’s all for now, Mr. Note. I may be contacting you again for more information.Note: No problem, problem. Feel free to call anytime. I just feel so lost knowing that Simon isnot going to be there for us anymore. Lost.
  4. 4. Swartz: If you think of anything that you would like to add to this interview, please give me a callat any time.Note: I will, detective. Thank you, thank you.I have read the above statement, and it is a true and accurate transcript of the interview I gaveon the above date and time.Haff Note 9/18/07Haff Note