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Restaurant mobile social strategies


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Food and wine establishments which allows users to be able to directly share reviews, event scheduling , photos, check-ins and more with their social friends network Various other social networks can be integrated into your restaurant application to facilitate a seamless process for diners to share their experiences.

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Restaurant mobile social strategies

  1. 1. How Restaurants Embrace Mobile GeoSocialTechnologyWith mobile technology quickly becoming an integral part of our everydaylives . It has become vital to pay attention to the wide-spread influence ofthe mobile device as it has become a highly influential marketing tool forbusinesses world-wide.Even so , while it is the most promising marketing tools , it shockinglyreported that a study in 2012 made by Restaurant Sciences Industryconfirmed that 95% of independent restaurants don’t have a websiteoptimized for mobile devices and only about 50% of chain restaurants haveone. Mobile applications ( mobile apps ) used by restaurant anddevelopment to use them to work specifically for Chain restaurant hasbeen just picking upWith millions of active mobile accounts on Facebook, Twitter andFoursquare, restaurant owners now have the ability to directly access theircustomer base on a daily basis ,it is therefore Not likely that Mobile
  2. 2. technology will be going away and its usage will keep increasing by theday.All types of Mobile applications will therefore present companies withunique opportunities to increase revenue and customer loyalty and theyoffer full accessibility to user on the go .Mobile Social media outlets provide the best and most ideal way to sharetantalizing information that will satisfy all hungry customers with GoodFood for Thought .. Reach your customers on your mobile social mediaplatform of choice by sharing any of the following information:Embracing Mobile TechnologyMobile websitesMobile websites will offer the first major benefit. . A mobile website canbe optimized for search engines for your restaurant and it can beoptimized to use for most type of mobile devices, the ever increasing
  3. 3. usage of mobile devices for browsing the mobile internet means yourrestaurant’s online presence will appreciated well by customersMobile appsLike most general mobile applications , most apps offer as the menu tothe restaurant’s information source. Contact information, nutritional facts,location search tools, and menus dominate these types of apps, but arestaurant app can be more than an information source.It also can serve asOnline Order tools . Restaurants with online ordering systems offercustomers the ability to browse online and place an order for pick up viatheir mobile device or computer or relatively in the restaurant or for earlybooking avoiding the queue for advance food ordering concept . Suchapplication can be incorporated into the restaurant’s own reservationsystem or utilize as an online booking network reservation services to allowdiners to easily reserve a table.
  4. 4. With special custom mobile application , restaurants now have theopportunity to promote unique or exclusive dining experience whileincreasing business and building brand loyalty.This might include• Offering guests a discount if they uploaded a review to specific Mobileads site• Reward uploaded photos to some Mobile promo sites with a free drinkor small dessert• Encourage spreading your name through any other food-related appwith rewards• Mobile Games competition
  5. 5. In the current mobile market, many restaurateurs participate and utilizemajor mobile apps with mobile marketing sites like Yelp, Foodspottingand OpenTable to market their Food and wine establishments which allowsusers to be able to directly share reviews, event scheduling , photos, check-ins and more with their social friends network .Various other social networkscan be integrated into your restaurant application to facilitate a seamlessprocess for diners to share their experiences.Some good example for integrating social networks ,like Foursquare willbenefits to your restaurant by its word of mouth sharing ,check-in review ,or coupon redemption campaign . Pictures of food dominate social photosharing sites these day as friends share around wonderful picture s of the
  6. 6. food meals that they enjoyed making it a great option to integrate intoyour restaurant application. Restaurants can also include an interactiveevents promotion to inform potential diners about exciting parties or eventlike Happy hour , wine tasting at your restaurant in order to bring dinersback to your establishment again and again.The potential benefits of an effective mobile social strategies to therestaurant industry are virtually limitless. .Reaching out to yourcustomers effectively and stay actively engaged with mobile social mediaopportunities will only grow in popularity as more people embrace the ease-of-use and convenience of their mobile devices.[ Restaurant Marketing Video ]