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Elite athletes tcs bangalore 10k 2019

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Elite athletes tcs bangalore 10k 2019

  1. 1. MEN ELITE ATHLETES TCS WORLD 10K BANGALORE 1. Mathew Kimeli KEN/1998 27:11 GOLD 2. Geoffrey Koech KEN/1993 27:18 GOLD 3. Vincent Kiprotich KEN/1999 27:21 4. Kaan Kigen Ozbilen TUR/1986 27:25 GOLD 5. Birhanu Legese ETH/1994 27:34 GOLD 6. Abraham Cheroben BRN/1992 27:35 GOLD 7. Bedan Karoki KEN/1990 27:37 GOLD 8. Andamlak Belihu ETH/1998 27:48 GOLD 9. Mande Bushendich UGA/1997 27:56 10. Aweke Ayalew BRN/1993 28:30 GOLD 11. Daniel Chaves BRA/1988 28:46 12. Paul Tanui KEN/1990 28:47 GOLD IAAF CONTINENTAL QOUTA INDIAN ELITES 15. Abhishek Pal IND/1997 30:12 16. Lakshmanan Govidan IND/1990 30:30 17. Pradeep Singh Chaudhary IND/1990 debut 18. Ranjeet Kumar Patel IND/1993 debut WOMEN ELITE ATHLETES TCS WORLD 10K BANGALORE 51. Agnes Tirop KEN/1995 30:50 GOLD 52. Tsehay Gemechu ETH/1998 30:15 GOLD 53. Senbere Teferi ETH/1995 30:38 GOLD 54. Evaline Chirchir KEN/1998 30:43 GOLD 55. Netsanet Gudeta ETH/1996 31:35 GOLD 56. Alia Mohamed Alia Saeed EAU/1993 31:36 GOLD 57. Rose Chelimo BRN/1989 32:04 GOLD 58. Dera Dida ETH/1996 33:00 GOLD 59. Letesenbet Gidey ETH/1998 debut 60. Volha Mazuronak BLR/1989 debut IAAF CONTINENTAL QOUTA INDIAN ELITES 61. Sanjivani Jadhav IND/1996 33:38 62. Swati Gadhwe IND/1990 34:45 63. Kiran Sahdev IND/1991 36:28 64. Parul Chaudhary IND/1995 debut
  2. 2. MEN ELITE ATHLETES TCS WORLD 10K BANGALORE 2019 1. Mathew Kimeli KEN/1998 27:11 Adidas Mathew is young but already set an impressive record. In 2018 he recorded the 4th fastest 10km time that year, in 2017 his 27.11 was the 2nd fastest of the year. Mathew is a young kenyan talent hailing from Kaptarakwa village in Elgeyo-Marakwet County. Part of a large family - he has 4 brothers and 6 sisters - he picked up running while in primary school, excelling in both track & cross country, and reaching the national level. He now specialize in road races. He has run under 28 minutes for 10K 8 times in his career so far, holds the 8th fastest time ever over 10k and the U20 world best time over 15K. As a kid he was inspired to run by his parents whom used to tell him how they were running when they were in primary school and how important running can change somebody's life. His biggest dream is to last long in athletics and improve step by step to become a world marathon major champion one day. 2019 Healthy Kidney 10km 1st 27:45 2019 Valencia 10km 5th 27:45 2018 Berlin 10km 2nd 27:38 2018 Prague 10km 3rd 27:26 2018 Healthy Kidney 10km 2nd 27:19 2017 Berlin 10km 1st 27:32 2017 Prague 10km 2nd 27:11 2017 Golden Spike Ostrava 10.000m 2nd 27:14.43 2017 Kenyan Championships 10.000m 1st 27:53.9 2016 Prague 10km 5th 27:53 2. Geoffrey Koech KEN/1993 27:18 Adidas Geoffrey’s 27.18 which he run in 2018 was the 3rd fastest time in that year. Geoffrey lives and trains in Kericho together with his wife and son Ryan. 2019 Prague Half Marathon 4th 60:30 2018 Boston Half Marathon 2nd 63:13 2018 Prague 10km 2nd 27:18 2018 Oelder City Lauf 1st 27:44 2017 Copenhagen Half Marathon 7th 59:50 2017 World Championships Trials 5.000m 3rd 13:33.9 (Nairobi)
  3. 3. 3. Vincent Kiprotich KEN/1999 27:21 Nike Vincent is born in Keiyo South region, in a traditional large Kenyan family with 4 brothers and 4 sisters. He himself is the 2nd last born of the family. He grew up on a farm where he helped his parents with the cows. He trains in Kapgitony under coach William Kiplagat and Vincent Kipruto. One of his firm hobbies is watching movies and his idol is Eliud Kipchoge. In 2018 he run the 5th fastest 10km on the road. 2019 Würzburger Residenzlauf 1st 27:34 2018 Berlin 10km 1st 27:21 2018 Nairobi 5.000m 3rd 13:32.68 4. Kaan Kigen Ozbilen TUR/1986 27:25 Nike Kenyan born Mike Kigen changed name and country in 2015 when he started competing for Turkey. His international breakthrough came in 2006 when he represented Kenya internationally at three competitions, finishing 5th at the world cross 2006, 2nd at the African Championships in both 5.000m and 10.000m and finally also 2nd at the World Cup over 5.000m. 2019 Rotterdam Marathon 2nd 2:05:27 NR 2019 RAK Half Marathon 11th 59:48 NR 2018 European Cross Championships 4th 2018 Amsterdam Marathon 5th 2:06:24 2018 World Half Marathon Championships 9th 61:05 2017 European Cross Championships 1st 2017 World Championships Marathon 14th 2:14:29 2016 Olympic Games Marathon 17th 2:14:11 2016 European Championships Half Marathon 2nd 62:27 2016 Seoul International Marathon 3rd 2:06:10 2015 Amsterdam Marathon 3rd 2:07:45 2015 Great North Run Half Marathon 3rd 60:10 2015 Paris Marathon 4th 2:07:42 2014 Frankfurt Marathon 2nd 2:06:59 2014 Great North Run Half Marathon 2nd 60:00 2013 Dubai Marathon 8th 2:08:24 2012 Great North Run 4th 60:18 2012 Brussels 10.000m 6th 27:03.49
  4. 4. 5. Birhanu Legese ETH/1994 27:34 NNRT Birhanu Legese has recorded some fast times for 10k and 5000m on the track. He ran a fast 27:34 in Morocco in 2013. In 2015 he made his half marathon debut in Berlin where he outsprinted the Kenyans and won in 59:45, which is one of the fastest times ever recorded by a debutant. Later that year he won Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in a trilling sprint against compatriot Mosinet Geremew, WR Holder Half Marathon Zersenay Tadesse and two strong of Kenya’s strong road racers both Edwin Kiptoo and Jonathan Maiyo. His 59.20 PB he set in Delhi that year also was the 3rd fastest time of 2015. Birhanu made his marathon debut in Dubai this year, clocking one of the fastest debuts ever. 2019 Tokyo Marathon 1st 2:04:48 2018 Kolkata 25km 1st 1:15:48 2018 Chicago Marathon 10th 2:08:41 2018 TCS Bengaluru 10km 2nd 28:38 2018 Dubai Marathon 6th 2:04.15 2017 Airtel Delhi half marathon 1st 59:46 2017 Dam tot Damloop 10EM 1st 45:38 2017 TCS Bangalore 10km 5th 28:36 2016 RAK Half Marathon 1st 60:40 2015 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 1st 59:20 2015 Berlin Half Marathon 1st 59:45 2014 Diamond League Shanghai 5.000m 6th 13:08.88 2013 TCS World 10k Bangalore 3rd 28:16 2013 Taroudant 10k 2nd 27:34 2012 Great Ethiopian Run 10k 2nd 28:41 6. Abraham Cheroben BRN/1992 27:35 Nike In 2014 when Abraham Cheroben came to Delhi for the first time, he was a relatively newcomer in the field. Ever since he has developed quickly to become one of the leading road races in the industry. Last year he run a 58.40 which is the new Asian Record over half marathon. Last March he confirmed being one of the leading road racers by finishing 2nd behind Geoffrey Kamworor at the World Half Marathon Championships in Valencia. His 58.40 ranks him as 4th fastest all time over the half marathon distance. 2018 Asian Games 10.000m 2nd 29:00.29 2018 TCS Bengaluru 10km 6th 28:55 2018 World Championships Half Marathon 2nd 60:22 2017 Valencia Half Marathon 1st 59:11
  5. 5. 2017 Copenhagen Half Marathon 1st 58:40 AR 2017 World Championships 10.000m 12th 27:11.08 2016 Olympic Games 10.000m 10th 27:31.86 2016 City Pier City Half Marathon 3rd 60:35 2015 Valencia Half Marathon 1st 59:10 2015 Berlin Half Marathon 3rd 59:49 2015 Utrecht 10km 1st 27:35 2014 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 7th 59:21 2014 Valencia Half Marathon 1st 58:48 2014 Berlin 25k 1st 1:11:47 2014 Berlin Half Marathon 2nd 59:14 7. Bedan Karoki KEN/1990 27:37 Nike Bedan is a very interesting and kind character. He now is fully committed to road racing and marathon but started his impressive career on the track, and mostly made fame in the 10.000m and cross country clinching some medals. He went to Japan to study and lived there for many years, still he goes there and spends most of his time a year in Japan training. He won 3 individual silver medals at the All African Games, World cross and World half. His 58.42 half marathon still is the 6th fastest of all time. 2019 Tokyo Marathon 2nd 2:06:48 2019 Houston Half Marathon 3rd 60:18 2018 Chicago Marathon 9th 2:07:59 2018 Buenos Aires Half Marathon 2nd 59:50 2018 London Marathon 5th 2:08:34 2018 RAK Half Marathon 1st 58:42 2017 Fukuoka Marathon 3rd 2:08:44 2017 World Championships 10.000m 4th 26:52.12 2017 London Marathon 3rd 2:07:41 2017 RAK Half Marathon 1st 59:10 2016 Copenhagen Half Marathon 5th 59:32 2016 World Championships Half Marathon 2nd 59:36 2016 World Best 10km 1st 27:42 2015 Copenhagen Half Marathon 1st 59:14 2015 World Championships 10.000m 4th 27:04:77
  6. 6. 2015 World Cross Championships 2nd 2014 Eugene 10.000m 3rd 26:52.36 2013 World Championships 10.000m 6th 27:27.17 2012 Olympic Games 10.000m 5th 27:32.94 2011 All African Games 10.000m 2nd 28:19.32 8. Andamlak Belihu ETH/1998 59:51 Adidas Andamlak trains under coach Gemedu in a very succesfull group. Among the athletes he trains with is Guye Adola the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon record holder and 2nd behind Eliud Kipchoge during the Berlin Marathon. Andamlak came to the international running scene impressing with stellar performances. He run the fastest time this year by a Junior over 10.000m. Andamlak made an impressive debut in 2017 at the Delhi Half Marathon by finishing 2nd in a time under 1 hour, in 2018 he returned to take home the title in Delhi in a 59.18 PB. 2019 Ethiopian Championships 10.000m 2nd 28:25.7 2019 World Cross Championships 8th 2018 Valencia Half Marathon 4th 59:19 2018 Delhi Half Marathon 1st 59:18 2018 African Championships 10.000m 2nd 29:11.09 2018 Ottawa 10km 1st 27:48 2017 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2nd 59:51 2017 World Championships 10.000m 10th 27:08.94 WJL 2017 FBK Games Hengelo 4th 27:20.57 2017 Ethiopian Championships 10.000m 1st 28:32.4 (A) 9. Mande Bushendich UGA/1997 27:56 NNRT Mande Bushendich grew up on Mount Elgon in a little village called Bukwo near the Kenyan border. It is there where he started his running career. To have better chances and improve his running career he moved about 100km west to the outskirts of Mount Elgon to the city of Kapchorwa and joined the training group of World Cross Country Champion and 15km World Record holder Joshua Cheptegei. A runner up in Bangalore 10km in 2014 when he made his international debut at the TCS Bangalore 10km. Since joining the training program in 2017 Bushendich has made great progression. 2019 Parelloop Brunssum 10km 1st 27:56 2019 Cross Italica Sevilla 5th 2018 San Silvestre Madrid 10km 3rd 27:24 2018 FNB Durban 10km 5th 28:01
  7. 7. 2018 African Cross Championships 9th 2017 Ugandan Championships 10.000m 6th 29:00.19 2016 African Junior Championships Cross 11th 10. Aweke Ayalew BRN/1993 28:30 Nike Ethiopian born Aweke Ayalew represents Bahrain since 2013. He went to various championships for Bahrain winning a medal at the Asian Championships Cross in 2016. In the spring of 2018 he came 11th at the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in Valencia. 2018 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 5th 60:10 2018 Charleston 10km 3rd 28:38 2018 World Half Marathon Championships 11th 61:09 2017 Barcelona 5.000m 6th 13:16.16 2017 ISTAF Berlin 5.000m 7th 13:17.29 2016 Asian Championships Cross 3rd 2015 World Cross Championships 10th 2013 Rabat Diamond League 2nd 13:05.00 11. Daniel Chaves BRA/1988 28:46 Adidas The 30 year old Brazilian travelled the whole world and everywhere he went he left with new friendships. The friendly Brazilian started competing internationally back in 2006 when he represented Brazil at the World Junior Championships in Beijing finishing 16th at the 10.000m. Through the years he represented Brazil on a number of occasions. He has always been very competitive and strong in hot and humid conditions and so could be a surprise in Bangalore. 2019 London Marathon 15th 2:11:10 2018 Valencia Marathon 18th 2:13:16 2017 Cipolletti 10km 1st 28:46 2016 Brasilian Championships 10.000m 5th 29:41.31 2015 Rio de Janeiro 10.000m 1st 28:19.3 2014 Groet uit Schoorl 10km 3rd 29:14 2014 Brasilian Championships 10.000m 3rd 28:59.72 2013 Zevenheuevelenloop 15km 3rd 43:49 2013 Santos 10km 5th 28:47
  8. 8. 12. Paul Tanui KEN/1990 28:47 Nike He may have the slowest road 10km PB, however he is one of the favorites for the win. Having won no less than 5 individual medals at international championships and fast PB’s he will come in to the race with a lot of experience. Paul won 3 Bronze medals in a row at the 2013/2015/2017 World Championships 10.000m and complemented it with World Cross Silver in 2011 and Olympic Silver in 2016 also at 10.000m. Paul joined the Kyudenko Corporate team in Japan in 2009 and moved to Fukuoka to live and train there since. In recent years he mostly competed on the track. 2018 Nagasaki 10.000m 1st 28:20.83 2018 Oita 5.000m 1st 13:36.97 2017 World Championships 10.000m 3rd 26:50.60 2017 Kenyan World Championships Trials 10.000m 3rd 27:42.6 2016 Olympic Games 10.000m 2nd 27:05.64 2016 Kenyan Olympic Trials 10.000m 1st 27:46.15 2015 World Championships 10.000m 3rd 27:02.83 2015 Eugene Diamond League 10.000m 2nd 26:51.86 2015 Rome Diamond League 5.000m 2nd 12:58.69 2014 Eugene Diamond League 10.000m 2nd 26:49.41 2014 Paris Diamond League 5.000m 3rd 13:00.53 2013 World Championships 10.000m 3rd 27:22.61 2011 World Championships Cross 2nd 2011 Eugene Diamond League 10.000m 4th 26:50.63 2010 World Junior Cross Championships 4th
  9. 9. WOMEN ELITE ATHLETES TCS WORLD 10K BANGALORE 2019 51. Agnes Tirop KEN/1995 31:00 Adidas Agnes Tirop only competes internationally since 2012 and has already won four championships medals. She won two bronze medals at the World Junior Championships and silver at the World Junior Cross Country Championships in 2013. But her best victory came in 2015 when she won the World Cross Country Championships as a senior! She confirmed her status by winning bronze last year at the IAAF World Championships 10.000m in London. In the 2018 Bangalore 10km she run a stunning race breaking the CR by a big margin. 2018 Tilburg Ladies 10km 1st 30:50 2018 Rabat Diamond League 5.000m 5th 14:24.24 2018 TCS Bengaluru 10km 1st 31:19 (CR) 2018 African Cross Championships 4th 2017 Tilburg Ladies 10km 2nd 31:00 2017 World Championships 10.000m 3rd 31:03.50 2017 World Cross Country Championships 5th 2016 Brussels Diamond League 5.000m 9th 15:02.67 2015 All African Games 10.000m 5th 32:55.41 2015 World Cross Country Championships 1st 2014 World Junior Championships 5000m 3rd 2013 World Junior Cross Country Championships 2nd 2012 World Junior Championships 5000m 3rd 52. Tsehay Gemechu ETH/1998 Debut NNRT Tsehay started competitive running in 2014 in Ethiopia. She made her European debut last year in 2017 running the Paderborn Osterlauf 10km. This year she made a lot of progression over 10km and now turns her attention to the longer distances on the road. Tsehay had a very strong development over the past two years, winning the Airtel New Delhi Half Marathon in her debut half marathon and setting a World Lead and National Record over 10km last Januari in Valencia over 10km. 2019 Ethiopian Championships 10.000m 2nd 32:17.2 2019 World Cross Championships 6th 2019 Valencia 10km 1st 30.15 WL 2018 Airtel New Delhi Half Marathon 1st 66:50 2018 Tilburg Ladies 10km 2nd 31:07
  10. 10. 2018 Wiezoloop Wierden 10km 1st 31:53 2018 Oelde Citylauf 10km 2nd 32:14 2017 Paderborn Osterlauf 10km 7th 33:07 53. Senbere Teferi ETH/1995 30:38 Adidas Senberi is a big soccer fan. Her husband is a former 100m/200m sprinter from Ethiopia. At the moment Senberi is building her dream home in Addis Ababa, a project which is hopefully done in the next two years. 2019 RAK Half Marathon 1st 65:45 (NR) 2018 African Championships 5.000m 2nd 15:54.48 2018 Rabat Diamond League 5.000m 4th 14:23.33 2018 TCS Bengaluru 10km 2nd 31:22 2018 Dubai Marathon 9th 2:24:11 2017 Tilburg Ladies 10km 1st 30:38 2017 FBK Games Hengelo 2nd 30:41.68 2017 World Championships 5.000m 4th 14:47.45 2016 Olympic Games Rio 5.000m 5th 14:43.75 2016 Ethiopian Olympic Trials 10.000m 6th 30:40.59 2015 World Cross Country Championships 2nd 2015 World Championships 5.000m 2nd 14:44.07 2012 World Junior Championships 1.500m 3rd 4:08.28 2011 World Youth Championships 1.500m 2nd 4:10.54 54. Evaline Chirchir KEN/1998 30:43 NNRT Evaline hailes from Kericho, Kenya and is part of the training group around Olympic Champion 1.500m Faith Kipyegon. Her husband, Moses Koech is also a good runner having set PB’s of 13.15 for 5.000m on the track and 27.46 for 10km on the road. 2019 Parelloop Brunssum 10km 1st 31:17 2019 Valencia 10km 3rd 30:43 2018 Zevenheuvelenloop 15km 2nd 47:35 2018 Dam tot Damloop 10EM 5th 52:34 2017 Corrida de Houilles 10km 2nd 32:10
  11. 11. 55. Netsanet Gudeta ETH/1991 31:35 Adidas Reigning World Champion and World Record holder for Half Marathon, Netsanet made her breakthrough in 2013 by winning the competitive Great Ethiopian Run. A few months later she made her half marathon debut and she was chosen to represent Ethiopia at the World Half Marathon Championships where she won the silver team medal. Last year she got another chance to represent her country at the World Cross Country Championships, where she took the third place. 2019 RAK Half Marathon 2nd 65:45 2018 TCS Bengaluru 10km 4th 31:53 2018 World Championships Half Marathon 1st 66:11 WR 2017 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 3rd 67:26 2017 Ottawa 10km 1st 31:35 2016 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 8th 70:05 2016 Ethiopian Trials 10.000m 4th 30:36.75 2016 World Half Marathon Championships 4th 68:01 2015 Valencia Half Marathon 1st 67:31 2015 Ethiopian 10.000m trials 6th 31:06.53 2015 World Cross Country Championships 3rd 2014 World Half Marathon Championships 6th 68:45 2013 Great Ethiopian Run 1st 33:24 56. Alia Mohamed Alia Saeed EAU/1993 31:36 Adidas The Ethiopian born Medina Kadir switched nationality back in 2010 to represent the United Arab Emirates. She won 10.000m Asian Games Gold in 2014 for her new county and also 10.000m Gold at the 2015 Asian Athletics Championships. In 2017 she took Silver at the Asian Championships 10.000m in Bhubaneswar in India. 2018 Valencia Half Marathon 2nd 66:13 2018 Asian Games 10.000m 4th 32:18.32 2018 Ottawa 10km 1st 31:36 2017 Solidarity Games 10.000m 3rd 31:49.01 2017 Solidarity Games 5.000m 4th 15:00.45 2016 Asian Championships Cross 4th 2016 Dubai 10.000m 2nd 31:10.25 NR
  12. 12. 2015 Asian Championships 10.000m 1st 31:52.29 2015 Asian Championships 5.000m 1st 15:28.74 2014 Asian Games 10.000m 1st 31:51.86 57. Rose Chelimo BRN/1989 32:04 Nike For many the surprise winner of the 2017 World Marathon Championships in London. In 2010 Rose won her first road race the 20km of Paris a race she won in 2014 again. She only made her marathon debut in 2016 in Seoul where she immediately won and qualified for the Rio Olympics. From there she went upwards to defeat the big favourite Edna Kiplagat in London at the 2017 World Champs. 2019 Tokyo Marathon 9th 2:30:35 2018 Great Scottish Run 2nd 70:07 2018 Asian Games Marathon 1st 2:34:51 2018 London Marathon 6th 2:26:03 2017 World Championships Marathon 1st 2:27:11 2017 Boston Marathon 2nd 2:22:51 2017 Solidarity Games 10.000m 2nd 31:37.81 2016 Olympic Games Marathon 8th 2:27:36 2016 Seoul International Marathon 1st 2:24:14 2016 TCS Bengaluru 10km 5th 32:54 2015 Lisbon Half Marathon 1st 68:22 58. Dera Dida ETH/1996 33:00 Adidas One remarkable feature of the 2019 World Cross Country Championships was how the Ethiopian team demonstrated their strength throughout the competition. Dera Dida’s case was no different. The last to hang on to Helen Obiri the eventual winner, took a Silver medal home to Ethiopia. It was not her first medal at a World Championship as she already won Silver back in 2015 at the World Junior Cross Championships in Guiyang China. 2019 World Championships Cross 2nd 2019 Ethiopian Championships Cross 1st 2018 Frankfurt Marathon 5th 2:22:39 2018 Dubai Marathon 7th 2:21:45 2017 World Championships 10.000m 14th 31:51.75 2017 FBK Games Hengelo 10.000m 4th 30:56.48 2017 Houston Half Marathon 2nd 68:06
  13. 13. 2016 Rome Diamond League 5.000m 8th 14:42.84 2016 African Championships Cross 4th 2015 World Junior Cross Championships 2nd 59. Letesenbet Gidey ETH/1998 Debut Nike Letesenbet is at the moment the one to watch and the next in line from the Ethiopian contingent of upcoming runners with the capabilities to reign on track for a period of time. Still young she already is battling it out at the senior stage against strong competition, however winning medals at major championships. 2019 Ethiopian Championships 10.000m 1st 32:10.2 2019 World Championships Cross 3rd 2019 Ethiopian Championships Cross 2nd 2018 Rabat Diamond League 5.000m 3rd 14:23.14 2018 Eugene Diamond League 5.000m 2nd 14:30.29 2018 Doha Diamond League 3.000m 5th 8:30.96 2017 Brussels Diamond League 5.000m 7th 14:42.74 2017 World Championships 5.000m 11th 15:04.99 2017 Rome Diamond League 5.000m 3rd 14:33.32 2017 Shanghai Diamond League 5.000m 3rd 14:36.84 2017 World Junior Cross Championships 1st 2016 Barcelona 5.000m 1st 14:45.63 2016 Hengelo 5.000m 1st 14:58.44 2015 World Youth Championships 3.000m 4th 9:04.64 2015 World Junior Cross Championships 1st 60. Volha Mazuronak BLR/1989 Debut Adidas Volha is a former racewalker who turned in to a leading European distance runner. She started off with a top 100 finish at the 2005 IAAF World Junior Cross Championships which made her decide to switch to race walking as it gave her better results. In 2005 she managed to finish 4th at the World Youth 5.000m track walk Competition and she finished 5th a year later at the same event in the World Junior Championships. She returned to distance running in 2011. She focussed on marathon and won a couple of smaller marathons including Debno Marathona and the Siberian International Marathon, before winning the 2018 European Marathon Championships. 2019 Hongkong Marathon 1st 2:26:13 CR
  14. 14. 2018 European Championships Marathon 1st 2:26:22 2018 Dusseldorf Marathon 1st 2:25:25 2018 World Half Marathon Championships 18th 70:57 NR 2017 Valencia Marathon 2nd 2:27:14 2017 European Cup 10.000m 2nd 32:13.73 2016 Olympic Games Marathon 5th 2:24:48 2016 London Marathon 4th 2:23:54 2015 London Marathon 9th 2:25:36 2014 Sacramento Marathon 1st 2:27:33 2014 European Championships 10.000m 7th 32:31.15