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Elite athletes tcs bangalore 10k 2016

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Elite athletes tcs bangalore 10k 2016

  1. 1. MEN ELITE ATHLETES TCS WORLD 10K BANGALORE 1. Mosinet Geremew ETH/1992 27:36 2. Edwin Kipyego KEN/1990 27:49 3. Alex Korio KEN/1990 27:52 4. Patrick Makau KEN/1985 27:57 5. Mule Wasihun ETH/1993 27:57 6. John Langat KEN/1996 27:58 7. Bonsa Dida ETH/1995 28:16 8. Cybrian Kotut KEN/1992 28:17 9. Bira Seboka ETH/1994 28:18 10. Abdallah Mande UGA/1995 28:20 11. Gideon Kipketer KEN/1992 28:56 12. Geofry Korir KEN/1996 30:31 13. Nicholas Rotich KEN/1996 debut 14. Fredrick Kipkosgei KEN/1996 debut 15. Martin Musau UGA/1998 debut PACE Alex Kapcheromit UGA/1994 PACE Sam Cherop UGA/1997 WOMEN ELITE ATHLETES TCS WORLD 10K BANGALORE 1. Gladys Chesir KEN/1994 30:41
  2. 2. 2. Linet Masai KEN/1989 30:48 3. Peres Jepchirchir KEN/1993 30:55 4. Wude Yimer ETH/1978 31:07 5. Edith Chelimo KEN/1986 31:07 6. Helah Kiprop KEN/1985 31:44 7. Rose Chelimo KEN/1989 32:04 8. Jackline Chepngeno KEN/1993 32:24 9. Beatrice Mutai KEN/1987 32:25 10. Magdalyne Masai KEN/1993 32:37 11. Almaz Gelana ETH/1994 34:45 12. Agnes Tirop KEN/1995 debut
  3. 3. MEN ELITE ATHLETES TCS WORLD 10K BANGALORE 2016 1. Mosinet Geremew ETH/1992 27:36 Defending champion Mosinet Geremew will return to the streets of Bangalore. He is well-known in India as he won the Hyderabad 10k in 2012, finished third in Delhi in 2014 and was runner-up in 2015. His career started in 2011 with a victory in the Great Ethiopian Run. He developed to a strong road racer with podium places in Delhi, Prague, Peachtree, Yangzhou and Houston. Last year he ran his first 10.000m at the Ethiopian trials for the World Championships. He qualified for Beijing and finished 11th . Recently, Mosinet won the Yangzhou half marathon in China. 2016 Yangzhou Half Marathon 1st 1:00:43 2016 Houston Half Marathon 2nd 60:45 2015 New Delhi Half Marathon 2nd 59:21 2015 World Championships 10.000m 11th 28:07.50 2015 TCS World 10k Bangalore 1st 28:16 2015 Yangzhou Half Marathon 1st 59:52 2015 RAK Half Marathon 1st 60:05 2014 Delhi Half Marathon 3rd 59:11 2014 Prague Half Marathon 2nd 59:54 2013 Peachtree 10k 1st 28:07 2012 Hyderabad 10k 1st 27:36 2012 Paderborn 10k 1st 27:53 Edwin Kipyego KEN/1990 27:49 Edwin Kipyego is a well-known athlete in India as he is the 2012 Delhi half marathon winner. Edwin first began to compete in Europe in 2009 finishing top 10 in the Hamburg Half Marathon and winning a series of road races in the UK. His real breakthrough came in 2012 when he won the Delhi half marathon and he became a strong and consistent half marathon runner. 2016 CPC Half Marathon, the Hague 1st 60:27 2015 Tout Rennes Court 10k 2nd 28:19 2015 Copenhagen Half Marathon 3rd 59:30 2014 Ottawa 10k 4th 28:22 2013 CPC Half Marathon, the Hague 1st 60:05 2012 Delhi Half Marathon 1st 60:55
  4. 4. Patrick Makau KEN/1985 27:57 Former World Record holder Patrick Makau will come to India for the first time in his impressive career. His career started in 2006 by winning the 25k race in Berlin and in 2007 he set a fast PB of 58:56 by winning the RAK half marathon. After some years on the road, Patrick made his marathon debut in Rotterdam in 2009 where he clocked a fast 2:06. He showed his talent for marathon running again in 2010 by winning Rotterdam and Berlin marathon but his best race was yet to come. He broke Gebrselassie’s World Record in Berlin in 2011 by running 2:03:38. 2015 Fukuoka Marathon 1st 2:08:18 2014 Fukuoka Marathon 1st 2:08:22 2012 Frankfurt Marathon 1st 2:06:08 2013 Utrecht 10k 3rd 28:35 2011 Berlin Marathon 1st 2:03:38 WR 2011 London Marathon 3rd 2:05:45 2010 Berlin Marathon 1st 2:05:08 2010 Rotterdam Marathon 1st 2:04:48 2009 RAK Half Marathon 1st 58:52 2008 World Half Marathon Championships 2nd 61:54 2007 World Half Marathon Championships 2nd 59:02 2007 Berlin Half Marathon 1st 58:56 Mule Wasihun ETH/1993 27:57 Mule Wasihun is a strong Ethiopian athlete who trains with coach Getaneh Tessema. This year he improved his personal best in marathon to an impressive time of 2:05:44. 2016 Dubai Marathon 5th 2:05:44 2015 Seven hills race 15k 2nd 43:02 2015 Dubai Marathon 11th 2:10:57 2014 Tout Rennes Court 10k 2nd 28:14 2014 Paris Half Marathon 1st 60:08 2013 Marseille-Cassis 20k 1st 60:09 2013 Tout Rennes Court 10k 4th 27:57
  5. 5. John Langat KEN/1996 27:58 John Langat is a young athlete from Keringet in Kenya who competes internationally since 2015. After his international debut at the World Cross Country Championships in China, he came to the Netherlands for his first 10k race. He won the race in a fast 27:58. Later on in 2015 he took the second place behind Bernard Koech in the Tilburg 10 miles. Last November he paced the half marathon in Delhi, India. He passed 10k in 27:54 which means this is the fastest time he ran in his career. This performance shows he is capable of setting a new PB soon! 2016 Laredo 10k 3rd 28:02 2015 ASICS Grand 10k Berlin 5th 28:08 2015 Tilburg 10 miles 2nd 45:37 2015 Stadsloop Appingedam 10k 1st 27:58 2015 World Cross Country Championships Junior Race 16th Bonsa Dida ETH/1995 28:16 Bonsa Dida has represented Ethiopia at various World Championships. He was fourth at the World XC Junior Championships in 2011, 17th at the World XC Championships in 2013 and 14th at this year’s World XC Championships in China. In 2014 he made his debut at the World Half Marathon Championships after finishing second at the Ethiopian Trials. 2016 Ethiopian Championships 10.000m 3rd 28:49.80 2015 Egmond Half Marathon 2nd 63:36 2014 World Half Marathon Championships 14th 61:11 2014 Addis Ababa Half Marathon Trials 3rd 61:47 2013 Wiezoloop 10k 3rd 28:16 2011 World Junior Cross Country Championships 4th Cyprian Kotut KEN/1992 28:17 Cyprian Kotut is well-known because of his half marathons as he already ran four times sub one hour. He set his PB in the 2014 Delhi half marathon where he finished in fourth position. In Bangalore he hopes to do better and hopes to take a podium place. So far, this year is really successful as he managed to win the Paris half and full marathon! 2016 Paris Marathon 1st 2:07:11 2016 Paris Half Marathon 1st 61:00 2015 CPC the Hague Half Marathon 2nd 59:28 2015 Milan Marathon 2nd 2:08:55
  6. 6. 2014 Delhi Half Marathon 4th 59:12 2014 Philadelphia Half Marathon 2nd 59:58 2013 Rome 10k 1st 28:17 2013 Philadelphia Half Marathon 2nd 59:59 2012 Lisbon Half Marathon 4th 62:25 Bira Seboka ETH/1994 28:18 Bira Seboka (also known as Fikadu Seboka) surprised the field in Bangalore last year. He took second behind Mosinet Geremew. Bira trains in Addis Ababa with 2015 Delhi winner Birhanu Legese. 2015 Reims Half Marathon 1st 61:12 2015 TCS Bangalore 10k 2nd 28:28 2013 Marrakesh Half Marathon 4th 61:42 Abdallah Mande UGA/1995 28:20 Abdallah Mande surprised everyone in 2013 by winning the Ugandan 5.000m championships in 13:30 (second fastest ever in Uganda) and beating all pre-race favorites like Moses Kipsiro and Geoffrey Kusuro. This victory gave him a spot in the team for the African Junior Championships. He won silver in the 5.000m and was fourth in the 10.000m. In 2015, Abdallah became fifth in the 10.000m at the World Junior Championships even though he was suffering from malaria. Since the beginning of 2016, Abdallah trains at home in Kapchorwa together with World Junior Champion Joshua Cheptegei. 2015 Kampala 10k 2nd 29:13 2015 Corrida de Houilles 10k 3rd 28:20 2015 Leiden 10.000m 2nd 28:12.72 2014 Hemmeromloop 10k 1st 28:38 2014 FBK Games 3000m 11th 7:48.12 2014 World Junior Championships 10.000m 5th 28:53.77 2013 African Junior Championships 5.000m 2nd 13:55.10 Gideon Kipketer KEN/1992 28:56 The newly crowned Mumbai marathon champion and course record holder will now come to Bangalore to compete in the 10km race. Gideon started in the 2016 Mumbai marathon as one of the pace makers but he felt so strong that he decided to finish. He clocked an impressive 2:08:35 to break the course record by almost one minute. Gideon is the younger brother of Valentine Kipketer who holds the women’s CR in Mumbai.
  7. 7. 2016 Mumbai Marathon 1st 2:08:35 2015 Seoul Joongang Marathon 2nd 2:09:01 2015 Hamburg Marathon 5th 2:09:34 2014 Paris Marathon 6th 2:10:36 2013 Tokyo Marathon 12th 2:10:41 2014 Egmond Half Marathon 2nd 62:56 2012 Amsterdam Marathon 7th 2:08:14 2012 Lille Half Marathon 4th 59:53 2012 Egmond Half Marathon 2nd 61:03 2010 World Cross Country Junior Championships 8th Geoffrey Korir KEN/1996 30:31 Geoffrey Korir is a young but talented athlete who won the silver medal at last year’s World Junior Cross Country Championships. He only ran one 10k race in his short career, the Castelbuono 10k in Italy, and won this tough race. 2015 Castelbuono 10k 1st 30:31 2015 World Junior Cross Country Championships 2nd Nicholas Rotich KEN/1996 debut Nicholas Rotich is a good friend of Geoffrey Kamworor, a former winner of Bangalore 10k. Geoffrey asked him to join his training group in Kaptagat. Since Nicholas trains along athletes like Kamworor, Eliud Kipchoge and Stephen Kiprotich he is developing very well. He has been a pace maker in Hamburg, Tokyo and Toronto marathon. He is now ready for his 10k debut on the road. 2015 Leiden 10.000m 7th 28:44.71 2014 National Junior Championships 4th 14:02.70 Fredrick Kipkosgei KEN/1996 debut 2015 Montferland Run 15km 3rd 43:08 2014 World Junior Championships 5.000m 5th
  8. 8. Martin Musau UGA/1998 debut Martin is a upcoming youngster who won the prestigious 10.000m on high altitude in Uganda running in hot and humid conditions, comparable to Bangalore. Martin is a training partner of the 2014 TCS Bangalore 2nd placer Joshua Cheptegei who after his 2nd place in Bangalore won the World Junior title over 10.000m later that summer. Martin is hoping to do the same, using Bangalore as a stepping stone to a World Junior medal this summer. 2016 Ugandan Athletics Federation Trial 10.000m 1st 29.10 2016 Police Road Championships +/- 10km 2nd
  9. 9. WOMEN ELITE ATHLETES TCS WORLD 10K BANGALORE 2016 Gladys Chesir KEN/1994 30:41 Gladys Chesir is the fastest lady of 2015 as she ran the world leading time of 30:41 in Berlin which places her in the all-time top 10 in this distance. She also has good memories of India as she finished 3rd in Bangalore and Delhi last year. Gladys recently improved her personal best in 10k and half marathon with 1,5 minute. Gladys is being coached by Hugo van den Broek, the Dutch coach who is the coach of the Indian NRDP athletes as well. 2016 World Half Marathon Championships 6th 68:46 2016 RAK Half Marathon 5th 66:57 2015 Kenyan Championships 10.000m 3rd 32:10.61 2015 Bangalore 10k 3rd 32:12 2015 Yangzhou Half Marathon 6th 69:17 2015 Egmond Half Marathon 3rd 72:58 2014 Seven hills race 15k 3rd 48:43 Linet Masai KEN/1989 30:48 Linet Masai comes from a running family as her brothers and sister are international top athletes as well. Her mother is her inspiration because she always had to work hard to raise her nine children. In 2007 Linet had her break through at the World Junior XC Championships where the won the gold medal. In the following years she won more XC medals, silver in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Her biggest success on the track was winning the gold medal at the World Championships in Berlin in 2009. A few weeks later she clocked a world best time in 10 miles in the Netherlands. Besides running, Linet has two passions; football club Chelsea and cooking. 2016 Lisbon Half Marathon 3rd 69:33 2015 Madrid San Silvestre 10k 1st 31:38 2014 Dam tot Damloop 1st 53:09 2013 Madrid San Silvestre 10km 1st 31.34 2012 San Juan 10km 3rd 31.15 2011 Wereld Kampioenschap 10.000m Daegu 3rd 30.53,59 2011 Wereld Kampioenschap Cross 2nd 2010 New York Mini 10km 1st 30.48 2009 Dam tot Damloop 1st 50.39 WB
  10. 10. 2009 Wereld Kampioenschap 10.000m Berlijn 1st 30.51,24 2008 Olympische Spelen Beijing 10.000m 4th 30.26,50 WJR Peres Jepchirchir KEN/1993 30:55 Peres Jepchirchir is one of the fastest road running athletes at the moment. She clocked an impressive 66:39 in Ras Al Khaimah this year. Last year she won races in Prague, Usti nad Labem and Marseille. She ran her personal best of 30:55 last year in Prague, which was the second fastest time of 2015. This year Peres surprised at the World Half Marathon Championships were she won the gold medal. 2016 Yangzhou Half Marathon 1st 1:08:16 2016 World Half Marathon Championship 1st 67:31 2016 RAK Half Marathon 4th 66:39 2015 Usti nad Labem Half Marathon 1st 67:17 2015 Ottawa 10k 2nd 31:18 2015 Prague 10k 1st 30:55 2014 Houilles 10k 1st 31:34 Wude Ayalew ETH/1978 31:07 Wude Ayalew is a well-known face in India. She is the former course record holder in Bangalore 10k. Last year she was the runner-up in Bangalore. She also is the 2012 Delhi half marathon champion. Wude has already finished an impressive track career, with a bronze medal at the 2009 World Championships and the 11th fastest time in history for 10.000m (30:11.87). Nowadays she focuses more on 10k and half marathon races on the road. 2015 TCS World 10k Bangalore 2nd 32:10 2014 Great Ethiopian Run 10k 1st 34:04 2013 New Delhi Half Marathon 5th 69:21 2012 New Delhi Half Marathon 1st 71:10
  11. 11. 2011 World Cross Country Championships 6th 2010 TCS World 10k Bangalore 1st 31:58 2010 New Delhi Half Marathon 3rd 68:36 2009 World Championships 10.000m 3rd 30:51.95 2009 Utrecht 10.000m 3rd 30:11.87 Edith Chelimo KEN/1986 31:07 Edith Chelimo is currently the third fastest lady over 10k this year, as she ran 31:07 in the Netherlands this year. Edith is coming back from maternity leave and therefor did not compete in 2015. 2016 Parelloop 10k 1st 31:07 2016 Eldoret 10k 2nd 2014 Parelloop 10k 1st 32:04 2014 Würzburg Residenzlauf 7th 32:51 2013 Azkoitia-Azpeitia Half Marathon 3rd 71:28 Helah Kiprop KEN/1985 31:44 A familiar face in India, Helah Kiprop, will come back to Bangalore again. She was the TCS World 10k Champion in 2012 and she won Cochin Half Marathon in 2013. She is an all-round athlete, holding personal best of 31:44 for 10k, 67:39 for half marathon and 2:21:27 in the marathon. Last summer she won the silver medal at the World Marathon Championships in Beijing. This year started off well for Helah as she won the Tokyo marathon in a fast time of 2:21. 2016 Tokyo Marathon 1st 2:21:27 2015 World Championships Marathon 2nd 2:27:36 2014 Seoul International Marathon 1st 2:27:29 2014 RAK Half Marathon 4th 68:36 2013 TCS World 10k Bangalore 6th 32:26 2013 Cochin Half Marathon 1st 71:54 2013 Berlin Half Marathon 1st 67.54 2012 TCS Bangalore 10k 1st 32:22 Rose Chelimo KEN/1989 32:04
  12. 12. Rose Chelimo has been clocking fast times over the past few years. She has won races like Lisbon and Valencia half marathon. This year she made her marathon debut and won her debut marathon in Seoul. 2016 Seoul Marathon 1st 2:24:14 2016 RAK Half Marathon 9th 68:08 2015 Lisbon Half Marathon 1st 68:22 2015 Valencia Half Marathon 1st 68:54 2014 Hamburg 10k 1st 32:05 2012 Zwolle Half Marathon 2nd 70:50 Jackline Chepngeno KEN/1993 32:24 After some strong years as a junior (medals at World XC and World Youth Championships), Jackline has been focusing on track and road races in Kenya. Last May she made her international debut in Bangalore with a sixth place. Later on she was the runner-up at the national 10.000m championships and in the Dam tot Dam 10 miles in the Netherlands. She has learned a lot since her first performance in Bangalore and hopes to better her personal best this year. 2015 Dam tot Dam 10 miles 2nd 51:34 2015 Bangalore 10k 6th 32:33 2014 Nairobi Diamond Run 10k 4th 32:24 2013 Prague 10k 5th 32:49 2013 Kenyan Championships 5000m 4th 16:04.50 2009 World Cross Country Junior Championships 3rd 2009 World Youth Championships 3000m 2nd Beatrice Mutai KEN/1986 32:25 Beatrice Mutai is not only known as the older sister of 1500m athlete Faith Kipyegon, but is a talent full athlete herself. She bettered her 10k personal best this year to 32:25. Although she was scared to move up to the half marathon distance, she ran a good debut in Paderborn. She took the third place in 70 minutes. Later on she improved her time to 69:30 on the fast course of Valencia. This year she came close to her personal best on the tough courses in Göteborg and Lisbon. 2015 Lisbon Half Marathon 2015 Göteborg Half Marathon 2014 Valencia Half Marathon 2014 TCS Bangalore World 10k
  13. 13. 2014 Paderborn Half Marathon 2014 Hilversum 10k 2013 World Cross Country Championships 11th 2012 Hyderabad 10k 2nd 33:36 Magdalyne Masai KEN/1993 32:37 Magdalyne Masai has been running on the track since 2011. She competed in the 3000mSC and 5.000m. Last year she became 4th at the All-Africa Games in the 3000mSC. Since this year her focus is more on the roads. She made her half marathon debut in Rome this year and clocked 67’. Bangalore will only be her second 10k on the road. 2016 Rome-Ostia Half Marathon 3rd 67:31 2015 All-Africa Games 3000mSC 4th 9:56.76 2015 Diamond League Birmingham 3000mSC 5th 9:29.16 2015 Diamond League Shanghai 5000m 7th 14:58.54 2013 San Silverstre 10k Madrd 4th 32:37 Almaz Gelana ETH/1994 34:45 The younger sister of Olympic marathon champion Tiki Gelana will come for the second time to Bangalore. 2015 TCS World 10k Bangalore 11th 34:45 Agnes Tirop KEN/1995 debut Agnes Tirop only competes internationally since 2012 and has already won four championships medals. She won two bronze medals at the World Junior Championships and silver at the World Junior Cross Country Championships in 2013. But her best victory came in 2015 when she won the World Cross Country Championships as a senior! 2015 World Cross Country Championships 1st 2014 World Junior Championships 5000m 3rd 2014 Diamond League Rome 8th 15:00.19 2013 World Junior Cross Country Championships 2nd 2012 World Junior Championships 5000m 3rd