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How to increase healthcare efficiency with Dell\'s Mobile Clinical Computing solution

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2011 Policlinico 10007794

  1. 1. Healthcare facility inItaly reduces energy useby around 10 per cent, •  Data consolidation and management •  Green efficiencyenabling mobile healthcare •  Mobility •  Virtualization “Staff will be able to use the Dell Latitude laptops to work from patients’ bedsides. They will assess treatments more effectively by having instant access to patient information during examinations.” Francesco Camisa, Deputy General Managing Director, Policlinico San Marco Customer profile Company: Policlinico San Marco Industry: Healthcare Country: Italy Founded: 1957 Benefits Employees: 200 •    torage productivity increases by  S Website: www.policlinicosanmarco.it approximately 50 per cent with  virtualization •    T consolidates server environment by  I Business need around 30 per cent Policlinico San Marco wanted to increase healthcare efficiency and roll out new clients at Campolongo Hospital to enable mobile access to •    nergy use lowered by around 10 per  E patient data. cent with blade servers •    anagement simplified as server  M Solution cabling is reduced by approximately  The organisation deployed virtualized Dell™ blade servers with Intel® 60 per cent Xeon® processors and Dell EqualLogic storage. It also rolled out with •    atients gain better services due  P Dell OptiPlex™ and Dell Latitude™ clients to deliver more efficient, mobile patient care. to high-performance desktops  and laptops
  2. 2. Policlinico San Marco, headquartered in Veneto in northern Italy, runs healthcare and outpatient facilities that provide a wide range of medical care. Services – covering diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation – are delivered by specialist healthcare workers, who are experts in their respective fields. The organisation operates in a highly competitive industry, where the cost of patient services is carefully controlled by the Italian government. The firm’s strategy is to provide we have direct contact so that any better patient services through IT, questions are quickly answered and using solutions to digitise patient deployments stay on schedule,” he information and enable mobile says. healthcare. As part of a company-“With Dell PowerEdge wide programme, it wanted to Design phase is simplified thanks  blade servers, we virtualize storage and increase server to enhanced collaboration capacity at its Campolongo Hospital Camisa discussed his plans at one of his consolidated our in Eboli, southern Italy. The existing regular meetings with his Dell account environment by rack servers – which were virtualized manager. “It wasn’t long before we had using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization a comprehensive design for the new around 30 per cent. software – couldn’t support infrastructure,” says Camisa. “Our IT And, by choosing continued data growth. Plus, its fibre- team prepared a list of solutions and channel based storage area network power-efficient servers, (SAN) was becoming more time- we have reduced consuming and complex to manage. The organisation also wanted to roll energy use by around out new desktops and laptops to give Technology in practice 10 per cent.” healthcare workers easier access Services to patient information. FrancescoFrancesco Camisa, Deputy General Dell Support Services Camisa, Deputy General Managing – Dell ProSupportManaging Director, PoliclinicoSan Marco Director at Policlinico San Marco, – Mission Critical says: “In line with our strategy for – Next Business Day Onsite better patient services, we planned to Service enhance IT at Campolongo Hospital. We wanted to become more efficient Hardware and improve healthcare.” Dell™ PowerEdge™ M610 blade servers with Intel® Xeon® Customer gains tried-and-tested  processors 5530 virtualized solutions Dell PowerEdge M1000e modular Policlinico San Marco spoke to blade enclosure Dell about increasing datacentre efficiency, as well as deploying Dell EqualLogic PS6000E storage desktop and laptop solutions at the area network hospital. “We have a long-standing Dell Latitude™ E6400 laptops relationship with Dell, which helped featuring Intel® Core™ i5-560 us successfully virtualize solutions at processors our other locations,” says Camisa. The Dell OptiPlex™ 980 desktops with Deputy General Managing Director Intel Core i5-650 processors appreciates the direct relationship that the organisation has with the IT solutions provider. “Intermediaries simply add a layer of complexity to projects, causing delays. With Dell,
  3. 3. presented it to Dell.” Next, a team of According to the IT team’s estimates,Dell technicians reviewed the proposed the storage solution will meet thelist and confirmed the solution − which healthcare facility’s requirementsincluded storage, servers, desktops and for the next few years. However,laptops − would be fit for purpose. “I had when the organisation needs more “In line with our strategycomplete confidence in our solution capacity, it can simply add another for better patientbecause it was based on the expertise of Dell EqualLogic SAN to the solution.our IT team and had the backing of Dell’s Camisa says: “Because of the Dell services, we plannedconsultants,” says Camisa. EqualLogic modular design, we to enhance IT at have gained highly scalable storage,Storage productivity increases  promoting healthcare efficiency.” The Campolongo Hospital.by around 50 per cent with  team also uses its Dell EqualLogic SAN We wanted to becomevirtualized solution for data snapshots as part of itsFrom this point, things moved quickly. overall backing up process. more efficient andDell delivered a Dell EqualLogic “Our Dell EqualLogic storage is improve healthcare.”PS6000E storage area network to the more cost effective than other Francesco Camisa, Deputy GeneralCampolongo Hospital site, and the in- SAN solutions. The built-in storage Managing Director, Policlinicohouse IT team got ready to replace the features enable snapshots straight San Marcoexisting SAN with the Dell EqualLogic out of the box,” he says.solution. Camisa says: “In a hospitalenvironment where access to patient Energy consumption lowered data is vital, we couldn’t afford delays by around 10 per cent with or downtime. That’s why the simplicity blade serversof the Dell EqualLogic SAN was so Next, the IT team consolidated theimportant – it meant we could deploy server environment – ensuringthe solution quickly.” The team was lower energy consumption andable to virtualize storage immediately greater capacity – by replacing itsusing the device’s built-in virtualization virtualized rack servers with fivefeatures. virtualized Dell™ PowerEdge™ M610 blade servers, featuring Intel® Xeon®Camisa adds: “The great advantage processors 5530. The blade serversof the Dell EqualLogic SAN is its are also running Red Hat Enterprisesimplicity. We had our array up and Virtualization software. “With Dellrunning in minutes.” PowerEdge blade servers, we IT personnel can now dynamically consolidated our environment by scale virtual pools of storage to around 30 per cent,” says Camisa. meet constant increases in demand. “And, by choosing power-efficient“The Dell EqualLogic virtualized servers, we have reduced energy use storage solution has improved by around 10 per cent.” our productivity by around 80 per The IT infrastructure at Campolongo cent,” comments Camisa. “This Hospital can continue to support compensates for our increasing expansion due to the blade servers’ workloads, and allows the business to increased capacity. There are grow without expanding the IT team.” around 20 virtual machines running on the blade servers, delivering
  4. 4. multiple open-source applications, offices, taking advantage of the good life – so they can move around theincluding the picture archiving and performance and small design. “Space hospital treating patients throughoutcommunications system (PACS). “We is at a premium at the hospital,” says their shifts.” In addition, the Dellare using just 20 per cent of the Dell Camisa. “We chose Dell OptiPlex Control Point Connection Managerblade servers’ power, so we have 980 desktops with Intel Core i5-650 enables fast and easy connectivity.plenty of capacity for new services to processors because they deliver high “Employees can focus on their workdeliver better healthcare,” says Camisa. performance and energy efficiency instead of worrying about accessing from a relatively small footprint.” the network,” adds Camisa.Simplified management and  Furthermore, the desktops make veryserver cabling is reduced by  little noise, so they’re ideal for shared Smoother maintenance processes around 60 per cent work environments. Camisa adds: thanks to expert supportThe healthcare facility can easily “The processing performance of the Apart from the performance of Dell scale the server environment owing Dell OptiPlex desktop also ensures solutions, Policlinico selects Dell to the design of its Dell PowerEdge that personnel can quickly access because of the Support services. The M1000e modular blade enclosure. patient data and see scans and images organisation chose Dell ProSupportThe enclosure can host up to 16 Dell in detail, helping improve treatment.” Mission Critical with four-hour onsite PowerEdge M610 blade servers with support for its virtualized solution and Intel Xeon processors 5530, giving the Mobile laptops deliver instant  Next Business Day Onsite Service for hospital space for 11 more machines. access to patient information  its desktops and laptops. Camisa says:“We can scale this environment during examinations “One of the reasons for standardising incredibly quickly,” says Camisa. “We The deployment of Dell Latitude™ on Dell was Dell ProSupport. It’s a have decreased deployment time E6400 laptops featuring Intel® Core™ good service with which to work – from hours to minutes with our Dell i5-560 processors is going to have responsive, reliable and staffed by blade servers.” a major impact on service delivery. experts.” Policlinico San Marco’s IT Around 30 members of staff will personnel can rely on the next-dayAccording to Camisa, IT personnel receive Dell laptops, but this number support from Dell and often speakhave also reduced cabling by will increase once the healthcare to its technicians before completingadopting a blade server solution. With facility has finished installing its Wi-Fi important maintenance operations.less cabling, there are fewer failure network. “Staff will be able to use the “We turned to Dell ProSupport whenpoints and resolving issues is much Dell Latitude laptops to work from we upgraded the firmware on our Dellquicker. He says: “Our Dell PowerEdge patients’ bedsides. They will assess EqualLogic SAN. There seemed to beM1000e modular blade enclosure treatments more effectively by having a problem and we needed assistance,”has simplified server management instant access to patient information says Camisa. “With the help of Dellbecause it has reduced cabling by during examinations,” says Camisa. ProSupport, we clarified the upgradeapproximately 60 per cent.” process and completed the operation Mobile healthcare through  without any loss of data. ThisImproved patient services  extended battery life and  highlighted the value of the service.”with high-performance  simple connectivitydesktops and laptops Connectivity and battery life are twoWith Dell desktops and laptops, of the most outstanding features onhospital personnel can deliver For more information go to: the Dell Latitude laptops. Camisa says:more effective healthcare services dell.com/casestudies/emea “With our Dell Latitude E6400 laptopsto patients. Many are using Dell featuring Intel Core i5-560 processors,OptiPlex™ 980 desktops with Intel® healthcare personnel get great batteryCore™ i5-650 processors in theirView all Dell case studies at dell.com/casestudiesAvailability and terms of Dell Services vary by region. For more information, visit: dell.com/servicedescriptions© June 2011, Dell Inc. Dell is a trademark of Dell Inc. Intel and Intel Xeon are registered trademarks of IntelCorporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. This case study is for informationalpurposes only. DELL MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS CASE STUDY.Reference number: 10007794