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Telepizza final

  1. 1. ExperienceGroup  components:    Alberto  Gallego-­‐Casilda        Estefanía  Gómez     Ángela  Maraver          Marta  Villanueva  
  2. 2. NEW  TENDENCIES  Acts  of  kindness  By  this  markeGng  strategy  based  on  giving  free  products  or  discounts  on  the  orders,  customers  will  be  more  faithful  to  the  brand  and  they  will  speak  well  of  the  company.        Healthy  way  of  life  “Being  Healthy”  is  a  trend  and  all  the  products  &  services  related  with  it  will  be  accept  and  consume  by  the  society.    Online  culture  &  Social  media  Society  is  accustomed  to  the  immediacy.  Being  present  on  the  social  media  will  help  the  business  to  get  much  more  known  by  the  consumers.  Sharing  informaGon  with  them  is  the  key  of  the  loyalty  to  the  public.    Citysumers  It   is   consider   a   citysumer   those   urbanites   that   are   demanding   an   open   brand   market.   They   are   users   of  Internet,   spontaneous,   individuals.   They   are   also   claiming   for   a   new   generaGon   of   services,   experiences,  campaigns  and  feed-­‐back  with  the  brands  they  love.  They  have  high  incomes  and  high  cultural  level.      Superior  Eco  consump=on    WE   are   living   in   the   green   consumpGon   era,   that   conGnues   growing.   Customers   are   conscious   about   the  importance   of   taking   care   of   the   environment.   It   is   turning   into   a   lifestyle.   There   are   more   products   and  companies  that  do  not  pollut,  because  the  industry  are  aware  about  the  consecuences  in  the  world.    
  3. 3. Brief brand description  Founded   in   1987,   leader   in   the   category   of   Fast   Food   (pizza),   with   a   wide  presence   in   Spain   and   in   internaGonal   markets   such   as   Portugal,   Chile,   and  Poland.  More  than  24000  employees.    Establishments No se puede mostrar la imagen. Puede que su equipo no tenga suficiente memoria para abrir la imagen o que ésta esté dañada. Reinicie el equipo y, a continuación, abra el archivo de nuevo. Si sigue apareciendo la x roja, puede que tenga que borrar la imagen e insertarla de nuevo.
  4. 4. Time line    1988:  Opens  first  store  in  Madrid  1993:  First  factory.  InternaGonal  expansion.  1995:  Leading  delivery  market  52%.  1996:  LisGng  at  the  stock  market  1998-­‐1999:   AcquisiGon   Luxor   Cheese   factory,   increased   market  share  to  62%.  1999:   Change   of   ownership   =   change   of   corporate   culture   and        business  strategy.  2003:   New   corporate   idenGty   and   logo   towards   modernity.    Output  Markets  UK,  Morocco,  France  and  Mexico..  2005:  New  communicaGon  campaign:  moments  round  2006:  Private  capital.  No  lisGng  at  the  stock  market.    
  5. 5. The   current   product   offer   is   in   a   This  pricing  policy  is  enhanced  diversificaGon   process,   due   to   a   with   conGnuous   offers   and  reposiGoning   strategy   which   promoGons,   like   the   50%  includes   the   significant   increase   discount   or   2x1.   And   even  in  the  variety  of  the  offer.   special   prices   like   the   1€     pizza.    
  6. 6.   Models   of   stores   by   size:   populaGon   areas   of   more   than   30000   inhabitants   (large   surface   area,   greater   investment)   or   less   than   30000   inhabitants   (less   floor  space,  less  investment).    Franchisee  system:  Of  the  630  Spanish  stores,  around  300  are  property  of  the   company,  the  rest  are  franchised.      Minimum  ini=al  investment:  90000  €      Minimum  popula=on:  20000  inhabitants.      Royalty:  5%.      Adver=sing  fee:  3%.      The  Telepizza  main  source  of  income  is  home  delivery,  so  in  its  stores  is  more   important  the  pizza  producGon  area  (kitchen)  than  the  dining  area.       The   kitchen   is   usually   glazed   and   visible   to   customers,   to   convey   a   sense   of   transparency  and  trust.      The  establishment    do  not  care  much  about  decoraGon,  as  the  meals  in  place   are    minority,  and  this  stores  are  not  so  comfortable.  
  7. 7.  The  franchise  system  allows  rapid  geographic   expansion  reducing  economic  risks.      Another  advantage  is  the  standardizaGon  and   low  investment  in  materials,  and  centralize   suppliers.      As  a  disadvantage;  is  that  faciliGes  are  not   comfortable,  so  that  the  consumer  experience   in  the  restaurant    is  not  highly  valued,  and  the   faciliGes  are  used  more  as  a  waiGng  room  to   take  away.      The  company  has  its  strength  in  home  delivery,   that  is  why    has  lem  in  the  background  the   experience  in  the  restaurant.      If  the  brand  wants  to  grow  without  losing  their   idenGty  could  redefine  the  customer  experience   in  the  restaurant,  on  the  one  hand  adjusGng  the   comfort  faciliGes,  creaGng  new  models  for  other   “express"  where  orders  are  addressed  only  to   go  and  collect.  
  8. 8. Current  posiGoning  of  the  brand        Telepizza,  more  than  pizza.      One  of  the  strengths  is  the  brand  Telepizza  which  describes  its  specialty,   delivering  pizzas.      At  this  level,  the  brand  is  fully  posiGoned,  being  the  market  leader.      Viewing  the  current  threats  to  this  dominant  posiGon,  the  brand  is  looking  for  a     reposiGoning  through  the  sale  of  complementary  products  (salads,  appeGzers  and   desserts)  that  revolve  around  the  main  product,  which  is  the  pizza.      But  the  strategy  of  posiGoning  is  going  further  with  the  inclusion  of  subsGtute   products  such  as  pasta  and  burgers,  seeking  the  companys  growth  and  may   exceeding  the  capacity    of  expansion  of  the  brand.      Pro:  it  broadens  the  potenGal  audience,  being  a  higher  offer  may  aqract  public   that  was  not  interested  before.      Cons:  Dispersion  of  brand  image,  it  loses  its  characterisGc  of  "specialist”      Risk:  If  you  stop  being  who  you  are,  you  can  lose  your  posiGon.      From  the  point  of  view  of  the  consumer  also  is  trying  to  reposiGon  the  brand  to   become  perceived  as  a  service  where  food  is  healthy,  emphasizing  that  the   products  are  fresh  and  the  value  of  the  mediterranean  diet.      Telepizza  is  also  posiGoned  as  a  young  brand,  fresh  and  original.  
  9. 9. Analysis  of    the  communicaGon  campaigns            The  agency  JWT  (J.  Walter  Thompson)  Delvico  is  the  responsible  for   developing  communicaGon  campaigns  in  recent  years,  which  remain   common  elements  that  give  coherence  to  the  brand.    This  adverGsing  agency  has  won  recogniGon  for  his  parGcular  style  based   on  originality  and  sense  of  humor,  elements  that  have  been  transmiqed  to   the  image  of  the  company,  achieving  a  unique  style.    The  language  is  fresh  and  fun,  concrete  and  direct,  and  always  based  on  a   sense  of  humor,  through  these  elements  have  achieved  a  style  that   differenGates  them  directly,  as  well  as  make  an  impact  for  their  originality.    The  consistency  is  reinforced  by  the  creaGon  of  a  melody  that  sounds    in  all   the  campaigns.    Since  June  2007,  the  year  360  Homenages  Telepizza  the  brand  has   developed  its  own  language  in  their  communicaGon,  based  on  humor,  with   which  to  reach  your  target  audience  and  aqract  new  audiences.    They  have  achieved  great  impact  on  the  audience  recovering  iconic   elements  like  the  series  Baywatch  and  the    Locomia’s  Hit  applied  to  its   Martes  Locos.    Recent  campaigns  under  the  concept  of  mixture  of  antagonisGc  characters,   a  fun  way  to  launch  the  individual  menus.    Other  campaigns  such  as  No=cias  de  Andar  por  Casa  or  Reconcialiaciones   give  more  importance  to  children,  conveying  the  image  of  the  product  with   a  family  value,  while  maintaining  consistency  of  brand  style  based  on   originality  and  sense  of  humor.  
  10. 10. No  table  service,  furniture  and  interior  design  is  not  very  careful,  and  the  decoraGon  is    summarized  by  the  promoGons.  The  kitchen  occupies  the  central  place,  usually  in  the  entry,  separated  by  glass  to  convey  the  idea  of  hygiene  and  transparency.        Personal.  Usually  young,  because  the  business  model  structure  based  on    part-­‐Gme  contracts.  They  are  usually  very  busy,  and  sympathy  depends  on  the  person.  There  are  many  complaints  on  the  internet  for  low  wages  and  precarious  contracts,  these  circumstances  may  make  the  service  less  right  than  it  should,  in  the  establishment  in  home  delivery  by  telephone.      Brochures.  The  technique  of  the  mailshot  is  a  tacGc  used  by  Telepizza,  the  zone  of  influence  of  each  store  is  the  focus  of  this  deal,  that  cyclical  distributes  specific  offers.    
  11. 11. Internet.  Telepizza  has  developed  a  website  where,  amer  registraGon,  you  can  make  your  order  in  a  fluid  form,  also  offering  informaGon  on  all  types  of  promoGons  and  a  Gmeline  that  indicates  how  long  it  takes  for  the  order  to  arrive  to  your  domicile.      Smartphones.  Based  on  the  same  web  system,  it´s  been  created  an  applicaGon  for  smartphone.  Since  these  applicaGons  can  be  ordered  conveniently,  allowing,  for  example,  ordering  while  from  the  subway  or  bus  to  get  to  your  house  at  the  same  Gme  as  you.      Social  Media.  There  are  acGve  profiles  in  the  main  social  media,  like  Facebook  or  Twiqer,  and  even    some  campaigns  has  been  created  based  on  this  media  like  “la  pizza  del  millón  de  fans”  .    Packaging.  The  use  of  packaging  in  pizza  delivery  presents  some  peculiariGes  as  it  is  being  used  as  a  support  for  self-­‐promoGon.      
  12. 12. MARKET RESEARCH     95%  of  respondents  said  they  use  fast  food,  the   same  percentage  menGoned  the  pizza  fas  a   preference.   They  are  referred  to  8  different  brands  of  pizza,   including  Telepizza,  which  is  menGoned  65%  of   the  Gme,  being  the  first  choice  in  45%  of  cases.       Regarding  complementary  or  subsGtute   products  sold  in  Telepizza,  a  percentage  of  20%   doesn´t  know  about  this  product.,  the   hamburgers  are  menGoned  in  40%  followed  by   salads  (30%)  and  pasta  (25%).        
  13. 13. GRAPHIC IMAGEThe   current   corporate   image   Telepizza   was   changed   in   2003   and   was  established  in  all  its  stores  to  over  2004.  The   new   logo   keeps   the   red   as   dominant   color,   but   reduces   to   a   minimum  range   of   colors   (white   on   red   background   or   red   on   white)   in   addiGon   to  eliminaGng  graphics.  The  symbol  or  logo  has  no  imagotype  and  concentrates  on  the  typography  of  the  brand.  The  naming  of  the  brand  is  one  is  their  best  assets,  as  it  indicates  the  product  (pizza)   and   how   to   get   it   (phone),   strengthening   the   companys   compeGGve  posiGon.  The   colours   of   Telepizza   have   meaning.   Red   is   the   foundaGon   of   any   pizza,  tomato,  and  is  a  warm  color,  warm,  high  temperature,  essenGal  aqributes  for  a  pizza   that   has   to   be   delivered   at   home.   White   is   the   symbol   of   hygiene   and  cleanliness.  All  kitchens  have  glass  shops,  everything  is  transparent  and  hygiene  is  above  anything.  The  red  white  combinaGon  is  part  of  the  family  Telepizza.  Applica=ons:   in   all   products,   in   this   case   always   has   the   logo     as   a   visual  reference.  Delivery  vehicles  and  packaging  Graphic:  brochures  and  press  adverGsing,  Web,  rules,  establishment…  The  varia=ons  of  the  logo  in  these  applicaGons  are  always  based  on  the  target  and  /  or  red,  avoiding  any  kind  of  variaGon.    
  14. 14. COMPETITORS    How   is   the   posi=on   of   brands?     The   Delivery   Service   is   with   How  is  the  image  graphic?  guaranty  of  giving  the  money  back.   Logo:         The  logotype  is  formed  by  a  domino´s  figure.  The  three  Brand  Values:   points  represent  the  first  three  stores  of  Domino´s  Pizza.    It  Puxng  people  first   is  based  on  bright  blue  and  red  colours.  Moreover  it  is  Demanding  intergrity   simple  and  easy  to  remember.    Striving  for  customer  loyalty   Packaging  Delivering  with  smart  hustle  and  posiGve  energy   The  logo  is  presented  in  the  boxes  of  the  company  and  it  is  Winning  by  improving  results  everyday     very  visible.  The  box  has  six  sides  to  introduce  the  product       in  a  comfortable  way  and  the  logo  takes  up  the  most  Supports   of   its   values:   In   relaGon   with   giving   priority   to   people,   surface  of  the  box.    they   promote   acGons,   which   reflect   its   commitment   with   the      society.  Its  takings  go  to  help  poor  communiGes,  cancer  sufferers,      educaGon,   and   supporGng   Member´s   Company,   as   well   as,      promoGng   art   and   culture.   The   company   works   to   offer   a   good   How  is  the  brand  experience  on  the  touchpoints?  service  to  clients,  with  the  purpose  of  keeping  their  fidelity.  They   The  company  worries  about  the  needs  of  customers.  It  did   it,   through   customized   products,   creaGng   new   ingredients,   offers  products  with  guaranty,  so  it  means  that  the  product  offering   a   product´s   guaranty   and   knowing   the   opinion   of   clients   is  changed,  if  the  customer  receives  it  later  or  in  bad  through  the  social  media.     condiGons.  The  relaGon  with  clients  is  comprehensible  and       friendly.    How  is  the  communica=on?  Its  communicaGon  wants  to  transmit      a  colloquial  and  closeness  language.   What  are  the  innova=ons  of  the  last  years?  Domino’s   gives   importance   to   the   online   communicaGon.   Social   Offering  an  applicaGon  on  IPad  to  make  possible  the  networks,   Website   and   blogs   have   an   important   role   on   the   personificaGon  by  clients.  The  company  interacts  with  the  company´s   communicaGon.   In   this   way   they   know   the   users´   user  and  reinforces  the  originality  of  the  brand.      complaints  and  try  to  resolve  them.     InnovaGon  on  the  products  by  introducing  new  recipes.            
  15. 15. COMPETITORS How  is  the  communica=on?  The  brand  values  appear  on  its       communicaGon.  Its  ads  show  a  familiar  atmosphere  and  natural  It  is  posi=oned  as  a  familiar  brand.   products.  According  to  its  graphic  image,  the  landscape  of  farms  and     wheat  fields  are  very  common  in  its  ads.    Moreover  they  emphasize  What  are  the  values  that  they  achieve?     the  home-­‐loving  values  with  its  claim  "Como  en  casa,  en  ningún  TradiGon,  quality,  origin   si/o".         The  language  is  familiar,  emoGonal  and  kind.    Which  func=ons  support  the  values?   How  is  the  image  graphic?  The  selecGon  of  the  ingredients  is  made  carefully.   Logo:     The  logo  contains  the  image  of  country  house  surrounds  of  How  is  the  communica=on?   vegetaGon.  In  this  way,  it  represents  clearly  the  brand  values,  as  The  company  is  coherent  with  its  brands  values  by  ads  that  show  a   tradiGon,  nature,  and  quality.  Moreover,  the  name  of  Casa  familiar  atmosphere  and  natural  products.   Tarradellas  refers  to  homemade  products  and  familiar  values.    According  to  its  graphic  image,  the  landscape  of  farms  and  wheat   Packaging  fields  are  very  common  in  its  ads.    Moreover  they  emphasize  the   The  logo  appears  on  a  figure  of  a  slice  of  pizza,  and  moreover  the  home-­‐loving  values  with  its  claim  "Como  en  casa,  en  ningún  si/o".     package  shows  the  landscape  where  the  company  is  located.    The  language  is  familiar,  emoGonal  and  kind.           How  is  the  brand  experience  on  the  touch  points?  What  are  the  values  that  they  achieve?     The  products  are  well  posiGoned  on  the  supermarket.  Its  locaGon    TradiGon,  quality,  cramwork,  origin   aqracts  the  customer  aqenGon.            Which  func=ons  support  the  values?   What  are  the  innova=ons  of  the  last  years?  The  company  selects  carefully  its  ingredients.   The  company  uses  its  Website  and  Youtube  channel  to  offer  receipts     made  with  its  products.  In  this  way,  they  do  an  enjoyable     communicaGon  and  involve  the  users  to  its  products.         CreaGon  of  a  research  center  to  improve  the  quality  of  the  flour.            
  16. 16. COMPETITORSExperience  for  the  customer.  McDonald’s  brand  mission  is  to  be  our  customer’s  favourite  place  to  eat.  1.  Placing  the  customer’s  experience  at  the  core  of  all  they  do.  2.  Commitment  with  the  society.  3.  OperaGng  the  business  ethically.   Touchpoints:  4.  PromoGng  innovaGon  and  creaGvity.   Its   restaurants   are   very   confortable,   modern   and   clean   in   order  5.  Striving  conGnually  to  improve.   to  create  the    “McDonalds  Experience”.       The   company   takes   care   about   its   customer’s   demands   and  Communica=on:   McDonald’s   focuses   its   communicaGon   on   creaGng   a   complaints.   There   is   a   system   for   receiving   and   analysing  halo  of  happiness  around  its  products  and  services.    The  tone  of  the  language  is  kind,  colloquial  and  familiar.   suggesGons  from  clients.           Innova=ons:    Adver=sing   campaigns:   By   its   ads   the   company   shows   the   quality   of   its   McDonald’s  is  changing  the  concept  of  “Fast  Food”  into  “Good  products  focusing  on  the  origin  of  them  (“The  beef  comes  from  Toledo”).   Fast  Food”.      Its   ads   show   happy   moments   presented   by   young   people   and   children.   By   McDonald’s  takes  care  about  the  quality  of  its  products  from  its  its   ads   McDonald’s   focuses   on   its   children   target   by   using   colourful   origin  to  the  service  on  the  restaurants.  images.   The   company   is   innovaGng   on   the   customer’s   service   by  Its   most   powerful   campaign   was   created   under   the   moqo   “I’m   lovin’   it”   offering   improvements   on   its   restaurants   such   as   decoraGon,  related  with  sports,  Olympic  games  and  healthy  food.   pay  with  credit  card,  free  WIFI  and  extending  its  hours.          Graphic  Image:   Changing  the  image  of  the  company.  The  “M”  of  McDonald’s  is  a  symbol  well  known  around  the  world.  It  does   Change  the  idea  of  “Fast  food”  into  a  healthy  and  eco-­‐friendly  not  need  a  descripGon  that  defines  its  representaGon.     concept.   The   characterisGc   red   colour   of   its   logo   is   changed   for  In   Europe   the   company   has   changed   the   colour   red   of   its   logo   for   the   green  in  order  to  transmit  that  concept.  green  colour.  The  logo  relates  the  big  M  with  the  idea  of:    A  McDonald’s  franchise  is  like  having  a  gold  mine.  A  place  to  protect  yourself  under  de  M’s  arches          
  17. 17. COMPETITORS CONCLUSION What  is  useful  for  the  Telepizza  business?      -­‐In  the  case  of  Domino´s  the  use  of  the  Website  is  well  done,  and  it  is  outstanding  how  the  company  works  to  keep  a  good  reputaGon  and  idenGty.      -­‐In   relaGon   with   Casa   Tarradellas,   this   company   has   important  elements  that  form  the  idenGty  of  a  company  as  a  story,  values  and  it  adapts  itself  to  the  social  media.    -­‐McDonald’s  takes  care  so  much  about  its  corporate  image.  Telepizza  should   copy   its   strategy   of   creaGng   an   experience   around   the  consumpGon  of  pizza.  It  is  important  that  Telepizza  reflects  that  it  is  more  than  a  delivery  company.    
  18. 18. SWOT  ANALYSIS   CONCLUSIONS       WEAKNESSES   STRENGHS   -­‐A  market  research  indicates  that   1.   Develop   a   training   plan   for   improving   consumers  have  the  sensaGon  that  food   the  customer  service.       is  much  more  healthy  in  restaurants    -­‐Strong  Corporate  Image     -­‐Establishments  are  careless  -­‐Strong  brand   2.   Offer   healthy   food   in   order   to   aqract   more  customers  to  the  company.   -­‐Quality-­‐Price  à  products  are  -­‐Top  of  mind   expensive  in  relaGon  with  its  -­‐Leadership  on  delivery’s  service     compeGtors  -­‐Leadership  on  e-­‐commerce     3.   Decrease   prices   by   the   development   of   promoGons  and  discounts  of  products.   -­‐Delays  in  deliveries  at  home  -­‐Customer’s  confidence   -­‐Non  qualified  staff       4.   Focus   on   the   quality   of   the   ingredients   -­‐Bad  customer  service   used  on  the  pizzas  and  its  other  products.       OPPORTUNITIES   5.   Improve   the   establishments   in   order   to   THREATS   aqract  customers  to  consume  at  them.         -­‐Crisisà  society  spend  less  money  on  -­‐Introduce  new  products   6.   Develop   a   “customer   plan”   in   order   to   leisure  acGviGes  -­‐Human  capital  more  qualified   -­‐SubsGtuGve  products  à  quality  of   facilitate   the   products   &   services   offered  -­‐Co-­‐branding  &  strategic  alliances   by  Telepizza.   frozen  pizzas  is  gexng  beqer  &  cheaper  -­‐Increase  the  number  of  franchises  due   -­‐New  compeGtors  in  the  sector      to  the  decreasing  of  the  prices   7.  Change  the  concept  of  “Fast  Food”  into   -­‐Change  on  the  consumpGon  habits  (influenced  by  the  crisis)   “Personal  Fast  Food”.  The  products  offered   -­‐Complaints  &  claims  about  the  service  -­‐Less  Gme  to  cook  and  eat  at  home   -­‐Campaigns  against  “junk  food”  due  to   by   the   company   are   based   on   its   tastes   &  (workers  &  students)   needs.   the  increasing  obesity  among  the  -­‐-­‐Aging  of  the  populaGon   Spanish  populaGon        
  19. 19. MAIN TARGET
  20. 20. MAIN TARGET DESCRIPTION  Socio  demographic:    Unisex.    People  between  20-­‐45  years  old,  from  middle  to  middle-­‐high  classes.  They  have  middle  to  high  cultural  level.  They  are  workers  and  City-­‐sumers.  In  this  way,  we  consider  a  city-­‐sumer  those  urbanites  that  are   demanding   an   open   brand   market;   they   also   have   a   high   cultural  level  and  good  incomes.      Psychographic  level:    They   are   individualists,   users   of   Internet,   they   like   Sports   on   TV   and  InternaGonal   serials.   They   have   an   acGve   social   life.     They   like  pracGcing  Sports.  They  give  importance  to  the  physical  appearance.      
  22. 22. SECOND TARGET DESCRIPTIONSocio  demographic:     Children   between   5-­‐   16   years   old,   from   middle   to   middle-­‐high  classes.  Unisex.  UrbaniGes.        Psychographic  level:  They  are  students  and  users  of  videogames  and  technological  devices.  They   are   growing   in   a   changing   environment   because   of   new  Technologies.   They   like   open-­‐air   acGviGes.   In   this   target,   we   have   to  differenGate   teenagers   in   order   that   they   are   aware   about   the  importance   of   the   physical   appearance.   They   also   have   an   acGve  social  life.      
  23. 23. OBJECTIVES OF REPOSITIONING  1.  To  return  to  the  quality  of  the  ingredients.      2.  Improve  the  personal  aaen=on.  RecommendaGons  based  on  the  previous  orders  the  cosumer  has  done.    3.  To  improve  the  establishments  in  order  to  define  the  new  image  as  a  healthier  restaurant.      4.  To  be  a  reference  point  for  children  and  their  birthday  celebraGons.      5.  Adress  more  female  target.    6.  To  be  a  responsible  brand  that  takes  care  about  the  environment.    
  24. 24. POSITIONING SPEECH“ Telepizza  does  not  sell  just  products.  It  sells  moments.  It  has  a  strong   top  of  mind  because  its  offer.  In  that  way,  Telepizza  does  not  only  offer   pizza,  it  offers  healthyness,  happiness  and  friendly  moments.   Telepizza  bets  for  the  quality  of  its  ingredients  and  its  personal   aqenGon,  because  the  customer  is  acquiring  his  perfect  moment.   Therefore,  Telepizza  is  dedicated  to  the  personal  fast-­‐food.  By  offering  a   individual  aqenGon  depending  on  customer’s  tastes  making  easier  the   process  of  enjoying  friendly  moments.   Telepizza  establishments  are  not  just  delivery  places.  They  are   restaurants,  where  the  customers  could  enjoy  Telepizza  experience.     ” Telepizza  takes  care  about  the  environment.  It  is  an  eco  friendly   company  because  its  materials  are  made  with  recycled  elements.      
  26. 26. VISION   The  smile.    That  simple  gesture  changes  a  daily  moment  into  a  special  one,  as  when  people  open  a  gim  converted  into  a  Telepizza’s  box.    No  maqer  the  place,  being  alone  or  with  anyone.  The  most  important  thing  for  us  is  a  customer  smiling  and  enjoying  life  in  every  porGon  of  pizza.  hey  need  a  special  moment,  just  a  smile  ...  people  can  always  count  on  Telepizza.  The  secret  of  our  success  is  inside  every  customer:  its  tastes,  needs  and  smiles  caused  by  opening  a  pizza’s  box.      And  we  follow  this  way,  worried  every  day  for  every  smile,  puxng  our  efforts  in  each  product  that  carries  our  secrets  to  the  clients,  and  ensuring  that  whenever  t  
  27. 27. BRAND IDEA “Alimenta  tu  sonrisa”     These   simple   words   reflect   the   aspiraGons   of   Telepizza.       This   phrase   adds   emoGonal   value   to   the   brand,   establishing   a   link   with   the   public.   It   tries   to   convey   the   idea   that   consuming   a   product   of   Telepizza   is   a   saGsfying   experience   that   will   produce   a   smile,   and   also   it´s   included   the   feeling   of   happiness   associated   with   the   brand.   This   brand   idea   also   is   directed   to   internal   audiences,   trying   to   be   well   perceived   from   within,   and   that   good   percepGon   will   be   reflected   in   the   workflow   and   business   development.  
  28. 28. FUNCTIONAL VALUES    1.    Posi=oning  the  customer  as  the  centre  of  the  business.    The  customer  is  the  main  protagonist  of  the  company’s  acGviGes  and  everything  is  determinate  and  address  to  him.      2.      Offering  Quality.  Quality  offered  in  terms  of  products  and  customer  service.  The  ingredients  used  on  the  food,  the  packaging  and  the  way  Telepizza  treats  customers.      3.    Innova=on  in  products  and  services.  The  company’s  purpose  is  to  innovate  day  by  day  on  its  offer  to  the  clients.  For  example:  new  varieGes  of  pizza,  exclusive  ingredients  and  faciliGes  to  place  the  orders.      4.    Commitment  with  the  society.  Telepizza  is  concerned  with  the  society  and  the  company  shows  it  through  discounts  to  unemployed  people  and  students.  Also,  its  packaging  and  the  materials  used  on  its  establishment  are  recycled  in  order  to  protect  the  environment.  
  29. 29. ASPIRATIONAL VALUES Enjoy  celebra3ng  everyday      Telepizza  wants  to  convert  its  food’s  packaging  in  presents  that  customers   give  to  themselves  to  celebrate  every  moment.     Happiness  in  small  por3ons    The  porGons  of  pizza  become  porGons  of  happiness  for  the  customer.  The   real  happiness  is  formed  by  small  moments  and  Telepizza  is  conscious  of  that   giving  to  its  customers  the  possibility  of  having  a  perfect  moment.  
  30. 30. PROOF  POINTS  (I)  Changes  in  offer:  It  is  considered  that  the  brand  should  strengthen  its  value  of  "specialist",  one  of  the  most   important  values  of  its  naming.  Is  not  recommended  the  introducGon  of  subsGtute  product,  which  would   distort  completely  the  percepGon  of  the  brand,  however,  it  is  recommended  extension  of  complementary   products.      The  development  of  a  new  line  of  complementary  products  with  a  greater  variety  of  salads,  starters,   snacks  and  desserts,  with  a  clear  orientaGon  to  healthy  food.  For  example,  recipes  for  celiac  and   vegetarian  pizzas  and  the  introducGon  of  an  integral  dough,  the  subsGtuGon  of  bran  flour  or  desserts  for   diabeGcs.  Channels:  Establishment:      Another  pillar  of  growth  of  the  brand  could  be  based  on  the  enrichment  of  local  experience,  encouraging   the  consumpGon  of  products  on  site  through  deals  and  promoGon.  The  establishment  has  to  transmit  the   values  of  the  brand  through  the  creaGon  of  an  original  graphic  and  decoraGve  language  standardized  in  all   the  restaurant.  It  would  maintain  the  self  service,  like  the  other  fast  food  servers.  Internet:      Enhancing  online  orders,  the  strategy  iniGated  with  the  creaGon  of  the  online  ordering  website  and   applicaGons  for  smart  phones  are  correct,  and  highly  valued  by  customers.  Is  a  fact  that  the  younger   generaGon  consider  new  technologies  as  something  natural,  so  the  company  has  to  tap  the  potenGal  of   these  channels  with  simple  and  intuiGve  applicaGons.  The  social  media  could  be  a  new  channel,  not  only   for  the  communicaGon,  also  can  be  considered  to  order  on  line  trough  the  profiles.  In  this  premises  could   be  installed  a  touch  screen  terminal  to  order  in  the  establishment.  Phone:      Remains  the  majority  of  orders,  so  you  have  to  maintain  the  smooth  operaGon  of  the  service,  improving   and  simplifying  the  process.    
  31. 31. PROOF  POINTS  (II)  Customer  Service:      Trough  phone  and  in  the  establishment,  the  customer  service  has  to  be  improved.  It  is  proposed   the  establishment  of  regular  courses  to  educate  the  staff  in  the  philosophy  of  the  brand  and  the   importance  that  customers  have.  In  relaGon  with  the  brand  idea  "feeds  your  smile"  we  must  be   consistent  and  employees  should  always  give  a  careful  image  and  friendly  service.    Pricing:    The  pricing  policy  has  been  simplified  in  recent  months  to  avoid  the  confusion  that  produced  the   large  number  of  offers  and  seasonal  promoGons.    It  is  recommended  following  this  strategy  and  establish  a  pricing  policy  more  simple  and  stable.   Avoid  the  saturaGon  of  these  offers  and  more  easily  transmixng.  For  example  discount  for  student   or  unemployed.  Adver=sing:    Brochures  and  charts  must  follow  the  same  concept  of  simplicity,  keeping  the  original  design  and   consistent  with  brand  idenGty.  The  fresh  tone  and  sense  of  humor  in  television  campaign  has   become  a  disGncGve  of  the  brand  ,  contribuGng  to  its    posiGoning,  so  it  is  recommended  to   conGnue  with  this  style.  The  contact  in  social  networks:    This  is  an  area  in  which  you  have  to  improve,  delving  into  direct  interacGon  with  users,  trying  to   answer  immediately  the  acGviGes  of  the  followers.  
  32. 32. NEW PERSONALITYEnjoyable    According  to  transmit  an  experience  of  brand  and  join  people  with  different  personaliGes,  the  company  will  use  a  fresh  and  funny  style  of  communicaGon  to  achieve  a  pleasant  atmosphere  between  its  customers.    
  33. 33. NEW  PERSONALITY    Close    It   is   relevant   to   establish   a   closeness   tone   due   to   the   importance   of   the  customer   service.   The   clients   should   feel   that   Telepizza   is   a   place   where  they  are  heard  and  welcome.    
  34. 34. NEW  PERSONALITY  Commiaed      It   is   necessary   to   generate   profits   for   the   society.   In   this   way,   the  company   could   achieve   a   good   reputaGon   by   taking   care   of   its  customers   and   especially   for   underprivileged   ones,   as   unemployed  people.   This   commitment   will   be   reflected   on   its   style   of  communicaGon.          
  35. 35. NEW  PERSONALITY  Healthy    Due  to  the  features  of  the  company’s  business,  the  style  of  communicaGon  will  be  based  on  reinforcing  the  healthy  characterisGcs  of  the  products.    
  36. 36. GRAPHIC IMAGE RECOMMENDATION     Should  Telepizza  change  the  graphic  idenGty?          The   brand   has   got   a   high   level   on   the   top   of   mind   of   the   society   and   we  considerate  that  changing  the  logo  will  create  controversy.    Is  one  of  Telepizza’s  strengths  and  since  its  creaGon  it  has  suffered  just  one  change  (2004).      We  recommend  changing  the  packaging  of  its  new  products:  -­‐Healthy  line:  green  colour.  -­‐Celiac  line:  purple  colour.  -­‐TradiGonal  line:  red  colour.      This  disGncGon  between  the  products  will  help  to  differenGate  the  delivery  orders  and  also  it  personalizes  the  products.    
  37. 37. LAUNCH CAMPAIGN    New  moao:      “Felicidad  en  porciones”      1.  A  couple  of  newlyweds  are  cugng  a  pizza  instead  of  a  wedding  cake.  We  want  to  enhance  the  concept  of  happiness  and  smile  around  our  brand  idea.    2.   A   marathon   runner   reaches   the   goal   and   receives   a   por=on   of   pizza   instead  water.    Our  purpose  is  to  transmit  the  new  healthy  varieGes  in  our  offer.    3.   A   child   celebra=ng   his   birthday   with   friends.   He   blows   out   the   candles   on   a  pizza  instead  of  using  a  cake.    Taking  into  account  that  our  second  target  are  children  we  want  to  aqract  them  to  the  company  in  order  to  establish  an  emoGonal  link  between  Telepizza  and  this  target.        
  38. 38. SPONSORSHIP Telepizza  will  collaborate  with  some  NGOs,   as   Aldeas   en   Acción.   The   money   will   be   collected   from   the   selling   of   its   products.   The   taking   will   be   desGned   to   help   these   NGOs,   which   work   to   help   children   in   underprivileged  socieGes.     The   sponsorships   will   be   known   through   promoGons   on   brochures,   Gcket   purchases   and  adverGsements.     These   acGons   have   coherence   with   its   values   about   the   commitment   with   the   society.      
  39. 39. FINAL CONCLUSIONSAmer   assessing   the   environment,   the   brand   and   its   business,   makes   the   following  recommendaGons.      1.  Avoid   subs=tutes   product.   It   is   very   important   to   maintain   the   strength   of   the   brand   as   a   specialist,   and   avoid   dispersion   with   products   that   are   idenGfied   with   other   brands.  2.  Begng   complementary   products   as   part   of   product   diversificaGon.   Always   around   the  pizza  as  a  main  element.  3.  Main  Product  Diversifica=on.  Deepening  the  line  started  with  gluten-­‐free  pizzas,  and   vegetarian-­‐oriented  kind  of  healthy  food  that  expand  the  potenGal  audience  4.  Improve   customer   service,   invesGng   in   staff   training   and   development   of   new   channels  through  new  technologies.  5.  Consider   begng   brand   growth   by   improving   the   experience   of   eaGng   in   local   establishments  doing  more  comfortable.  6.  Con=nue  with  the  concept  of  disGnct,  original  communica=on.    
  40. 40. Thanks for your attetion!