Induction charge , un sistema del futuri


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Comunicación de un producto que aún no existe.
Alberto Gallego-Casilda Benítez
Marta Villanueva Cachán

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Induction charge , un sistema del futuri

  1. 1. INDUCTION CHARGEMarta Villanueva & Alberto Gallego-Casilda
  2. 2. Electricity without cables OUR UNRESOLVED MATTER!
  3. 3. No more cables, no more limitations, no more aesthetics & physical barries!
  4. 4. What it is?
  5. 5. • A laminate made by conductive polymers Malleable Ductile Light Density Waterproof• These characteristics make possible to use the laminate: WHEREVER Walls, Floor, Ceiling and on Furniture.
  6. 6. • Is possible to order the material by m2• It requires a technic for the installation• Approved by the World Health Organization and Spanish Sanitory Organizations. Developed under its supervision.
  7. 7. ADVANTAGES• 15 years warranty• It requires no maintenance• E- comsumption saving 15-20%• Longer life than traditional electronic systems• Possibility to cover a big surface• Compatible with under floor heating & air conditioning• Easy and quicky to install
  9. 9. In recent years, electric transmissiontechnology induction has appeared in ourlives through small appliances, is mostvisible in toothbrushes, cookers, andchargers for mobile devices .Charge Induction system connects afexible plastic sheet, constructed ofconductive polymers, with a printed circuit.To cover the surfaces of a home or ofceneeds only a hidden electronic transformerto create an electromagnetic feld byinduction, with a capacity equivalent to thevoltage of existing homes and buildings,adaptable to need of the user.
  10. 10. This feld allows induction charging, regardless of any cable, Any operation ofelectronic devices that need external power, TV, computer, phone, dvd, heatingand even lamps, may be placed anywhere on the room without requiringelectrical outlet for operation.
  11. 11. Power is produced by connecting an adapter to the electrical supply issent through magnetic induction of electricity it needs to functionproperly, as if a kind of modem is involved.The transmission of wireless signal reaches distances of up to 30meters, crossing obstacles such as walls, and transmits the samecontent to multiple receivers, so we can have multiple appliancesconnected to a network.
  12. 12. TARGET• Premium Such us: Luxury hotels Companies Construction Companies Trekkies
  13. 13. WHERE TO FIND IT?•• Official retailers and distributors El Corte Inglés Leroy Merlin Aimet InduxtInduction Charge, Official Offices Paseo de la Castellana, nº 132 Madrid (28010) Tlfn. 913 678 567
  14. 14. pricesGeneral Instalation: 60 € per square meter + Electronic transformer ( 100 € unit) +Labor.Special voltage instalation: from 100 € per square meter + Electric transformer (150 € unit) +laborAditional products in the pack: Design project Remote control system Adpatator for current appliances
  15. 15. VIABILITY PLAN2017 10.000.000 profits In 5 YEARS Initial Investment 1.500.000 €2012
  16. 16. Viability Plan Low cost materials and easy production. Patent registered worldwide over the next 10 years. Outsourcing production to Asian countries. Initial investment: € 1,500,000 of which 1,100,000 will beallocated to logistical issues and initial investment in materials,and the agreement of orders with factories. € 400,000 will bededicated to the promotion of product in Spain through thedevelopment of artwork and opening an office in the Paseo dela Castellana in Madrid, where to establish an initial contactwith private clients and large construction companies.
  17. 17.  The estimated benefits fivetimes the investment in 10years. These dividends wouldresult from the final billingabsorb maintenance costs. From 11 th year, the productionscale would lower both costsand demand have increasedexponentially, keeping the levelof benefits. The system has the guaranteesof international health authoritiesand compliant facilities in mostcountries.
  18. 18. Thank you