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Análisis de marca Movistar alberto gallego


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Análisis de marca Movistar alberto gallego

  1. 1. CREACIÓN Y GESTIÓN DE MARCA.ALBERTO GALLEGO-CASILDA BENÍTEZMASTER EN COMUNICACIÓN CORPORATIVA 2011-2012Company : Telefonica / Movistar.This is a Spanish based multinational company, established in the twentieth century as theSpanish public communications company, which was privatized on until the end of themonopoly in the 90´s, allowed the entry of other brands and the emergence of competition.In Spain is a leader by number of customers. Its mobile division, Movistar is also theleading brand by market share, but in recent years is suffering a sharp progressive wearand loss of customers, which in recent years has emphasized to become an indent (lostapproximately 600,000 customers). What ideas As the first wireless company to appear in Spain, it has the longer route and the largest media presence, making it the most present in the Spanish market.There are certain ideas associated with the Movistar brand that are very difficult not to beaware:Goods Customer Service: This quality is associated with the brand and is the most in losing weight. If at the begining the customer service was remarkable, the changes inthe service has undermined this idea (see bad). Brand Power: As the leading brand, many customers consider it the best, associated with it the best service and prices tolerate in exchange for the company more "powerful" to provide the services of mobile communication. Trust and reliability: Coming from a company from public and a monopoly for years, the brand is perceived in a stable and strong Incentives and promocionones: The supply is endless, besides being the first to establish the program to renovate the terminals, offer rates, bonuses and promotions continue to be difficult to reach.1 Brand Making: Movistar. Alberto Gallego-Casilda Benítez. MCC 2011-2012
  2. 2. Coverage: the company claims to have the best coverage in the national territory, and it is a highly accepted idea, although the vast majority of the population does not contrast this type of data and take the idea as true.Bads: Prices: It is assumed that the company is more expensive of the three mainstream brands that are operating in Spain, something that is easily testable. Users assume that thing in exchange for a service which, in theory, is better. Customer: What at first was one of the values of the company has become one of the most criticized. The appearance of answering, the outsourcing of service and poor training of operators have made a huge dent in the idea associated with Movistar. Incentives and promotions: Point Program: What is one of the best things, is also one of the most criticized, as the program is designed to point the premium phones require a high consumption in order to access them a reasonable price. Bad communication of promotions: Many people are associating the idea of confusion when it comes to promoting the rates for services provided -Analyze the language of the brand advertising (TV and graphics): style, tone, etc. 2010-present. It may include examples in the appendices or youtube links to ads. Is it appropriate? Should I change? How?In the past year there have been several campaigns, all in a style defined by the corporateidentity. Telefónica /Movistar does not have its advertising account into one agency, but foreach campaign or product gives breaffing to several agencies and choose the mostappropriate proposal. Brand Making: Movistar. Alberto Gallego-Casilda Benítez. MCC 2011-2012
  3. 3. Sheep Child Christmas 2010 campaign. The spot focuses on the vision of a child whohas the role of sheep in a school Christmas function. The campaign was aimed atpromoting new rates to avoid losing customers. based on the assemblies of the M11, 2011. Heavily criticized by many oftheir customers by using the values of the Assemblies of 11m move, the brand even wasforced to apologize.Phatic function: a key role in all advertising as it tries to maintain continuous contact withthe receiver. The atmosphere prior to the function and the childs voice focus our attention.As the debate moderator and the voice of us focus on the action.Function Reference: Is present at the end of the spot on which we are informed about thepromotion.In both campaigns the ratio of the image information at the end is resolved with theemphasis of applause, at which point the commercial information.3 Brand Making: Movistar. Alberto Gallego-Casilda Benítez. MCC 2011-2012
  4. 4. Other common aspects of the campaigns are, for example, the tone casual, concealedwithin a formality. The brand tries to separate the image of the traditional phonecompanies, which was understood by Spanish society almost like a ministry, static andtraditional.So the language of advertising is directed to convey the new brand values, not just a namechange, but a change in business mentality, product and service ... looking for a sense ofmodernity and freshness. Analyzes the graphic style of communicationCommunication graphs follow a strong control of the brand image, the palette is always thesame, making any campaign recognizable brand movistar, identif ied by blue tones and asubtle combination of green, binary association Where colors white or black in the fontsassume the role of information, often using images that normally correspond to thetelevision campaigns, but at other times obviate the image and focus on getting themessage through typography.The latest twist in the graphic style has been the inclusion of an image of blue sky withclouds that appear in both charts as at the onset of visual campaigns.The current style is fresh, consistent with the goal of changing the perception of thecompany and its brands as a modern brand fresh and accessible. - What do you think of the corporate identity you use? Spot on 10.Corporate identity is extremely strong, aware of the extent that brand recognition has tovalue it and thus to the company. The corporate structure of the parent company ,4 Brand Making: Movistar. Alberto Gallego-Casilda Benítez. MCC 2011-2012
  5. 5. Telefonica, has evolved in recent years which has required a parallel evolution of corporateidentity, to the great leap that has led to the rebranding process by eliminating the name ofthe parent brand image corporate join Movistar branded products all the services that thecompany trades.The corporate identity manual is applied rigidly and firmly, not giving rise to ambiguity inthe recognition of the brand identity, is assumed to be put aside until more risky creativecorporate identity gets dissociated from Movistar / Telefonica.The image, apart from aesthetic values, get more than its goal of being recognizable, andhas gotten more sophisticated with subtle changes in recent years, its nice and bluepremium as identifying color.Based on its effectiveness is assessed with a 9, everything is better. – What do you think of the advertising slogan? Does it make sense with your overall communications strategy? Spot on 10."Shared ... life is more"If, as discussed above, the company seeks to eliminate the stereotype of traditional,stagnant in the past, archaic and bureaucratic structure for a new proximity-basedapproach, dynamism, freshness, and consideration of the mark and modern, agile andable to adapt to changing times.The theme is very suitable to convey the idea of shared communication, in relation to thenew concepts of sharing their lives through social networks and other participatorychannels, so it scores a 9. - How does the brand social networks to interact with their customers? Facebook: It is surprising that with the millions of customers the company has in Spain, on Facebook are trying to reach the 110,000 fans through a promotion5 Brand Making: Movistar. Alberto Gallego-Casilda Benítez. MCC 2011-2012
  6. 6. with free minutes.Analyzing the profile wall, we see that all entries are social media team of the company,but within these comments are allowed entry, the lack of entries or comments negativefollowers has been moved to a section called we help you? Which provides a place whereusers can post their complaints, this is true given that telecommunications companies arethe most complaints accumulate in Spain.It is logical that do not want to allow negative comments, but it is considered that a quickresponse through social networks become the media in two-way communication channels,which gives more reliability to the company and greatly increase the number of followers.Otherwise use the social network as a promotional tool, the image of the company is verypresent and updating content is relatively constant, but without being excessive at all. Twitter: The account is quite, with almost the same number of fans that followed, around 40,000 to 45,000. Surprise vision direct communication offered by social media team and the Community manager, no directrelationship with users, even the communication channel as a channel presents sew tipsand customer service.Given that the profile of Twitter users is of age and sociocultural level slightly higher thanfacebook, the language here is more sincere and perception of the company and brandare pretty good.e activ Tuenti: Spanish “twentisomething” network also has a fairly active movistar account, the wall of this network has many entries with information on fares, promotions or pitches, may give the impression that bidirectionalcommunication is much lower, leaving the profile in this network as a kind of interactivebulletin board, which read information the more than 700,000 followers. Youtube: It is fairly complete account, which, of course, shows all the audiovisual advertising campaigns, but the most interesting of the profile are, without doubt, the creations of the users on the one hand, and secondly, direct creations produced by the brand to promote online, as episodes of "EnjutoMojamuto" comments are diverse, mostly positive, and the level of participation is high.In summary, the social networking presence Movistar is quite good, are present in major(above) but perhaps also have accounts with more restricted networks or moreprofessional (such as "MoreBusiness & Commercial" or "linkedin").6 Brand Making: Movistar. Alberto Gallego-Casilda Benítez. MCC 2011-2012
  7. 7. To highlight the special care that has application in the various accounts of identity andcorporate image, creating a unif ied image and enough recognition, accounts are activeand do not give a sense of neglect or inactivity, and the interaction with the users is highenough, the answers are agile and feel communication is pretty good. It is a very cleveruse of social media as a channel of transmission of the values of the brand, and a veryinetligente use of these media as channels of promotion and dissemination of commercialactivities of the brand. – What would you highlight sponsorships or events that made the brand? (No need to be exhaustive, only those most notorious)The brand has several channels of sponsorship within corporate social responsibilityprogram. Social action processes are centralized by the Telefónica Foundation, whichcontributes to brand value through programs and projects is structured areas of knowledgeand debate, art and culture, children (pro-child), education (educared) and communicationand new technologies.Sponsorship activity itself takes place from the business division of "Sponsorship", whichimplies activity for promotional purposes beyond the Social Responsibility of the Brand.They usually sponsor major sporting events or large social signif icance, and the directsponsorship of sporting and scenic or Movistar Teatro Gran Via in Madrid or the TelefonicaArena in the same city.The corporate website highlights its sponsorship activities in the following:Journey into Culture 2011In the middle of the night, Telefonica customers opens the doors of the most importantcultural institutions in the country to experience the magic of a unique and amazing eventwith Culture. Institutions that can be visited in 2011 are: Villa America, Museum of NaturalSciences, Basilica del Pilar, National Library of Spain, Teatre del Liceu, Theatre Royal,Palau de les Arts, National Museum of the Prado, Royal Spanish Academy, GuggenheimMuseum Bilbao, and the Museu Nacional dArt de Catalunya.Go to Journey into CultureMovistar Team7 Brand Making: Movistar. Alberto Gallego-Casilda Benítez. MCC 2011-2012
  8. 8. Movistar Team, cyclist set to take over from the most successful squad in the history ofSpanish cycling. The staff, led by Eusebio Unzue, maintains a close relationship with fansthanks to the possibilities of interactivity of social networks like Facebook and Twitter,under the slogan "Help us get the biggest cycling team in the world" try to find a directconnection with all his followers.Go to Movistar TeamNational Museum of Natural SciencesThe National Museum of Natural Sciences is a unique institution within the NationalResearch Council (CSIC). In addition to carrying out cutting-edge scientif ic research,manages a large collection of specimens and develops a program of exhibitions andeducational activities for the general public.Telefónica sponsors the website and created audiovisual media to enrich the newpermanent exhibition of Paleontology.. – How is the customer service of this brand?Here is one of the reasons that most complaints presented by users. At first the customerservice was okay, but due to the exponential increase in customers, the service becamepoor. Subsequently changes were made to capitalize on the service, which ended upworsening the situation as mentioned above.Currently the service has made improvements to recover part of the clientele of the trust,usually fast and personal experiences have been positive in most of the time. – Field trip: Visit a store brand (of large and modern) and evaluates the experience from the consumer point of view. You can include photos of details you want to comment.The visit took place in the store that the company has in Bravo Murillo street at the heightof the Strait stop metro line 1.8 Brand Making: Movistar. Alberto Gallego-Casilda Benítez. MCC 2011-2012
  9. 9. The store is modern, with less than two years since the last reform, broad and has thetypical arrangement of the shops of the telecommunications companies to fund a counterpreceded by two shelves on the side walls where the terminals are shown small signsinformation with the technical characteristics of the devices.At the time of the visit had three employees, at all times were very friendly and helpful,although depending on the question, may give the impression that the consumer is moreaware of the rates and promotions that the employee himself. But the overall experience ispositive, the space is taken care of is nice, bright and airy, the company is aware that theshops are a direct communication channel with the public, its own channel, which is themore important the transmission of values of the brand. – In short, what is the brands strengths?The strengths of the company are based on the huge number of users customers, despitethe losses of recent years, they position as the brand leader.The brand values are associated with this prestige, cuentiones technical and economicpotential. Their resources are large and properly used in the maintenance of brand valueand expanding the same9 Brand Making: Movistar. Alberto Gallego-Casilda Benítez. MCC 2011-2012
  10. 10. – What about weaknesses?Pricing policies in recent years has caused an exodus of customers has increased inrecent years, competition begins to eliminate Exclusively and myths and offers the sameor better services at lower prices to gain market share. – What would you recommend to those responsible for XYZ to do urgently to strengthen the brand?The change in communication policy is the recommendation clearer. The development inrecent years has been adequate, but might would be appropriate to segment the marketand develop campaigns aimed at specif ic audiences, language riskier.Give more visibility to your CSR through the activities of the Foundation and continue toinvest resources in brand positioning.Although the best advice is to lower rates.10 Brand Making: Movistar. Alberto Gallego-Casilda Benítez. MCC 2011-2012