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Visual Search and Innovation in Astronomy. A quick presentation by Carol Christian and Alberto Conti

Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. We want to achieve our Strategic Vision
  2. 2. community interaction
  3. 3. community interaction support
  4. 4. engage (example 1) { Visual Symposia Organized Talks Linked Town hall White Papers Searchable Journal Articles Meetings Customizable Shareable
  5. 5. visual organized searchable
  6. 6. support (example 2)
  7. 7. support (example 2) { Visual Web Interface Organized Data Access Linked Active Data Analysis Collaborative Searchable Methods (Sky, WWT, Customizable User data tagging, hubble@home, wiki, Shareable astro-ph + blogging)
  8. 8. NGC 4258 NGC 4261 M104 NGC 3115
  9. 9. M104
  10. 10. community interaction (how)
  11. 11. community interaction (how) User Needs CMO Creative Solutions Implementation SMO Facilitate Simple Design
  12. 12. Payoff
  13. 13. Payoff Innovation Professionalism Competitive Achieve Stability Strategic Leadership Longevity Vision Organization
  14. 14. Produced for CMO by C. Christian A. Conti Powered by Azafran coffee