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Natal Angela Oliveira e Marco Coelho


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Christmas Traditions: talking about those special bits that make Christmas so perfect

Published in: Education
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Natal Angela Oliveira e Marco Coelho

  1. 1. Christmas Ângela Oliveira ; Marco Coelho
  2. 2. What is Christmas? O que é o natal?• It is a Christian religious holiday and festival celebrated annually on December 25 in Portugal.
  3. 3. Christmas• The Christmas Day is the day that it is considered the birth of baby Jesus. At home we have Christmas carols typical of the Christmas holiday and we also exchange gifts and cards at Christmas dinner.
  4. 4. Christmas• Christmas carols, church celebrations, a special meal and displaying various decorations, including Christmas trees, wreaths and flashers, mistletoe, nativity scenes are typical.• Father Christmas is a popular mythological figure in our country, associated with gifts for children.
  5. 5. Some typical Christmas dishes Alguns pratos típicos do natal Turkey (peru) Cod fish with potatoes (bacalhau com batatas) Suckling pig ( leitão)
  6. 6. Sweet Christmas (Doces de Natal)• King Cake• Flour with milk and eggs• Fried bread• Sweet rice