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French school


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French school

  1. 1. EPLEFPA in Perigord ( (Perigord Local Public Institution of Agricultural Studies itution Studies:Vocational under and postgraduate programmes) - is a formal educational institutionwhich is under the control of the French Ministry of Agriculture. It is aimed at pupils,students, farmers and rural population population.More than 800 p pils, students and apprentices and 600 adul students from the pupils, adultAquitaine region and mainly from the Dordogne department attend the school inPerigueux (Coulounieix Chamiers) and Bergerac (Monbazillac) (Coulounieix-Chamiers) (Monbazillac).EPLEFPA provides formal formations ( (levels V,IV, III of CAP up to professional fdegree) and gives non theoret s theoretical training in fields such as: - Agriculture : stockbreeding, winegrowing, fruit growing… fruit-growing - Transformatio Transformation - Agribusines Agribusiness - Environment & wildlif wildlife - Rural, Agricultural and Environmental touris tourism - Rural sustainable developmen developmentLearners participate in the work of the production units of the school icipate - farms: limousin cattle, fat ducks, vineyard, agritourism - food processing: meat, foie gras, wines. - shops selling product productsEPLEFPA in Perigord participates in all sectoral programs of the Europe Lifelong EuropeanLearning Partnership: Comenius, Grundtvig, Leonardo and Erasmus since 2002. It favorsthe mobility of students and staff staff.