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String instrumnts by Carlota&MariaM


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String instruments. Classwork made by Carlota Carrasco&María Martín a 1ºESO bilingual student at IES Pulido Rubio,Bonares ( Huelva) , Spain

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String instrumnts by Carlota&MariaM

  1. 1. BOWEDINSTRUMENTSThe violin, the viola and the cello
  2. 2. The violin is the most popular instrumentin the string family. It has a high, brilliant sound.
  3. 3. This instrument lookslike the twin brother of the violin, but it’s a bit bigger with a slightly lower sound
  4. 4. You have to sit down and hold thisinstrument betweenyour knees to play it
  5. 5. This instrument stands over six feet tall and is the lowest soundinginstrument in the string family
  6. 6. PLUCKEDINSTRUMENTS The guitar and the harp
  7. 7. It’s a plucked string instrument usuallyplayed with fingers andsometimes with a pick
  8. 8. The instrument ofthe angels. It has 47 strings and seven pedals
  9. 9. KEYBOARDINSTRUMENTS The cembalo and the piano
  10. 10. A musicalinstrument played by means of a keyboard
  11. 11. It is the mostpopular istrumentof all the keyboard instruments
  12. 12. Components: Carlota Carrasco CoronelMaria Martín Coronel 1º ESO B