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String family by Santi&Luis


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String instruments inside the orchestra. Classwork made by Santi Chaparro&Luis Gómez , 1ºESO bilingual students at IES Pulido Rubio,Bonares ( Huelva) , Spain

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String family by Santi&Luis

  2. 2. VIOLAYou probably could not tell thedifference between the violinand viola unless you put themside by side.
  3. 3. CELLO
  4. 4. DOUBLE BASSIm very similar in pitchto a bass guitar
  5. 5. Guitar I think I can be used Head in classical and popular music.Neck Pegs Mouth
  6. 6. HarpI think I have been around for thousands of years. Strings
  7. 7. Cembalo I think I produce sound by plucking a string when a key is pressed.
  8. 8. Piano I think hammers strike the strings to make my sound.
  9. 9. BY:Santiago Chaparro MartínLuis Gómez Limón