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Orchestra instruments by MaríaF&AndreaR


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String and wind instruments inside the orchestra. Classwork made by María Fernández and Andrea Ramos a 1ºESO bilingual student at IES Pulido Rubio,Bonares ( Huelva) , Spain

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Orchestra instruments by MaríaF&AndreaR

  2. 2. String Family
  3. 3. VIOLINIs the most popularinstrument in the stringfamily. It has a high,brilliant sound. It is thesmallest instrument in thestring family. There aremore violins in a symphonyorchestra than any otherinstrument.
  4. 4. VIOLAThis instrument looks likethe twin brother of theviolin, but its a bit biggerwith a slightly lower sound.You probably could not tellthe difference between theviolin and viola unless youput them side by side.
  5. 5. CELLOYou have to sit downand hold thisinstrument betweenyour knees to play it.It has a rich andmellow sound. Like theother members of itsfamily, it has fourstrings .
  6. 6. DOUBLE BASSThis instrument stands over six feet tall and is the lowest sounding instrument inthe string family. It is a popular instrument for many different styles of music,including symphonic, jazz and rock. The double bass is similar in pitch to a bassguitar.
  7. 7. HARP The instrument of theangels. It has 47 strings andseven pedals. It is played byplucking the strings with thefingers of both hands. Theseinstruments are found inalmost every size and in everyculture on the planet. Harpshave been around forthousands of years.
  8. 8. GUITAR Its a plucked stringinstrument usually playedwith fingers and sometimeswith a pick. It has a long neckand six strings. The body ismade of wood. It can be usedin classical and popular music.
  9. 9. PIANOIt was invented byCristofori in 1700 . It isthe most popular of all thekeyboard instruments. Lotsof music has been writtenfor it. Beethoven was oneof the first piano virtuosi.Hammers strike the stringsto make it sound.
  10. 10. CEMBALO A musical instrumentplayed by means of akeyboard. It was verypopular in theBaroque era ( 1600-1750).It producessound by plucking astring when a key ispressed.
  11. 11. Woodwind Family
  12. 12. FLUTEThis silver instrument has a high, bright sound. Air is blown into a small hole toproduce its joyful sound. It is made of metal, even though it is in thewoodwind family. The instrument is found in cultures throughout the world. It cis one of the oldest and most popular instruments in the history of music.
  13. 13. CLARINETIs a single reedinstrument. Thisinstrument has arich, round soundand a wide range ofnotes, both high andlow.
  14. 14. SAXOPHONE is the newest of the woodwindinstruments. It looks like itbelongs in the brass familybecause of its golden colour. Itis a single reed instrument andis popular in pop, jazz, androck bands. It got its namefrom its inventor, the BelgianAdolphe Sax ( 1941).
  15. 15. OBOEThe orchestra tunes tothis instrument. It has anasal, piercing sound anduses a double reed. Theoboe gives the orchestraits note A when tuningbefore a concert.
  16. 16. BASSOONIs the largest ofthe woodwindinstruments.Some people thinkof this instrumentas the clown ofthe orchestra.
  17. 17. BRASS
  18. 18. TRUMPETIs the most popular of all thebrass instruments, and one ofthe oldest. It can play very highnotes. It can change its sound byinserting a mute into the bell.Long ago kings and queens wouldannounce their arrival withtrumpets playing a fanfare.
  19. 19. FRENCH HORNThis instrument was oncecarried on horseback duringfox hunts. It is the mostdifficult brass instrument toplay. The left hand plays thevalves and the right hand isinserted into the bell. Itstone blends equally well withwoodwind and brassinstruments.
  20. 20. TROMBONEThis instrument canslide from one note toanother. Unlike theother brassinstruments, it has novalves.
  21. 21. TUBAis the lowestsounding brassinstrument. It is alsothe largest memberof the brass family.It sits in the back ofthe orchestra.
  22. 22. Other windinstruments
  23. 23. ORGAN This keyboard instrumentis almost always found inchurches. It is also foundin grand concert halls. Thelowest notes are played byhaving the feet push downon peddles. An organtoday can cost over amillion dollars.
  25. 25. DRUM SETincludes the bassdrum, cymbals,tambourine,castanets, triangle,gong, and otherpercussioninstruments like thewood block.
  26. 26. TIMPANIThese copper-coloreddrums are also called thekettle drums because theylook like big kettles. Eachdrum plays a differentnote. Orchestras usuallyhave from two to fourtimpani.
  27. 27. XYLOPHONEMallets strikewooden bars toproducedifferentpitches.