2 solar energy pros and cons


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2 solar energy pros and cons

  1. 1. Solar Energy Pros and Cons Created by: www.cheap-solar-panels.net www.cheap-solar-panels.net
  2. 2. One of the Solar Energy Pros and Cons produces no pollution; the onlyreal pollution created consequently of solar power panels may be themanufacturing of those products in industrial facilities, transportationfrom the goods, and installation. Second solar energy pros, producingenergy from using fossil plus some renewable fuels (e.g. windgenerators) could be noisy, yet solar power produces electricity verysilently. Among the great solar energy pros is a chance to harnesselectricity in remote locations that arent associated with a nationalpower grid. Solar energy pros, an excellent illustration of this really is inspace, where satellites are operated by high quality solar panels. A solarenergy pros which installing solar power panels in remote locations isgenerally much less expensive than lounging the needed high currentwires. Solar energy pros can be quite efficient inside a large part of theglobe, and technology permit a far more efficient wind turbine onovercast/dull days. Solar energy pros could be installed on the top ofnumerous roofs, which remove the issue of locating the needed spacefor cell positioning; there solar energy pros which an excellentprofessional of solar power may be the cost. Including the solar energypros are to produce energy of solar panels might be high, onceinstalled, they offer a totally free electrical source, which will repayover in the future. Solar energy pros are using the solar power to createelectricity enables the consumer being less determined by the mobilephone industrys fossil fuel supplies.
  3. 3. The solar energy cons is the solar power may be the initial price of solarpanels. Presently, solar energy cons is the prices of highly efficient solarpanels could be above $1000, plus solar energy cons some homes mayrequire several. Solar energy cons will make the first installing of solarpower panels very pricey. Solar energy cons could only generateelectricity throughout daylight hrs. The solar energy cons which meansis for approximately 1 / 2 of every day, solar power panels arentcreating energy for your house. The elements of solar energy cons canimpact the efficiency of solar panels. Pollution could be a solar energycons, as pollution levels can impact a solar panels efficiency, this is asignificant solar energy cons for companies or industry wanting to setup solar power panels in heavily polluted areas, for examplemetropolitan areas.Solar energy pros and cons listEconomic IssuesThe most prominent disadvantage of solar energy is the high costincurred in creating a set up for the same. A decrease in the cost ofsolar panels for electricity may bring this source of energy back on trackin terms of replacement for the fossil fuels, but as of now the high costincurred is a major roadblock when it comes to practical use of solarpower. Add to it the fact that you will have to invest in batteries, in
  4. 4. which you will store electricity, and huge area, wherein you will set upthe solar panels, and the cost incurred in the development of solarpower goes even higher.Reliability IssuesYet another limitation of solar energy comes in form of its dependenceon weather. A cloud cover can hamper the amount of sunlight receivedby these solar panels and affect their efficiency, thus reducing theamount of power generated by this means. Even pollution is known toaffect the photo voltaic cells used in solar panels. The wear and tearthat the solar panels will subjected to due to overexposure to sunlightcan reduce their efficiency and shorten their life as well.Location IssuesThe location of solar panels is yet another important attribute of solarpower generation. You can only opt for solar energy generation if youlive in a region wherein there is abundance of sunlight. If you intend togenerate solar energy for home, you will have to place these solarpanels in such a manner that they get direct or filtered sunlightthroughout the day. The presence of trees and tall buildings in thesurroundings can affect power generation to a significant extent.Environmental IssuesScientific studies have brought to surface several solar energy factswhich were not known until a few years ago. This may come as asurprise for many, but solar energy has issues related to environmentalpollution as well. The solar panels made from silicon contain potentiallytoxic metallic elements, such as lead and cadmium, which can harm theenvironment as well as our health.
  5. 5. Above is a listing of numerous solar power benefits and drawbacks, andwhile not definitive, you can observe how the amount of pros relevantto solar power, greatly exceeds the solar energy cons.