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Curso TDD Ruby on Rails #05: Shoulda


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Lección 05 del curso de TDD en Ruby on Rails:

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Curso TDD Ruby on Rails #05: Shoulda

  1. 1. CURSO DE TESTING OSL 12 – 16 DE ABRIL 2010 Shoulda Alberto Perdomo Web: Email: Twitter: @albertoperdomo
  2. 2. TEST::UNIT → los tests no tienen mucha expresividad → las posibilidades son limitadas → acabamos probando las mismas cosas una y otra vez
  3. 3. SHOULDA → librería que “amplía” Test::Unit → helpers para contexto y expresividad → macros → helpers
  4. 4. SHOULDA: CONTEXTO Y EXPRESIVIDAD class UserTest < Test::Unit::TestCase context "A User instance" do setup do @user = User.find(:first) end should "return its full name" do assert_equal 'John Doe', @user.full_name end context "with a profile" do setup do @user.profile = Profile.find(:first) end should "return true when sent #has_profile?" do assert @user.has_profile? end end end end Produce los siguientes tests unitarios: "test: A User instance should return its full name." "test: A User instance with a profle should return true when sent #has_profle?."
  5. 5. SHOULDA: MACROS PARA ACTIVERECORD class PostTest < Test::Unit::TestCase fixtures :all should_belong_to :user should_have_many :tags, :through => :taggings should_validate_uniqueness_of :title should_validate_presence_of :body, :message => /wtf/ should_validate_presence_of :title should_validate_numericality_of :user_id end class UserTest < Test::Unit::TestCase should_have_many :posts should_not_allow_values_for :email, "blah", "b lah" should_allow_values_for :email, "", "" should_ensure_length_in_range :email, 1..100 should_ensure_value_in_range :age, 1..100 should_not_allow_mass_assignment_of :password end
  6. 6. MACROS PARA ACTIVERECORD test "a transfer without a from_account should not be valid" do transfer = => nil, :to_account => @account_b, :amount => 100) assert !transfer.valid? end should_validate_presence_of :from_account
  7. 7. SHOULDA: MACROS PARA CONTROLADORES class PostsControllerTest < ActionController::TestCase context "on GET to :show for first record" do setup do get :show, :id => 1 end should_assign_to :user should_respond_with :success should_render_template :show should_not_set_the_flash should "do something else really cool" do assert_equal 1, assigns(:user).id end end end
  8. 8. SHOULDA: ASSERTIONS assert_same_elements([:a, :b, :c], [:c, :a, :b]) assert_contains(['a', '1'], /d/) assert_contains(['a', '1'], 'a')
  9. 9. ¿PREGUNTAS?