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  1. 1. Football
  2. 2. Rules of Football• 11 players on each team.• Objective is to get the ball into the opponents net, more times than them.• You win by scoring goals.• The game is governed by a Referee and 2 linesman• Football is played on a pitch, that has a centre circle and 2 penalty boxes.• If a foul is committed then the opposing team gets a freekick or a penalty.• Handball – when a player touches the ball with his hand, is not permitted.
  3. 3. Offside Rule‘Offside is a law in football which states that ifa player is in an offside position when the ballis touched or played by a teammate, he maynot become actively involved in the play.A player is in an offside position if he is closerto the opponents goal line than both the balland the second-to-last defender (which isusually the last outfield player), but only ifthe player is on his opponents half of thepitch."Offside position" is a matter of fact, whereascommitting an "offside offence" occurs whenthe a player is "actively involved" which issubject to the interpretation of the referee.Goals scored after committing an offsideoffence are nullified if caught by the referee’
  4. 4. A football team-sheet Click on a position, and it will tell you more about it. Goal KeeperLeft Back Centre Back Right BackLeft Winger Centre Mid Right Winger Striker
  5. 5. Goal Keeper Being a goalkeeper is the last line of defence for a team, and he is the only person that can use his hands during the game. His job, quite simply is to stop the ball from entering his net. The best goalkeeper in the world right now, rated by FIFA® is Manuel Neuer.
  6. 6. DefenceA defender (left back/centreback/right back) has a large role toplay in football, as they preventattackers from scoring goals and itkeeps the team in the game. Thebest centre-back rated by FIFA® atthe moment is Nemanja Vidic, whocaptains Manchester United. Hisrole is to command his defence toretain possession and to pressurethe other team off of the ball toprotect the goal-keeper so thatthey can’t score.
  7. 7. Midfield A midfielder is a person who links the play from defence to attack, they are the people who usually have most of the ball and dictate play. They are several types of midfielders: defensive midfielders, that play just above the defence and playmakers, who have great skill in distributing the football around the pitch and create chances. A great example of a playmaker is Xavi Hernandez, who FIFA® have rated as the best passer of the ball, in world.
  8. 8. AttackAttackers, or ‘Strikers’ aregifted in the sense that theyhave the ability to get arounddefenders and shoot to get theball past the goalkeeper.The best player in the worldvoted by fans and footballersalike is Lionel Messi, who is anArgentinian striker that playsfor Barcelona.